23 October 2015 Seoul, South Korea

KOREA Trip Day 5 (韩国之旅)

Annyeonghaseyo  Finally I blog about my #Korea Trip Day 5. I know I know, sorry for kept you guys waiting for so long. I was busy travelling here and there at the same time busy with my work. I promise I will finished the 6D5N Korea Trip within this month before I visit Seoul @ Korea again on next week. Yes! Third time in a row. Friends are asking me is that so fun to travel in Korea? Why I need to visit there 3 times within 1 year? Well, travelling with different people will have different experience. First time I was travel with my girlfriends, second was visit with my family and this time I'm travelling alone. Pretty cool right? This would be my very first time to travelling alone(other than Singapore) but I started to feel excited already! Wondering why? Stay tuned at my Facebook Page or Instagram updates because I will reveal there soon.  =)

Back to the topic, so early in the morning we went to BonGousse Rice Burger 봉구스 밥버거 which just located nearby our hostel for breakfast. When we passed by this shop we been attracted by their interior and the cute logo.

For your info, BonGousse Bob Burger (Rice Burger) is a popular Korean style fast food eatery known for its very delicious and yet cheap rice burgers. The rice burger is basically rice with a size of a palm stuffed with a variety of ingredients inside. Rice replaces the hamburger buns of traditional burgers. It's a handy snack especially for teenagers and university students. Some branches also offer instant ramyeon (noodles) as a supplementary dish. It has a lot of branches throughout Korea usually in the university neighborhood such as Hongdae, Konkuk Univ, Edae, SNU and more.

Ta-da! This is their logo and branding. So gwiyeoun(cute in Korean) right?

The environment of the shop was tiny but tidy at the same time. There are only a few tables if I'm not mistaken. The staff was really friendly and their plain water was free flow so you can pour how much you want.

I ordered a tuna & cheese rice burger which cost about 2,800 won (RM10.64). It was warp just as exactly like burger. The direction of eating it was just pressing it but not too hard and then you open the aluminum paper & eat it. The taste was exactly like Japanese onigiri which was great because I'm a huge fans of onigiri!  The main ingredient included tuna, kimchi, cheese, sesame, mayonnaise and rice etc. Since I don't eat kimchi so I took all the kimchi out from it. The owner of the shop is saying the rice burger are spicy. However, for a person who doesn't like spicy, this level of spicy is still acceptable for me. Thus, if you don't eat spicy as well, then you may give it a try.  =)

 Info @ BonGousse Rice Burger 봉구스 밥버거 :

✦ Address : 5 Yonsei-ro 11-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
 Price : 1,500 - 3,000 won (RM3.80 - RM11.40)
 Tel : +82-2-338-1515
✦ Opening Hours : Daily | 9:00am - 10:00pm
 Variety of Choices Spam / Tuna / Kimchi / Cheese / Pork etc

After finished our breakfast, it's time to kick start our day! We went to Dongaemun History &Culture Park Station and we take the Exit 14 in order to get to Good Morning City. Outside the morning city have a lot of fashion booth to selling the clothes. I'm quite regret didn't have a look on those fashion piece because after finished the spa we directly go for lunch because we were so hungry.

When you took the lift to B3, you will see the Korean Traditional Spa - Sparex. Joan done some research and said we could give it a try so we did. =) The entry was cost 8,000 won(RM30.06) for 1 person.

Shoes are not allowed here. So we need to take our our shoes and put inside the locker. They will provide us the slipper.

Just follow the sign wherever you want to go.

Since we are all naked in the hot spring pool, so no photo are allowed in there. There are total 5 pool in there. The temperature included 40, 40, 42, 21, 18 degree. Joan and Samantha go for massage which cost 20,000 won(RM75.14) before they get into the hot spring. On the other hand, I choose not to have massage because my bone are so weak so whenever people help me to do body massage, my whole body will feel the pain. =(

I tried the 40 and 42 degree hot spring first, at the end I spend about 15-20 minutes at the 18 degree pool. Joan and Samantha saying it was too cold for them but I think it's comfortable. LOL~ Maybe I don't really hot so I guess 18 degree is just fine for me.

The most hilarious thing was you need to pay in order to use the hair dryer. I was like what? I been to hot spring many times in Japan but I didn't need to pay for the hair dryer. Well, it's okay. It cosst about 100 won(RM0.38) / 178 second which the price is still affordable.

This is the key for the locker. You can wear it on your hand so you won't lost even you're in the hot spring.

After finished the hot spring, Joan and I decided to take a walk while Samantha need to do foot massage. 

They have many different kinds of area for you to take a rest. You can either sleep in a "hole" like the first photo or public(photo on top right) or even sleeping room(photo on bottom right). If you feel hungry you may like to visit their canteen as well(photo on bottom left).

