4 August 2017 Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India


Finally it has come to the last post about my Bhubaneswar, India trip. Special thanks to AirAsia for this opportunity to allow me explore this beautiful city of temple. In addition, I would like to say thank you to my new followers and subscribers from India. Thanks for your support, my Bhubaneswar travel vlog has hit more than 6,000 video views. I can't wait to see the video growth continuously.

Ekamra Walks
The first thing first is Ekamra Walk. The weekly heritage tour for visitors to walk a stretch over 2km, covering some of the most beautiful, unique and well-preserved monuments of the city in the Heritage District. We walked a lot on that day, I think at least 5km hahaha.

It is truly an amazing journey through the ancient heritage of Bhubaneswar. All the media has been following us since the first stop. We are so shy to face the camera because the local media keep taking our pictures. It is happening on every Sunday, 6am at Old Town. More info at www.ekamrawalks.com

( Muktesvara Temple )
Muktesvara Temple
The Muktesvar Temple at Bhubaneswar, acclaimed as the "Gem of Odishan Architecture", is one of the most refined and beautiful temples of Odisha. The temple marks the end of early phase and anticipates the next phase of experimentation of temple architecture with related plastic art and iconography. The temple stands within a low compound wail with a lavishly decorated mangalatorana in front, a unique feature in Odishan temple art. The temple (10.5m high) consisting of a rekha deul and pidha jagamohana, faces west. The deul is pancharatha on plan and stands on a low platform.

The exterior of the temple is lavishly ornamented with graceful nayikas carved in alto-re-lievo, naga/nagi pilasters, bhara-raksakas, elegant arabesque motifs, Ganga, Yamuna, Nataraja, the peculiar bho motif consisting of a large chaitya-arch medallion flanked by dwarfish figures on the front portion of the deul sikhara ertc. The jagamohana is a pidha deul and has two latticed windows on the north and south. The outer most frame of the window depicts humorous scenes from monkey life.

I love all the colours on the temple. Each temple got their own colour theme. I'm not sure it was their original colours or they painted on it. But it was so beautiful.

( Siddhesvara Temple )

( Kotitirthesvar Temple 15th-16th Century A.D )

I'm actually think we (Malaysian) are really lucky in our country. In India, some of the citizen find it hard to find clean water. Either is the source or they don't have enough money to purchase any clean water. Basically some of them just clean themselves in the river and the river is not clean at all. We should cherish our current lifestyle more.

Top Left - The cow at India is just like dog in Malaysia, you can see it everywhere. Anyone can feed them with foods. They are so cute because when I walking around and take picture, one of the cow just come beside me and want me to touch it. Since at first I don't understand it's body language, it directly lean its head on my hand. Hahaha. Want me to pamper you is it?

Top Right - It is a temple and also a kitchen. Basically they will cook the foods and pass the foods to other temples.

Bottom Left - We pass by their morning market nearby the temple area. They are selling vegetables and fruits everywhere.

Bottom Right - I was wondering why the car has been decorating, then the tour guide told me it was their wedding car decoration.

( Puri )
The city of Puri is known for its history from time immemorial, Sanctum sanctorum of the Trinity, architectural magnificence, balanced climate and divine significance. Counted among the most sacred pilgrim centres for Hindus in India, the destination is a seat of Lord of Universe, Jagannath, as per testimony of Skanda Purana.

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Honoured with the famous Jagannath, as per testimony of Skanda Purana. Honoured with famous Jagannath shrine, the spiritual city is also known as Jagannath Puri. Besides, the destination is a repository of art and architecture town has ruins and testaments belonging to the period from 3rd Century B.C to 17th Century A.D.

( Sukasari Temple )
There are some of the temple are too old and need to be renovated, just like Sukasari Temple. Although it is still renovating, but we are allow to take pictures.

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I was asked to take picture with it and I'm so freaking scare because I'm wearing a red colour top. I'm afraid it will chasing me away then all the local media will take many hilarious pictures of me. HAHAHA.

( Odissi Dance Workshop )
After we had visited all the beautiful temples, we arrived at Odissi Dance Workshop. I love the elegance and grace of Odissi and its music. The dancer done a great job.

We then head to Chilika Lake, but before that, we had our lunch here. The owner actually asked me am I from Thailand. Lol. Why? Because of my fair skin? I'm 100% Malaysian here.

I love this Choco Krunch ice cream. I love to eat coco crunch and chocolate but I'm not sure whether it is selling in Malaysia or not.

( Source : tourmyindia.com )
Chilika Lake
Spread over an area of 1100 sq.kms. Asia's largest brackish water lagoon Chilika has the unique distinction of having the second largest congregation of migratory birds in the world. Chilika's Nalabana bird sanctuary is definitely an ornithologist's delight as well as visual treat for any visitor who can find the sanctuary alive with raucous cries of the birds.

Besides the birds, Chilika has been a home for the endangered Irrawadi Dolphins and several species of fish, crabs, prawn and reptiles. A visit to the mouth, the place where Chilika Lagoon joins the sea, can be a captivating experience. The lake is dotted with many islands, few of them are Breakfast Island, Honeymoon Island, Rajhans Island and Nalaban bird sanctuary.

There's a long thing (I don't know what is it called) on the sea for people who have fun. How to have fun? Basically the sea waves keep coming and make the thing unstable. Therefore, it will keep moving and visitors like to stand on it and try to balance themselves. You can watch the scene at the video below.

Since it was the last night at Bhubaneswar, we had a lot of fun at the club in our hotel. It is actually located beside the lobby. This is my first time clubbing in India. Not surprise all the local are great dancer inside the club because I always watch Bollywood movies when I was a kid. Hahaha, their DJ and music are awesome.

That's all for my travelogue for Bhubaneswar. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading and don't forget to check out the video below. Till here. XOXO

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