[REVIEW] SHILLS Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence

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Bonjour  There's always lots of sweeties emailed or PM to asked about what skin care products I'm currently using. Well, Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence from #Shills  is one of them!  I read couple of reviews on Instagram and Youtube as well, most of the users saying this was great to use!

Special thansk to @Sasa, I got the chance to give it a try and pamper my skin  I tried it for couple weeks and it gave me great effect! Wondering how great is it? Continue read to find out more.

Fyi, Shills Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence can improve different skin problems. Mandelic Acid is extract from bitter almonds and help to increase skin cell turnover, allowing dead skin cell on the surface of the skin to be sloughed off more quickly to reveal healthier cell underneath. It contains 20% Mandelic Acid that gently exfoliate the skin surface leaving a smooth, radiant and youthful skin.

  • Renew skin with 20% of Mandelic Acid
  • Ex-foliates dead skin cell 
  • Anti-bacteria to fight acne skin
  • Prevent uneven skin tone & freckles
  • Vitamin E for scar lightening
  • Non sticky formula

Just a few drops will do. =)

Not sure whether you guys can notice, I had some dark spot on my face previously.
But after I used it for couple days, it lighten up my dark spots and scars.  

I suggest use it before applying make-up.
It makes your make-up long lasting and your skin will turns fairer. 

  1. Apply a few drops onto whole face or on acne area after toner.
  2. Follow by hydrating skin care products. 
  3. Minor peeling effect will occur. (normal as a skin renew process)
  4. Avoid using whitening products & AHA products.
  5. Need a lot hydration care.

❥ 7 days reduce inflammation & redness
❥ 14 days visible scar lightening & less acne
❥ Tighten pores
❥ Skin becomes spotless, smooth& radiant
❥ 14 days money back guarantee
❥ suitable for all skin type / normal skin
❥ Exfoliates dead skin cell
❥ Prevent uneven skin tone & freckles
❥ Non sticky formula

Price : RM128 for each.
Where can find it : Any SASA store.

❥ Web : www.sasa.com
❥ Facebook : fb.com/sasamalaysia