22 August 2017


Seriously, you don’t want to be drinking water that has gone through a dirty filter. The risks of cheap water purifiers are just too much for you and the people you care about. At Aqua Kent, we use a patented Mineral RO Technology that purifies water twice before consumption. Our water purifiers feature a combination of Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet Purifier (UV) and Ultra Filtration (UF) that effectively destroys viruses and harmful particles in water. They seem like fancy words, but they’re nothing to be afraid of! In fact, understanding these terms makes it easier to choose a good water purifier. Let’s get started with the Review.

Are You Drinking Enough Pure Clean Water with Minerals? Here are 5 Major Health Benefits.
The human body is comprised of roughly 70% water. It’s no surprise that we’re recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water daily. In a country with many beverage options, Malaysians tend to drink more sugary drinks than water. With drinks such as teh tarik, Milo, Nescafe and sirap bandung, this high sugar intake over time can cause diabetes and decreased metabolism.
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To avoid that, drinking enough water helps regulate bodily functions while keeping you hydrated throughout the day. With today’s hectic lifestyle, here are 5 major health benefits of drinking enough Clean Mineral water daily.
  1. Clears up your skin
    If you’ve ever been to a drugstore, you’ll notice that most skincare products proudly promote H20 in their formula. Celebrities in commercials often flaunt firm supple skin that seems to be glowing from within. So what’s the secret?

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That’s because the skin becomes dull when it lacks water. Pores look bigger and wrinkles become visible. So by applying water based products, it gives one the appearance of younger youthful skin. Though skincare helps, beauty ultimately comes from within. By drinking plenty of Clean Pure Mineral water, you hydrate your system from within, giving your skin the moisture it needs to stay healthy. What you invest internally, will show on the outside. Rather than spending hundreds to beat the age clock, why not incorporate drinking more Clean & Pure water to your routine? After all, prevention is better than cure!
  1. Prevents fatigue
    You wake up bright and ready to go each morning. But halfway through the day, you find yourself running out of energy. You wish you were at home sleeping instead of working. Feeling tired is a clear sign of dehydration. When the body lacks water, blood circulations drop and cause major organs to work less efficiently. By replenishing water for the body, the heart won’t have to work so hard to pump oxygenated blood out.

So instead of reaching for an energy drink or coffee, consider chugging a bottle of water to prevent fatigue! It’s cheaper and also better for your system.

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( Goodbye sleeping, hello productivity. Photo from Stock Photos )

  1. Helps digestion and relieves constipation
    If you’re experiencing stomach aches and irregular bowel movement, these are common signs of indigestion. One of the factors is not drinking enough water. Water aids the digestive system to keep things moving, thus avoiding constipation. It increases metabolism that helps your stomach break down food easier. More water also helps absorb nutrients from food, ensuring that you get the most out of your meal.

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In addition, the urinary system needs adequate water to prevent kidney stones from forming. Water helps dilute excessive minerals in the body, which prevents crystallization when it passes through the kidneys. Next time you feel constipated; remember to drink more water in your daily routine to prevent it from happening again.

  1. Reduces headaches
    For some people, dehydration can set off headaches and migraines. Though not all headaches are linked to dehydration, drinking plenty of water can offer some temporary relief. According to Home Remedies, “A study published in the European Journal of Neurology, researchers found that increasing water intake helped reduce the total number of hours and intensity of headaches in the study participants.”

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( Headaches causes stress and lower concentration )

Being dehydrated can affect your mood. The lack of water reduces blood flow to the brain and causes lower cognitive functions. Keep a water bottle around to avoid falling into that trap!

  1. Cleanses toxins in body
    Ever since we were children, we were told to drink enough water to “flush out the toxins”. But what does that mean? The urinary system acts as a filter to cleanse our body of minerals and toxins. By drinking a lot of water, water dilutes the minerals and acts as a medium to carry toxins out of our body when we urinate.

