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Hola  I know right~ It's been awhile I didn't blog about #food and now I'm back on track! Actually I got plenty of food pending posts that need to be blog but I feel guilty for keep on delaying. I will try to blog about them soon so you guys can have some idea where to chill and brunch with friends in future. =)

So the cafe that I'm gonna introduce to you guys would be - The Owls Cafe. I first saw this cafe on my friend's instagram. After she pay a visit I asked her how was it and the feedback was great. Thus, I'm decided to pay a visit with my photography friends, Samuel, TK and another Samuel.

So, what's so special about The Owls Cafe? Well, I guess the name of the cafe speak it all. The theme basically is all about #owl. The owner pay so much effort on the customized design. Since it's on the second floor. You can already seen their unique customized owls design at the first floor. All are hand drawing by their own.

Sometime it will be crowd of people, so you might new to queue up for awhile. It's depends on what time when you visiting. For my case, we only wait for 5 minutes. After you enter the cafe, you can see all the beautiful hand drawing owls graphics on the wall. =)

After you order your foods, they will pass you a small wood as your table number. For ours, the lucky number was 8.

We are lucky enough to took the sofa area as it was the most comfortable session. They have the normal chair and table session as well. As you can see from the photo above, the sofa was covered with many pillows, it's was so cozy and you can hugs any pillow while you're chit chatting with your buddies.

Falling in love with this cute little owl thing. It is actually honey inside to pour onto the ice-cream. Btw, the ring is excluded on the menu LOL.

Photographer Samuel bought his new toy Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera. So we all take turn to play it around. 

Ta-da!! My friends told me is a MUST to try on their chocolate waffle so I did!

Just look at it and my saliva already dropping.

Love it because it won't too sweet and it included my favourite cereals coco crunch & milo powder inside!

However, if you're not really a dessert person, it's okay because they're having main course and appetizer on the menu as well. Since we only go there for high tea, so we didn't manage to order any heavy meals. But I copy some photos from their Instagram to let you guys check out more.

Are you started to drooling already? LOL~ Oh ya! Congratulations to theur baristas who managed to enter the TOP 16 for both Malaysia latte art championship & Brewers cup! So remember to order some coffee as well. What are you waiting for? Visit them now. =)

[ The Owls Cafe ]
12-1, First Floor, Block 5, 
Jalil Link, Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, 
Bukit Jalil,, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel :

Opening Hour :
Tue - Thu (10am - 7pm)
Fri - Sat (10am - 11pm)
Sun (10am - 7pm)

Email :

Facebook :

Instagram :

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