2 October 2010

today imma talk about SHISEIDO mask ~

i'm sure you guyz know about this brand like ~

it's a FAMOUS Japanese brand ~

last thursday, i accompany mummy bought some beauty care product ~


after i back home....

i do a SHISEIDO mask ->


 usually i used mask which is made in KOREA ~

this is about 5th time i used JAPAN mask ->

normally i do mask with a piece of mask ~

but this time, it's like a sticky cream ~

you need to apply it on your face -> 

as you can see, the sticky cream is BLACK !

my face is totally like COAL all over my face !

after awhile, the cream is DRY ~

you can even touched it with your hand ->


after apply in on your face, it will become like this ->

LOL~ silly me ~  ^_^'''

wait about 30 minutes ->


and then, you can rub it out ->

it will like WAX, stick on your face ~

so please rub it GENTLY ~

after you rub it out, it will become like this ->


for my suggestion, i think this mask is NOT RECOMMENDED ~

who wanna try it, PLEASE DON'T BE !

cause i think the cream is TOO STICKY ~

when you tear it, your face will be PAIN for a bit ~

therefore, i just try this ONCE ~

and i won't try again ~  =]


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