18 August 2017 Krabi, Thailand

Finally it has come to the last post aka part 3 of my Krabi trip. Although it's just a 4 days 3 nights trip, but short getaway always make me feel better especially when we want to release our stress. Special thanks to the sponsor for making it happened so wonderful even it was a last minute trip. Also, thanks to boyfie always travel with me here and there.

For the last day of Krabi, during day time we went to Koh Phi Phi (Phi Phi Island) for the day tour. As for the night, we went back to Krabi. We took a shower and decided to go out hunting for foods.

Boyfie arrange our dinner at The Last Fisherman which is a Western cuisine with good reviews. The restaurant actually facing the beautiful sea view. It is so romantic. Definitely a great place to have dinner and enjoy the winds.

( Coconut Milk Shake )

( Chocolate Milk Shake )
Boyfie ordered a Coconut Milk Shake while I ordered a Chocolate Milk Shake. Both of them are creamy and smooth! Both of our drinks included a scoop of ice cream on top.

( Fried Noodles )

( The Last Fisherman Burger )
Boyfie ordered Fried Noodles because he said he want to taste some local foods before he head back to Malaysia. For me, I ordered The Last Fisherman Burger since it is their signature dish. The foods actually taste not bad.

( Yam Ball Dessert )
Since boyfie always love eating the taro balls, so he ordered the yam ball dessert. Unfortunately boyfie said it taste not so good. But we think overall the foods and drinks are great. Just not so for the desserts.

Cost for the dinner : 580 baht / 2 pax

After finished the dinner, we decided to take a walk and shopping. Since the restaurant located just nearby the night market, so we just walk instead of taking tuk tuk (tricycle). After finished shopping, we want to taste this delicious Ja Weal Pancake before we went back to hotel. We tasted it before at Koh Tao and it was so yummy! Thus, we want to taste it again.

( Ja Weal Pancake )
You can see there are so many variety of flavours here. But what we had choose was Nutella. It was so yummy! Omg, I'm craving for this now while I'm blogging it. Oops~

Farewell with the Centra by Centara Phu Pano Resort Krabi's staff. Too bad the general manager was busy so we can't take photo togethers. Thanks for the great hospitality for hosting us. We have a truly pleasant stay here. Strongly recommended this resort for all of you. You can find many good reviews about their hotel, not just me.

The next day, we have our breakfast at Krabi International Airport instead of hotel because it was so early. What we had for breakfast was egg & bacon bagel, chocolate roll and tea.

Yup, that's all for my Krabi trip, feel free to visit all the links below to find out more about my activity. Any question you can just leave your comment and I will try my best to answer you all. I'm travelling to New Zealand started tomorrow. I will blog about my Koh Phi Phi trip once I touched down Malaysia. See ya.

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