29 April 2016


Hola! Last week, I saw some of my fellow blogger friends took beautiful photos on their Instagram feeds. I was wondering where the wonderful place with nice interior like this is. Thus, I decided to pay a visit and take some beautiful photos so I can share with you guys.

Ta-da! These are their interior design, indeed very nice right? I like their ambiance a lot! They saying this is the “Space for Inspiration” so when you drop by here and have a cup of coffee, you might think of new idea. Seriously, if I came here for blogging, I’m pretty sure I can finish 3 blog posts within 1 hour. As a blogger, mood and environment is crucial for us. If I got my own house in future, I will definitely ask my interior designer to design my house like this. Comfort is all I want. 

They even open their space for other events as well. So if you wish to create an event but have no idea where to hold then you might consider this place. Since they have tables and chairs, comfortable sofas and bean bag, hot beverages machine (you can choose any hot drinks you want), I guess you guys will enjoy the environment.

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  1. nice to see more space opening up at One City. Looking forward to it getting more livelier than it currently is.

    1. Yes, they are having different events every week because it open to public =)


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