30 March 2015 Seoul, South Korea


Annyeonghaseyo  Finally I blogged about my Seoul, Korea Trip that I went with my girl friends on Jan 2015. I know right~ The long wait is no more. =) The reason why I need to delay this post until now is because after I back from Korea, I got tons of sponsored reviews and events need to be attend. There are so many sweeties emailed to ask me blog about it as soon as possible because they are planning to visit Korea anytime and they hope they can take my blog post as reference.

Well, sorry for the delayed girls. I hope I can blog about the 5 days remaining asap. Back to the topic, I'm super excited for this trip because this would be my very first time for the GIRLS TRIP! =D In addition, Korea would be consider 9th visited countries on my list! Can't wait to break into 10 countries on my list!

Korea I'm coming!!

Waiting @ KLIA

With my girls - Joan and Samantha

Super in love with the snowflake, although this is not the first time I saw the real snow but still very excited because snow is love <3 p="">

You guys wouldn't know, this is my very first time taking AirAsia! Although I oversea more than 10 times but previously I took others airline. This time I took AirAsia is because my friends already purchase the air ticket and I want to sit with them.  =) 

So here is my flight meals while on the way to Korea.

Hello Seoul, Korea~

They even provided space for the kids to ski. 

After we reached Incheon airport, of course we need to take train to our hostel.

After we purchase our SIM card at those convenient store, we can directly use or you may top up your card with the machine here. 

Selfie in the train is a MUST.  =P

Finally reached our hostel.

Yup, our hostel was K-Hostel.

Let's discover our room now~

I know right~ It's a super small room for 3 person like us. But the price is really affordable. 

Since that time was Winter season, so they wrap the air conditioner because they knew tenant won't planning to turn it on.

What so special about this hostel is they having a painting board for each floor. The painting board was there because they allow the tenants to draw something as memories.

LOL~ So this is me posing with the painting board. I got wings on my back. Teehee

Reception is on the 1st floor, there got 1 receptionist called Moon who is super friendly and he can speak Mandarin. Yes, is a "he" because I heard the name I thought is a she too. LOL

You may check out the room rate at their counter if you visit there.

General Information of K-Hostel :

Address : K-Hostel, 200-25 Sungin-Dong. Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
Price : 20,000 won - 90,000 won (depends on how many pax)
Tel : (02) 2233-9155, 070-8173-0997
Mail : khostel@khostel.net
Official Website : http://www.khostel.net
How to go  Use AREX Airport railroad express from Incheon airport (rate around 5,000 won per person)
1. Get off the plane  
2. Go to train station 
3. Get off at Seoul station 
4. Transfer to subway line No.1 and get off at Dongmyo subway station Exit No.2. 
5. Follow the map (attached below)
Airport Pick Up Service : Incheon Airport - 65,000 won for 4 pax one way (1-3 pax are the same price)


After we check-in our hostel, we took train to our next station - Dongdaemun for dinner.

Fyi, Dongdaemun Market is the biggest wholesale and retail shopping district featuring 26 shopping malls, 30,000 speciality shops. Although Dongdaemun Market is traditionally famous for its night market, this popular shopping district attracts hordes of shoppers and tourists at all times of days. 

How to go : from K hostel to Dongdaemun Market by walk within 15 minutie

Having our dinner @ TACO ChiliChili

We order the Black Chicken rice, Taco, Prawn Soup Noodles and Beef Noodles.

Since I don't eat beef, so I had chosen the prawn version.

They also have shopping session for you guys, but I didn't spot anything I like so I end up buying nothing. LOL

If I'm not mistaken, the weather was -6. Freezing outside. =D

I always love to shop at oversea convenient stores because they varieties of food and beverages etc.

So you can see the left hand side was the hot beverages while the right hand side was powder types.

You can always add up some hot water if you're planning to drink it on the spot.

Instant foods.






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