4 March 2011

❤03.03.11 - CHAT TIME

hey there guyz ~
as i promised, i'll update my bloggie frequently ~
so this post is about chat time on yesterday ~  =]
yesterday hang out with my primary + secondary schoolmates....
BEAR & 'NEW' friend  YAN YEE ~
P/S : normally i'll post pic about those outfits....
so sorry that i didn't capture on yesterday ~
cause i din bring my LAPPY back to my homewtown ~
so i can't transfer pic to my desktop here ~
*cause my desktop don't have card reader*
and please don't ask me to use USB ~
cause IDK where's the USB 'HIDING' ~  >.<
back to the topic ~
i drive myself yesterday ~
when i reach ipoh parade ~
bear & yan yee still haven't reach yet ~
so i decide to walk awhile 1st ~
i went to ETUDE HOUSE to buy mask mask again ~
since my mask is almost run out ~
bought a few of them & a few of nail polish ~
oh ya !
there already change the design of the BEAUTY PASSPORT ~
i got it already !
this time is BLACK in colour ~
and you can find their info at fb ~
btw, i still left 3 sticker then i can get 50 bucks cash voucher ~
how NICE ~~~~  XD
then i went to some shop-lot to check out fashion magazine ~
  and here they come ~
then we accompany y.y bought some skin care stuff ~
and we decide to take our lunch together ~
well well ~
what choice can we choose at parade ? 
of course.....SUSHI KING ~
we chit chat for awhile ~
then they accompany me buy some L'OREAL skin care stuff again ~
and i just found out that L'OREAL have come out NEW ambassador ~
which is GWEN STEFANI ->
  she looks great does she ?
i think it's great for L'OREAL cause she definitely an icon ~
in case you don't know....
i'm fan of gwen stefani too ~
she's HARAJUKU fashion icon ~  ^^ 
if you guyz notice her song lyrics....
you guyz will know ~  =]
after buying stuff ~
we went to STARBUCKS for chilling  ->
STARBUCKS always is the good place for chill ~  =]
STUPID me order the javachip !
i shouldn't you know !
cause the day before it i already eat bird-nest ~ 
and mummy already inform me don't drink cold drinks ~
SWEAT~  =.='''
regret that i had order cold drink for that day ~
after that, we went back home  individually ~
it's nice to know new friend YAN YEE ~
hope can meet her soon ~  =] 

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