1 May 2014

Look What I've GOT & DONE at #Malaysia Clothes Buffet

Hola   Remember previously I blogged about #Malaysia Clothes Buffet??  Well, in case you missed it, here you go :  http://www.shinilola.com/2014/03/press-release-shopaholic-youre-invited.html  Actually I quite lazy to blogged the part 2 because I saw quite many bloggers blogged about it. But after my friends saw some photos of I'm wearing those hauls, she convinced me to blog. LOL~

I knew that place gonna be very hot so I just apply light make-up and try to wear something sleeveless.
In case you wondering where do I got my outfits, it's sponsored by @IHF

Drive alone to reach the destination.
A 'successful' blogger always no need people to fetch you to every single event right guys? =)

While I'm waiting for my partner, suddenly I spotted #JinnyboyTV was there for filming their latest video!! I always check out their videos because I found it's hilarious!  

@Reuben and me!!  He's super cute!
Too bad Jin is not there while I'm selfie with Reuben or else I will selfie with him too. =)

Here I come!

My partner in crime - @Amelie and our session was 11.40am.

Meet a new friend - @Carmen who is Amelie's cousin.
She is so nice and falling in love with her TR15 camera because it make my skin turns so smooth.

After 15 minutes, we're done!! Both of us end up with 6 pieces of clothes.

Since all of us haven't took our breakfast so we decided take our brunch here.

I ordered a Spaghetti Carbonara which makes me felt disappointed because it's not even a spaghetti noodles. T.T

Okie dokie. Are you guys ready to see what I've got from Malaysia Clothes Buffet?  Be don't mind about the quality because I just simply take it just now. I didn't took any pictures after I came home on that day because I felt so tired. =D


The first one would be a #Dark Green Number Crop Tee. I'm not sure it's consider a crop tee or not, but for the person who have a long length upper body like me, it's consider a crop tee though. I like this colour because it can make me looks slimmer and easily to match.

The second one would be #Red Number Crop Tee. Please don't get me wrong. It's not the exactly same as the first one because the words, colours and number are different. Before I enter into the buffet, I told myself if I can't find any nice dresses or any other clothes, I must find at least 2 pieces of nice tee because it's easily to be match and I can wear in anywhere.

The third one would be #Chilli Red High Neck Peplum Top. I always love peplum because it's trendy and make your waist more obvious. This colour is just sexy and maybe I can to wear during CNY? LOL~ Beside of the peplum part, another thing that attracted me was the high neck. High neck has becomes one of the current trendy fashion as well.

I also thinking of chop it like a crop top. But most of my friends told me to remain the original peplum. What do you guys think? Shall I chop it or not? You can give me some suggestion through comment by end of this post. =)

The next would be the #Unique Black Lace Dress. The reason I named it as 'unique' is because I think it's unique. Actually I also not sure whether it's consider a dress or a top. Because it's only added 2 lace infront of your tight area and the bottom part was empty. Of course, you need to wear a black short to make it perfect.

The next would be #Black&White Simple Dress. The would be the favourite of the guy because they told me it's tight so the body shape of the girl would be so obvious. The next thing would be the colour, guy always white colour means pure and innocent. Moreover, this quite like OL look, so they can have a little bit of imagination. =.=''' This is what they had told me. LOL~

Last but not least, #Vintage Beige Dress.  This would be my least favourite. Although I like the print and also the materials, but when I dress it I feel I'm so old. Maybe you guys won't feel about it through the picture but I do feel that when I'm wearing it. =X

So that's all for my hauls! How you guys think? Please leave a comment and do share with me about your hauls too. LOVE

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