13 August 2017 Krabi, Thailand


Finally I blogged about my birthday trip to Krabi and Koh Phi Phi! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I appreciate a lot and so sorry that I can reply you guys one-by-one because there are too many. But you guys always in my heart and you know that. 

All thanks to Centra by Centara Phu Pano Resort Krabi for the excellent hospitality and sponsored staycation! We really enjoy our stay here and we will definitely come back here again! For my Krabi trip, I will divide it into 3 parts and 1 part is for Koh Phi Phi. Therefore, make sure you stay tuned on my blog for more travelogue.

Early in the morning, we arrived at Krabi International Airport and first thing first, we bought our sim card for mobile Internet data. Then, we saw a person who holding a card written my name and the resort name. So we get into the van and on the way to our resort. It take approximately 30 minutes from Krabi Airport to Centara Phu Pano Resort Krabi. If you guys are interested for the airport transfer as well. Feel free to drop them an email. 

When we arrived at the resort, the staff are so friendly and provided us the welcome drink. The general manager come to greet us and briefly talk about the facilities, what to do and what to eat etc. 

All the Phu Pano Resort Krabi's staff are super duper friendly and sweet! They even pass me a flower boutique! So wonderful and it is my current flavour colour - green. After that we check-in our hotel room, it is so comfy and spacious for just two of us!

( Main Bedroom )
This is the main bedroom for couple. There total 2 area for the whole hotel room : 1 is the main bedroom and another is the living room.

There are two single beds at the living room, so if you're bringing your children along too, you can arrange them to sleep here. 

There are two total balcony : 1 at bedroom, 1 at the living room. You can just sit there, relax and enjoy the beautiful view at the outside.

From our room, we can see clearly the view of swimming pool. We can't wait to get there but before that, we need to some photos at the room and have some breakfast first because we are so hungry.

There are total 2 television at the room, again, 1 at the main bedroom and another one at the living room. So you're eating, you can watch TV at living room and when you're about to sleep, you can watch TV in your bedroom.

Phu Pano Resort provide toiletry, water and some tea, coffee and sugar etc.  

Toilet is spacious and clean as well.

( Mix Bistro )
Since we check-in the hotel quite early, the general manager told us the breakfast is still available so ask us to have some breakfast before started to explore Krabi.

There are a lot of food varieties for the breakfast buffet as you can see according to the photo above.

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Just beside the breakfast place, there are some comfortable chairs and tables which facing the swimming pool. So you can order some drinks and snacks while chit-chating with your friends.

I love their swimming pool a lot! The view is amazing! You can just sit back, enjoy the sun bath and a backdrop of limestone formation and lush forest.

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Centra by Centara Hotels & Resorts invites you to discover Krabi, one of Thailand's most stunning destinations. The new Centra by Centara Phu Pano Resort Krabi is modern yer exotic, bursting with fresh new style and enjoying a beautiful tropical setting only a short drive away from Ao Nang.

The resort has 158 rooms whose design echoes the surroundings and offers the option of a pool view or residential comfort for families. As for children, they're definitely well taken care of. There's also a children's pool, and the resort offers family-friendly residences wit bunk beds as I mentioned earlier. Feel free to book your room at their website now : http://www.centarahotelsresorts.com/centra/cpp/

The lobby is so spacious and comfortable. You can see anywhere you want! They have a computer with free wifi for you to search any travel guide just in case you don't have mobile data with you.

There are some painting on the wall too, feel free to take photo if you want.

There is a snack and beverages counter at the lobby. In case you are hungry at midnight and don't want to go out at late night, feel free to contact reception and bought some snacks.

They have gym room too. Gym junky no worries!

Some readers asked where do I bought my tour packages. Well, basically I just go to the counter at the lobby and ask the staff to let us to check out the selection of tours. We then decided to bought two tour packages - Krabi and Koh Phi Phi tour.

( Kruathara )
After we settle and paid for the tour packages, we head to Ao Nang beach to have our lunch. We ask our driver any restaurant that we can eat local foods and he suggested Kruathara

Coconut Shake - We had the best coconut shake here! Strongly recommended for you guys! Normally we drink coconut ice-blended in a glass, this is our first time drink it with the real coconut. So delicious!

Lemon Shake - As a huge fan of lemon, I need to order this to release the heat especially in the hot weather of Thailand

Omelette - This omelette is not really tasty compare to usual one that we ate at Thai cuisine in Malaysia. But still not that bad.

Garlic Fried Rice - Since boyfie and I are huge fan of garlic, of course we need to try this garlic fried rice! The garlic is inside the fried rice so you might can't see it clearly in the photo. But it is simple and yummy.

Tom Yam Gong - How can we missed the popular tom yam when we are in Thailand. The tom yam  seafood is not so spicy and delicious. We spend about 560 Baht at this restaurant. Just for your info about the price range.

( The Hilltop )
Since my birthday is on the next day and we plan to put the whole day sport activity on that day. Thus, we decided to have my birthday dinner at The Hilltop on the day before. Boyfie book a reservation on their website : http://www.thehilltopaonang.com/ before we travel to Krabi. They also included free transport from your hotel to the restaurant.

The view is beautiful but unfortunately when we arrived, it is heavy raining on that day so we can't really see the view clearly. Their foods are mainly more into seafood. We had ordered Chocolate Martini, Beer, Fried Calamari, Pad Thai, Scallop and Mango Sticky Rice. Overall I think it is okay but a little bit slightly overrated on the Internet.

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Special thanks to my boyfie for the arrangement!

We also bought some snacks and drinks at Family Mart before we get back to our hotel. The convenience store is just nearby the hotel where you can reach by walking distance.

That's all for today. I can't wait to share more with you guys the part 2 and 3 very soon. Don't forget to watch the travel vlog and what to eat in Krabi video as below. Till here. XOXO

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