last saturday, we early celebrate MUMMY 's birthday ~
lovely mummy actual birthday is on 24th ~
but because that day i already back to kl....
and sis will be going to GREECE for travel ~
so we decided celebrate it early ~
for those bloggie buddy never ever saw my mummy....
here you go ->


today imma talk about cosplay here ~
this time i'm gonna cosplay DETECTIVE CONAN
well, if you guyz don't know who is he....
then you're SUCK !
how come you don't know who is he at all ?
here is he  ->

know who is he right now ?
he's actually a TEENAGER ~
but poisoned by a BIG BAD…

today imma talk about SHISEIDO mask ~
i'm sure you guyz know about this brand like ~
it's a FAMOUS Japanese brand ~
last thursday, i accompany mummy bought some beauty care product ~

after i back home....
i do a SHISEIDO mask ->

 usually i used mask which is made in KOREA ~
this is about 5th…

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