The relaxing look after the hot spring

Info @ SPAREX :

✦ Address : B3 &4 Good Morning City Shopping Mall, 418-21 Euljiro 6-ga, Jung-guSeoulSouth Korea
 Tel :  02-2118-4400
✦ Opening Hours : 24 hours (that's AWESOME!)
 Trip Advisor Rating #9 of 220 spas and wellness in Seoul

I bought a big Hello Kitty bag from the booth @ Good Morning City. Joan and me were really hungry so we just take our lunch nearby. We walk in a random shop and start ordering. One of the staff communicate with us in Chinese language which is great.

The owner of the shop also kindly to gave us a steam egg for FREE! Omg, kamsahamnida to the sweet owner! The steam egg was delicious though.

Here's what we order :
Boiled Soup Dumpling  | 5,000 won(RM18.78)
Prawn Omelette | 7,500 won(RM28.18)
Curry Fried Rice | 8,500 won(RM31.93)
Side dishes (FREE)

Our next station was Lotte WorldLotte World is a major recreation complex in Seoul. It consists of the world's largest indoor theme park (a Guinness World Record) which is open all year around, an outdoor amusement park called "Magic Island", an artificial island inside a lake linked by monorailshopping malls, a luxury hotel, a Korean folk museum, sports facilities, and movie theaters. Opened on July 12, 1989, Lotte World receives 7.6 million visitors each year. Lotte World can be easily accessed from Jamsil Station, on Line 2 and Line 8 of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway and SMRT, respectively. Located near the park is the Seok-Chon Lake.

Since we already reached the largest theme park in the world, of course we won't missed the chance to visit it!

The ticket price is different according to the time. It been separate as before 4pm, after 4pm and after 7pm so depends on which time your like to choose. We choose the one after 4pm and it cost abour 26,000 won(RM97.68) per person.

Ta-da! These are our entrance ticket! Joan was kind enough to exchange with me the female character because I want it.

The entrance.

Love the LED light between the 2 escalators.

I went there on January so the Christmas decoration was still there.

Since this is not Disneyland and Universal Studio, so I'm not familiar with all the cartoon character. I guess you guys are same as me as well if you from Malaysia. However, the cutie fat goat Maurice is cute!

Lorry, me and Lotty!

Everytime I been to the theme park, the first place that I will visit would be their souvenir shop! Because for sure I will buy at least something cute for myself as a souvenir. 

They all are so cute right? I like the cute Lorry this character.

Just in case if you are bringing a lots of bag or heavy bag, you may put it into the storage lockers. You can refer to the maps in order to know where is those locker location.

Joan's bag was so heavy so she decided to put her bag in the locker. It cost 1,000 won(RM3.76) per  locker. No worries, your belonging will be safe and sound here. 

I don't know why I feel like in Genting Highlands here when I looking of the caterpillars and mushroom. Haha

She's so cute~

LOL~ This sea lion actually is me! They have a photobooth there and all you need to do just take photo at the photobooth then they will photoshop your face on the sea lion. Watch the video below if you wish to know happening.

They have some dance performance for the kids.

This would be their Garden Stage and they will be having show later.

I bought the cute bubble ice-cream while we take a walk. It was blueberry flavour but I think it's not sour enough. It reminds me of the sour lime bubble ice-cream that I used to eat when I was a kid.

I love Lorry <3 p="">

The show is finally begin! If compare to the parade in Disneyland or Universal Studio, of course they show was weaker. Moreover, we so surprised that the audience was so quiet and didn't give much respond towards their performance because normally those kids will happy and shouting. Well, maybe kids feel bored about these.

Not to forget too take photo with their signature building - the castle.

Joan and me

The castle was beautiful no matter taken at which angle. The weather is started to freezing so we decided to take a move first.

Info @ Lotte World :

✦ Address : 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea
 Tel :  +82 1661-2000
✦ Opening Hours : Daily | 9:30am - 10:00pm
 Subway Guide 
-  Seoul Station (Line 4 Ridge Church direction) > Dongdaemun History Park Station transfer to Line 2 (Jamsil direction) > Jamsil Station (Exit 4)
- Yeongdeungpo Station New Dowling direction > New Dowling transfer to line 2(Jamsil direction)> Jamsil Station (Exit 4)
- Central Line Deokso direction > Wangsimni Station interchange Line 2 (Jamsil direction)> Jamsil Station (Exit 4)

Before we took MRT back to hostel, we passed the shopping complex and spot this big beautiful crown. So gorgeous right?

We back to the Dongmyo Station and we just simply take the soup noodle as dinner of the night. 

Joan order the Kimchi soup noddle while I just order a plain sesame soup noodle. Each cost about 3,5000 won(RM13.15).

That's all for today guys. Don't forget to stay tuned for the Day 6 which is also the my last day in Seoul @ Korea. Loves

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