Hola! Last week, I saw some of my fellow blogger friends took beautiful photos on their Instagram feeds. I was wondering where the wonderful place with nice interior like this is. Thus, I decided to pay a visit and take some beautiful photos so I can share with you guys.

Ta-da! These are their interior design, indeed very nice right? I like their ambiance a lot! They saying this is the “Space for Inspiration” so when you drop by here and have a cup of coffee, you might think of new idea. Seriously, if I came here for blogging, I’m pretty sure I can finish 3 blog posts within 1 hour. As a blogger, mood and environment is crucial for us. If I got my own house in future, I will definitely ask my interior designer to design my house like this. Comfort is all I want. 

They even open their space for other events as well. So if you wish to create an event but have no idea where to hold then you might consider this place. Since they have tables and chairs, comfortable sofas and bean bag, hot beverages machine (you can choose any hot drinks you want), I guess you guys will enjoy the environment.

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Konnichiwa  It's time to continue my Princess Cruises trip because after that I can blog about my Osaka and Busan trip. So, today post is about third day on Princess Cruises and continue reading to know what I was done on that day. It's okay some of you missed the first post, you can always refer my Travel Log at bottom part to keep track the itinerary of this trip.

Konnichiwa Today post is about one of my favourite Japanese skincare brand which is SENKA. SENKA, a dedicated skincare brand unveiled its all-new range of fun and foamy facial cleansers and makeup removers at Summer Residences, Genting Sempah. I was so excited to be there because I saw some beautiful photos about the venue before.

Konnichiwa  Sorry for the long waiting. I knew you guys are so excited about my latest camera when I posted it on my Instagram. Yes, today post is about my current favorite camera - CASIO EXILIM EX-FR100 sponsored by my favourite camera brand CASIO.

Hola First of all, I need to emphasize today post is more intimate. It's quite new for me even as a woman. If you're a guy, no worries, you still can read this post and maybe it helps for your girlfriend. This week, I attended an educational talk about Malaysian women sexual health and well-being. It's definitely interesting and I gained some knowledge about this. Introducing Smile Makers, the leading sexual well-being brand.

Malaysian women have the highest level of sexual satisfaction of countries surveyed in Asia and Europe. However, 3 out 4 Malaysian women feel that they are in control of their sex life. We all knew sex is basic need for male and female. It's essential but since some women feel that they are in control of their sex life, some of them might feel not satisfied.

Smile Makers Products | Smile Makers Launch
Smile Makers has made its entrance and appearance in Malaysia, with the launch of its personal massagers and premium lubricants that are designed to enhance the sexual well-being of women in Malaysia. They are available exclusively in Watsons.

According to survey, Malaysian women feel sexual satisfaction is critical, and there are many emotional and physical advantages associated with sexual well-being. Beside the high level of sexual satisfaction that Malaysian women experience, the survey also unveiled another surprising fact i.e. that Malaysian women were open-minded to express their views on sexual related matters. I'm actually quite surprised about this because I thought most of the Malaysia women are closed-minded. Guess I was wrong.
Personal Massager / Vibrator | Smile Makers Launch
Lubricants | Smile Makers Launch

However, 8 out of 10 (78%) Malaysian women have experienced dryness-related pain during sex, which negatively affected their sexual satisfaction. Again, Malaysian women are ahead of their Asian counterparts when it comes to taking charge of their sexual well-being, and solving dryness-related issues.
Mr. Mattias Hulting | Smile Makers Launch
Mr. Mattias Hulting, the co-founder of Ramblin’ Brands shared, “The survey results are truly amazing- showing that Malaysia is a very different country in actuality when it comes to sexual wellbeing than how it perceives itself. It is much more open, and the reward is a higher level of satisfaction and happiness.”

Mr. Mattias Hulting, Professor Dr. Low Wah Yun and Professor Dr. Jamiyah | Smile Makers Launch
There are some Q & A session and we absorbed quite a lot of knowledge about sex health and how to avoid dryness-related during sex etc. It definitely an interesting sharing as some of the women might suffer on the dryness and they have no idea how to solve the issue.

“Malaysian women are open-minded to embrace sexual related issues and they feel that they are in control of their sex life. Achieving orgasms – with or without a partner – can relieve stress and anxiety due to the release of endorphins, a feel-good hormone." Professor Dr. Low Wah Yun explained.

“It’s common for stressed, post-natal, post-menopausal women to have dryness-related pain during sex. Lubricants can help to ease the discomfort. The use of water-based, paraben-free and pharma-grade ingredients are important when choosing lubricants. Water-based lubricants will be ideal as they are less sticky and are easy to wash-off. What’s more, high purity ingredients that are used in water based lubricant make it safer to use.” Professor Dr. Jamiyah advised.

The Tennis Coach | Smile Makers Launch
[ The Tennis Coach ]
Gentle G-spot vibrator for vibrator-curious women

He's tanned, he looks mighty fine in a pair of little white shorts, and he sure knows what he's doing with that forehand stroke. According to him, perfect play is about skillful aim, so after your sweat session at the net, there's nothing quite like taking him back to yours for a little off-court, indoor action.

The colour is pop! At first I really thought The Tennis Coach was a vibrator for face and it's not. HAHAHA. You can see the tip is exactly like a tennis ball because it was inspired by it. It is cute though.

The Millionaire | Smile Makers Launch
[ The Millionaire ]
A classic bullet vibrator with perfectly crafted form.

His yacht. His private jet. His island. His thick, long diamond-encrusted fingers. And you. This guy is a collector of the finer things in life, and it turns out you're his favourite plaything of all. He's a powerful player with a great big trust fund, and he knows exactly how to use it.

