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Macao Trip Day 2
It's time to continue my Macao (Macau) Trip Day 2 travelogue. After I blogged about my Macao Trip Day 1, a lot of readers PM me on Facebook asking where did I visit and which restaurant is suitable for food hunting. Actually you can find all the info here in my blog post. I try my best to collect all the info for you guys. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading and don't forget to copy all the info for your reference.

Smile Makers Lubricants
Another post about Smile Makers Collection. Remember me blogged about Smile Makers earlier? This time, I'm going to focus more on the lubricants. If you're a lady and reading this post, no need to feel shy. It is a necessary skin care for all of us.
Macao Trip - Day 1

Finally I came back from Macao! It is a fun trip and this is my very first visit to Macao / Macau. All thanks to Macao Tourism for the sponsored media trip. Today, I'm going to blog about my travel itinerary on the first day of Macao trip. Continue reading to find out more about the attractions, what to eat and what to do. (Hint : Some foods that only local knows)

Any shopaholic here? Well, at least I am. I shop every week since I was 18 years old. But anyhow you will still need money for that. Thank god I found ShopBackShopBack is the latest online site for saving moneyNow I can shop more while earning cash. Wondering how is it work? Continue reading to find out more.

Shini Lola meet Cake Boss

Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro is in Malaysia! I just talk about him few days ago when I'm chatting with my boyfie and I can't believe after 2 days I received an invitation to meet him in person! I was the luckiest person in this world! I love watching his show - Cake Boss since few years back and I promised myself, one day, I will definitely meet him in person and try his pastry. Thank god my dream come true now. All thanks to TLC.


Bonjour! This is my fourth time tasting French foods. Rendez-vous is a traditional French restaurant which located at Bangsar. Before I pay a visit, I done some research and I found there are plenty of great reviews about this restaurant. I'm so excited and I can't wait to give it a try.

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