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( Water removes impurities in the body. Photo from TipsToCare )
That’s why clear urine is a good sign of drinking enough water. Contrary, yellow or dark urine are signs of concentrated mineral content and the lack of water in the body to expel toxins. Drinking sufficient water helps regulate bodily systems while boosting one’s immune system. Thus, preventing you from falling sick easily.

Aqua Kent Excell Water Purifier will help you Get The Perfect Skin & Perfect Health from Pure & Clean Mineral RO Water.

What Exactly is Under Sink/ Under Counter Water Purifier?
Basically it’s a the same as a water filter which is used on top of the counter but this one is placed underneath your sink to make it look neat and tidy. You only see A beautiful Stainless Steel Tap On top of your sink for pure water. Same as you see on the image above on the right side. It’s only for drinking pure water which is filtered from the Filters below the sink.  
As you can see below, there is a 7 Litre Tank to allow for water to be stored at high pressure. This is so that water can be pushed upwards onto your sink and produce high pressured filtered water from your tap. This is also to store water so that when there is water shortage problems you atleast have water which can last for 1 week minimum. So there’s no worries there!
How Does it work?

It’s not hard to understand that drinking contaminated water causes illnesses. It ranges from physical harm to even mental distress. So what makes Aqua Kent stand out in the water purifier industry? We combine RO, UV and UF in 6 intense purification stages to produce safe drinking water while Retaining the essential Minerals ! Seems confusing? Here’s the breakdown:
  • Stage 1 – Sediment Filter: Raw water from the source goes through a Sediment Filter, removing all large suspended particles. These include mud, sand, rust and more
  • Stage 2 – Activated Carbon Filter: KENT’s specially treated activated carbon further traps chemical pollutants. These include hydrocarbons and foul smells.
  • Stage 3 – RO Purification: The Reverse Osmosis Purifier removes harmful substances through a semipermeable membrane. It reduces dissolved impurities like chlorine and fluoride.
  • Stage 4 – UF Purification: Water is pumped through the Ultrafiltration Purification. UF Purification removes bacteria and cysts that can cause serious illnesses. Keeping your family protected from harmful chemicals.
  • Stage 5 – TDS Controller: Total Dissolved Solids Controller retains beneficial minerals from being stripped during KENT’s rigorous purification process.
  • Stage 6 – UV Purification: As added protection, KENT uses double purification by filtering water one last time through Ultra Violet Purification. This final step removes bacteria and viruses making water finally safe to drink.

Now for What Makes it into such a High Tech Malaysia’s No.1 Water Filter.
  1. Computer Controlled System : We have a system inside which detects when your filters have reached its maximum efficiency and therefore there will be a beeping sound to inform you that it’s time to change your filters. This will shut down the system to prevent Impure water from entering. Only when the Right time comes you change your filters to prevent impurities in your water. This saves costs and times!
  2. Mineral RO Technology : We are the First in Malaysia to have a Tds Controller which allow Minerals to be Retained in your water. It doesn't add minerals, but it keeps the minerals and Removes away the chemicals and impurities. 
  3. UV Light (Ultra violet Rays) : This UV Light Kills all the Bacteria’s and Viruses in the water . 
  4. Double Purification Technology : The double purification of RO + UV / UF removes even dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salts, making water 100% pure.
  5. Save Water Technology : In conventional ROTM Technology, only 20% of water is recovered as purified water and about 80% is rejected which is often wasted. KENT’s Save Water Technology employs a computer-controlled process that recovers more than 50% water as purified water. 
  6. World's Top Certifications : This RO purifier is tested and certified for its performance and quality by world’s renowned laboratories, such as the WQA (USA), NSF (USA) and ISI. These achievements guarantee that KENT not only gives the most purified water but is also trusted by millions.


Other RO based purifiers may look clumsy in front of this efficient and smart Kent Excell + 8-Litre RO Water Purifier. Its patented RO technology gives it the name and popularity it deserves. Strong body and unmatched water purification makes it a reliable water purifier. Overall, this 7-liter purifier from Kent is rated higher due to its capacity, purification level, auto-alarm and international certifications attributes..

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