Well~ This one is quite obvious actually but I personally think it looks so much better than the normal "personal massager" that we used to seen in the shop. I love the soft violet colour and the product name as well. The Millionaire, who doesn't fall in love with this name right?

The Fireman | Smile Makers Launch
[ The Fireman ]
A clitoral vibrator featuring an intense nose, exhilarating tip, and 'soft flames' for extra sensation. 

The house may be burning but his helmeted stud isn't afraid of an intense situation. He's strong. He's brave. and oh my, he's going to heat you up and leave you smouldering. Lie back and enjoy that lovely towering inferno.

This would be my favourite! LOL~ I feel so shy to to admit it but yes! I love this. Why it's called The Fireman? It is because the tip is inspired by the fire flame. Pink is one of my favourite colours so of course I found it attractive.

The Frenchman | Smile Makers Launch
[ The Frenchman ]
Inspired by a French kiss - super flexible and soft

Who knows what he's saying, but does it matter? This sexy linguist has got you locked in his glaze and soon you'll be delightfully fluent in his native tongue. So make yourself comfortable, mademoiselle because when it comes to passion this mater's going to give you education.

Last but not least would be the The Frenchman. Baby blue just makes people feel lovely. This soft blue shade would be another woman favourite as well. Tell you guys a secret, this would be my second favourite.

In case you are wondering is it safe to use, Smile Makers personal massagers are produced alongside some of the world’s leading electronics brands in a static-free environment. All products are completely waterproof, phthalate-free, and made with super-smooth100% body-safeFDA-approved silicone. They have been awarded some of the world’s most creative, prestigious prizes, including the Cannes Lions (France), D&AD (UK), One Show (US), and AWARD (Australia). 

Since launching its personal massagers in Europe in 2013, Smile Makers has helped women around the globe find their inner smile through a network of over 4,000 health and beauty stores in 12 European and Asian markets. Wow! Seem the products done a fabulous job for women.

We tried and tested the lubricants on our hand find it was totally like our facial skincare! The lubricants including Generous Gel, Little Light Liquid and Stay Silky Serum. If you ask me, I would say my favourite would be the generous gel because it giving me cools sensation. I guess it will reduce the itchiness as well. Some women might experiences dryness due to condom, dry skin and some other issues. This would be super helpful for you to solve the problem and maximize your sexual satisfaction. Lubricants are totally safe to use so no worries.

Overall I found their packaging’s are cute with the pastel shades and I love their texture - soft and smooth. I guess even when you purchase it at Watsons, no one knew it is actually a personal massager so you won't feel shy or embarrass towards it. For the lubricants, it's really moisture for the skin and if you having the dryness problem at the "secret" area you may want to give it a try. Even the design of the lubricants looks exactly like the facial skincare series.

[ Price ]
Personal massager | RM129 each
Lubricants | RM59 each. (30ml)

You guys can grab it at Watsons store near you or online store http://www.watsons.com.my/. For more info, kindly visit http://www.smilemakers.com.my/. What are you waiting for? Smile beautifully with Smile Makers now! Loves

Photo Credit | Studio Numb9r @ www.bridestory.com

Hola  Remember last time I blogged about Bridestory? CLICK HERE if you missed it. Today I'm talking about #Photography. We all knew photography is essential for our wedding because one photo can tell thousand stories. We all will get old and photos can keep the good memories for us.

As I mentioned before, Bridestory helps to connect wedding professionals and vendors with engaged couples around the world. Do you really think it's an easy job to find a good photographer to know all your good angle and take nice photos? I don't think so. Unless, you can refers to his portfolio.

Photo Credit | Studio Numb9r @ www.bridestory.com
Photo Credit | Studio Numb9r @ www.bridestory.com
I search for photograhpy categories on Bridestory and I discovers two of my favourite studio! Since I'm based in KL so of course two of the studios are located in KL. One of them is Studio Numb9r. I love their works because all of the photos looks lovely with breathe-taking landscape as background. Of course, I'm pretty sure it is depends on your wedding shooting place but I guess with a good photographer and excellent photoshooting skills, you will able to received many satisfied photo with ease.

By seeing their photos makes me looks happy and excited. You can suddenly think the dress are so beautiful, the couples looks so sweet and the weather looks nice too! I can't wait to see my future wedding photo even I'm not planning to get married yet. 

Photo Credit | Wefreeze Photography @ www.bridestory.com
Photo Credit | Wefreeze Photography @ www.bridestory.com
Another of my favourite studio would be Wefreeze Photography. Compare to another studio, this giving me a different thoughts and feelings. I checked out their photos and find out their photos makes me feel comfortable and peace. Sometime wedding photos doesn't means you must take all of the photos with couple's faces, you can use different angle to capture the moment.

Their photos indeed looks so relax and peace. I guess it's perfect to become our mobile phone home screen cover or even Facebook cover photo, it would be perfect! It is fun to explore different categories on Bridestory.com. Feel free to check them out. Till here. Loves


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Konnichiwa  Typing Japanese as beginning because today I'm blog about a Japanese brand - Eversoft Skinz. Eversoft Skinz is an advanced Japanese technology skincare innovation that adheres closely to the traditional 5-step Japanese skincare ritual that effectively addresses key anti-ageing and maintenance of skin's fairness.

Hola  I'm just back from business trip. Feel tired but nothing can stop me for blogging about this topic -  #food. Yuppie! Today introduce you guys my favourite seafood (except crab) which is Lobster at Pince & Pints, Bangsar KL. Few weeks ago, me and boyfie decided to pay a visit there and tried their delicious lobster. Let's continue reading to find out more.

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