6 April 2015

*Muacks*  Today is all about #lip!! If you're my readers, then you should know I like to collect lip stick, lip gloss and lip balm as collection. Last month, I was invited to attend Pimp My ChuLip event / workshop. Of course, I'm so excited as lip balm as once of my collection and the colour was so funky & attractive!

Since I knew the lip balm was so colourful so I purposely dress up to match the event. LOL

The workshop was held @ Kare Cafe, 1 Utama and they prepare light refreshment for us.

Fyi, Chu Lip was originally from Japan. It's a popular lip blam because its cute dome-shaped and funky colours which will attract people eyesight. =) In case you're wondering why it named as "Chu" is because it means "Kiss" in Japanese.

The concept of Chu Lip besides the typical function of a lip balm, it was also created to make human exert their creativity in another way. For artists, draw or design whatever you like on the Chu Lip case, make it your new paper! Whereas for crafters, prepare your scissors, glue guns and whatever possible crafts and start decorating the Chu Lip!

You can see there are many different artworks on the Chu Lip. 

Frankly I'm quite impress on those people who draw their artwork here because they are so creative!

Check out this pink lady with the boom afro hairstyle. LOL

Elaine shares with us about Chu Lip's details and what we gonna do next. 

Yes, we will gonna design our own Chu Lip!

As you can see they prepare a lots of various decorative stuff such as wigs, fake eyes and diamonds to decorate our Chu Lip.

And the winner will win herself a Baby-G watch!

So, here's my failed design. HAHAHAHA! I got no talent about this.

My own Chu Lip and the owner. =D

With my girls during the events.

Besides of my own design Chu Lip, I also bring 4 of them home.

Chu Lip comes with four different scents and funky colours to suit your mood :
✿ Paris, Perfect Memories (Pink) - sweet berry scent with Raspberry and Peach flavour.
✿ NY, Brilliant My Way (Red) - powerful fruity scent of Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose.
✿ Arabian, Floral Shower (Purple) - elegant flower scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove.
 Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (Green) - refreshing scent of Orange, Lime and Mango.

Do you spot my name on it? 

The packaging actually reminds me of the highly raved EOS lip balm, small and roundBasically when you open the cover its shape will be like ball so you can just apply it on your lips and turn it around.

Overall I feel satisfied with the outcome after apply it for a month. It's texture was kinda like Vaseline but with less oily sensation. After I apply it before I sleep, my lips was moisture and juicy even on the next day, You can feel the *doink doink* sensation on your lips. HAHAHA~


Product Information

[ Chu Lip @ Lip Balm ]

Main ingredients : 
Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil

Available scents : 
Sweet berry scent (Pink), powerful fruity scent (Red), elegant flower scent (Purple), and refreshing scent (Green)

Price :

Where to buy :
 Watsons, any leading pharmacy or major supermarket 

For more info, kindly visit :