7 August 2017


Today topic is about the important thing that I will wear almost everyday - contact lenses. Introducing the Barbie Eyesland which is the online portal selling contact lenses. I remember I started to wear contact lens since I was 17. 

Back then I need to went to optical store to buy daily or monthly disposal contact lens because that time not much people selling contact lens via online. After 2 years, I started to purchase contact lenses through social media platform and now, I purchase them through website because it is super convenient.

Thank you to Barbie Eyesland, I got my new pairs of contact lenses. I'm just about to stock some and fortunately now it's time to test the new contact lens. I always love to wear different type of colour lens because it giving me different kind of look.

Look what I've received from them. What I got here are three pairs of contact lenses with, some roses contact lens case and some candy. How lovely is that~

The three contact lenses that I had chosen were Vivian 3tone Grey, Mini Twister Choco and Oh My Darling Brown. There are still many variety of contact lenses but after tons of selection, I down to these 3 of them.

I love their packaging because it is so floral and girlish. Hahaha. I try to be more feminine sometime. You can refer your eye power on the cover before you open it, just in case you got the wrong power.

Oh My Darling Brown 15mm
Oh My Darling Brown 15mm
( Oh My Darling Brown 15mm )
So first up is Oh My Darling Brown 15mm. I always prefer earth tone colour than those crazy tone because I don't think I look good with it. So this time, I had choose three different diameter of the lenses. This is 15mm which is the middle range. I make your eyes look bigger than usual.

I love it is so natural and make my eye look even bigger but not too exaggerate. If you're looking some contact lens that you can tell the different but at the same time natural, you may choose this one.

Vivian 3tone Grey 16mm
Vivian 3tone Grey 16mm
( Vivian 3tone Grey 16mm )
Next I'm wearing Vivian 3tone Grey 16mm which is also my favourite contact lens among all. If you want to look different or make your eyes look so much bigger, then you should choose this lenses.

I love the fact that it enlarged my eyes but at the same time the tone is not crazy obvious. It look so pretty and I'll definitely wear it for my next trip! Hooray~

Mini Twister Choco 14.5mm
Mini Twister Choco 14.5mm
( Mini Twister Choco 14.5mm )
Last but not least, the Mini Twister Choco 14.5mm. If you are a fan of natural lens and don't want your eyes look too big, then it might be your best choice. This lens also one of their top favourite because it look really natural.

Even after I'm wearing a spectacle, you won't even notice I'm wearing contact lens here right? Hahaha. Although I know you will focus on my glasses more. 

There are a lot of discount and deals on Barbie Eyesland website as well. Of course, the more you bought the more discount you will get. From now on, I guess I just purchase my monthly contact lens through their website then. For more info, visit their website : www.barbieeyesland.my

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