6 May 2016


Annyeonghaseyo  Yes, it's all about Korean trend now. People started to listen to Korean song, watching Korean drama, adapt into Korean fashion and of course, fall in love with the Korean beauty. Although I'm not really a fans of Korean but I love the Korean beauty including their skincare and cosmetic.

The Korean Beauty trend is here to stay so jump on the bandwagon with Sephora's specially curated K-beauty must-haves! Follow four simple steps to achieve the signature dewy look of Korean stars. The secret to achieving Korea's coveted dewy look starts with mastering the complexion. Once you have a perfect canvas, just follow up with some bright and playful colours to complete this signature Korean beauty look! 

K-Beauty | SEPHORA

In order to achieve the signature dewy look of Korean stars. Follow These Simple Steps : Prep the skin, It's all about that base, A pop of colour, Finishing touches. Yes, just four simple steps. I can't wait to see what Korean beauty products that can help me transform to Korean star look.

Yuppiee! Sephora always surprised me lots a lovely items! This time, I received a huge box of K-Beauty products which including 3CE White Milk Cream, LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask, BECCA Aqua Luminous Foundation, SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Foundation, MOONSHOT Microfit Cushion SPF 50+, ERBORIAN CC Creme, SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Healthy Glow Cream Blush, BENEFIT COSMETICS Benetint, SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Lips and CLINIQUE Pop Lip Colour and Primer 3.9g. I know right~ That's a lot of items! Are you guys ready to see my Korean star look? Let's begin!


3CE White Milk Cream | SEPHORA
[ 3CE White Milk Cream | RM152 ]
The White Milk Cream is designed to used at the end of your basic skincare routine just before applying your sunblock. Containing cacao seed butter, this cream moisturises your skin to prepare it for the layer of makeup to come. Milk protein extract and vitamin E also helps with whitening and keeping wrinkles at bay giving your pure and clear skin. The cream is safe for the whole body and can be applied to the neck and decolletage. For an added brightening effect, use small amounts and layer on specific areas like high points of your cheeks.

When I first saw it on 3CE's brand ambassador - Park Sora posted it on Instagram, I was like it's so cute! The milk packaging is attractive even I don't drink milk. Before we started to makeup, we need to apply some skincare so our makeup can last longer. I applied 3CE White Milk Cream on my face and it makes my skin looks so fair. I guess I applied too much so remember to apply appropriate amount would be enough. It's now available in stores and online.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask | RM110
[ LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask | RM110 ]
Infused with ylang ylang and sandalwood oils, this mask helps you fall into a deep sleep fast and stay asleep over a longer period of time. While you're asleep, the mask works to hydrate, restore and repair damaged cells with evening primrose root extract and hydro ion mineral water. Wake up to a youthful and rejuvenated new you! The mask should be inhaled to harness its aromatherapy properties before application on the face. To take it a notch higher, try a lymph node massage using this mask for maximum relaxation.

I have been using LANEIGE Sleeping Mask since few years back and this is the new version! Tried and tested, feel my skin so moisture like doink doink after this. It's now available in stores


BECCA Aqua Luminous Foundation | RM209
[ BECCA Aqua Luminous Foundation | RM209 ]
with a flexible shade range, no skin tones are left out with Becca's Aqua Luminous Foundation! The water-light formula feels weightless on the skin and 1-2 drops is all you need for your entire face. If a higher coverage is desired, allow the first layer to dry before building on another 1-2 drops. The formulation gives off a subtle luminosity that blurs imperfections, creating a soft healthy glow.

Tried it and feel the texture is so smooth and not so thick. One thing I'm afraid to use liquid foundation would be the thick texture, fortunately it's not at all. Love the design of pressing at the center to squeeze the liquid out. It's like doing some experiment there. LOL. Now available online.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Foundation | RM105
[ SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Foundation | RM105 ]
Inspired by the Korean beauty world, Sephora's very own cushion foundation combines the freshness and radiance of liquid foundation with the practicality of a compact for convenient touch-ups on the go! Applied with a gentle hand, the formula instantly blends in with the skin, offering build-able yet natural coverage. The micro-airy puff promises to deliver the right amount of product while pigments in the formula gives your skin a natural glow. Comes in six shades.

The shade available including 35 Bronze, 33 Walnut, 25 Beige, 14 Soft Beige, 30 Sand and 20 Cream. My shade is 14 Soft Beige. Love the colour and texture. My skin is consider fair skin so this shade works perfectly on my skin. The texture is moisture so it can last longer as well. Now available in stores and online.

MOONSHOT Microfit & Moonflash Cushion SPF 50+ | RM110 & RM81
[ MOONSHOT Microfit & Moonflash Cushion SPF 50+ | RM110 & RM81 ]
- MOONSHOT Microfit Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ :
Designed to offer adaptive coverage, this foundation has an ultra-light formula that allows you to build on multiple layers without looking cakey. Formulated with SPF 50, this foundation also leaves you with a refreshing and cooling after-effect making it the perfect choice in Malaysia's hot climate! It also contains oil-absorbing particles that are great for mid-day touch-ups and certainly a must in our local weather. Gently soak the ruby cell puff to pick up the product before blending into the skin for a hydrated and hot-weather friendly base.

- MOONSHOT Moonflash Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ :

Cushion with Milky pink texture which boosts the look of dull skin and luminizes with invisible pearl. It provides strobing effect. It can be used as both base coat & top coat. It does moisturizing with the cream base combined with sugar cotton.

I would said I love both of them! Microfit provides good coverage and moisture effect while the Moonflash giving me pink and radiant skin! Highly recommend this to you guys! I can have baby skin like the Korean girl now. Now available online and in stores starting April 14.

[ ERBORIAN CC Creme | RM94 ]
Blending French skincare expertise with traditional Korean ingredients, Erborian offers women instant beauty solutions and the secret to perfect skin. Their flagship product, CC Creme adapts to your skin tone and gives off a soft velvety finish. The creme also contains encapsulated pigments and Centella Asistica to boost radiance and camouflage imperfections. No wonder this product is said to give a high-definition look in just 30 seconds!

Sometime when I don't like to put heavy makeup for normal outing. I would love to use this CC Creme. It is so light but yet good coverage. This really changed my thoughts about CC cream because I tried few different brands and they didn't provides good coverage until I found this! Recommend this for the girls who like to apply light makeup. Now available in stores.


SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Healthy Glow Cream Blush | RM60
[ SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Healthy Glow Cream Blush | RM60 ]
This blush comes with a built-in cushion applicator for easy and direct application that's almost impossible to get wrong! The creamy and build-able formula adds a pop of colour and the candlelit finish allows it to double as a luminizer for a healthy glow. This cream product, which comes in five shades, is perfect for those who love to do their makeup on-the-go and is a multi-use product that can be used on the lips. 

I must say, it's so creative to create this kind of cream blush. Instead of using or brush to apply the blush on our cheek, they created this! Just squeeze and the cream blush will appear on the soft sponge, then all you need to do just gently dab on your cheek. It's looks super natural and lovely. Now available in stores and online.

[ BENEFIT COSMETICS Benetint | RM140 ]
Benfit created its first cheek and lip stain - Benetint, as a rose-tinted nipple stain for an exotic dancer in 1977. The multi-use stain has come a long way since then and is now known to turn heads with an innocent yet provocative flush on the cheeks and lips. Its sister product, Posietint, is a more recent launch with a poppy-pink stain inspired by flower petals that's perfect for springtime.

Tried this last time and love it because it looks natural. You may refer to my previous post HERE. It's easily to carry so you can just put it in your bag and apply it anytime you desire. Now available in stores and online.


SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Lips | RM49
[ SEPHORA COLLECTION Wonderful Cushion Lips | RM49 ]
Last but not least, we need to finishing touches with our lips. For lips, here is the little genius of the range, capable of 2 ultra-trendy makeup results all by itself: shaded lips with a "bitten lips" effect, or full lips with high coverage. Its formula, enriched with shea butter and oils derived from cotton seed, nourishes and smoothes the lips. Its innovative packaging is presented as a rubber encapsulated in a cushion that enables a high coverage powdery matte finish.


It available with 6 different shades and mine was 05. This would be my very second time to use this kind of cushion lip cosmetic. Now available in stores and online. The sponge able to help you create natural matte look. Now available in stores and online.

CLINIQUE Pop Lip Colour and Primer 3.9g | RM83
[ CLINIQUE Pop Lip Colour and Primer 3.9g | RM83 ]
Luxurious yet weightless formula merges bold, saturated colour with a smoothing primer. Glides on effortlessly to a modern-velvet finish. Colour stays true, keeps lips comfortably moisturized for 8 hours. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.

There are total 10 shades available which including Nude Pop, Melon Pop, Poppy Pop, Sweet Pop, Wow Pop, Grape Pop, Plum Pop, Cherry Pop, Punch Pop and Love Pop. My shade was Sweet Pop. Love the striking colour upon application. All you need to apply 1 time and the colour will pop! Velvety finish and moisturises lips for up to 8 hours! It's also allergy-tested and safe to use. 100% Fragrance-free so no worries if you're sensitive to the fragrance. I can't wait to try other shades because all of them looks lovely too!


So how do you guys think? Do I looks like a Korean star to you? HAHAHA, please don't beat me. Korean star looks is more into simple is more. So if you're wondering my makeup looks not so heavy. It's all about that base! Base must be great to makes the makeup long lasting and lips must be have some colour instead of nude. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading my post. Till here. Loves


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