26 April 2016 Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


Konnichiwa  It's time to continue my Princess Cruises trip because after that I can blog about my Osaka and Busan trip. So, today post is about third day on Princess Cruises and continue reading to know what I was done on that day. It's okay some of you missed the first post, you can always refer my Travel Log at bottom part to keep track the itinerary of this trip.

We woke up early in the morning and feel so good because whenever we step out from our room, there will a big sea view with huge wind! The weather is perfect as not too hot and too cold.

Breakfast | Princess Cruises Day 3
Took our breakfast at the dining room and they served us cod fish with tamago, soup, porridge, seaweed and fruits. We seat with another Japanese family and we chit-chatting for awhile. They said they live at Malaysia before and they love Ipoh so much. HAHAHA~ Good choice because that's my lovely hometown.

HAHAHA~ Sorry to let you see my vain photos. My mom just love to shoot me whenever I passed her my camera. She got some photo-shooting skills though. When you stand still at outside than the room, the wind is so big and you can feel it might will blow it away. So after that we decided to walk around instead of just standing there and enjoy the sea view.

Outdoor Cinema | Princess Cruises Day 3
If you read my previous post (Day 1 and 2) then you should know I mentioned before about the outdoor cinema. It also playing at day time but no one really watch it because outside was so cold with big wind.

You can enjoy cocktail or some alcoholic drinks at the bar here. It's only opposite the outdoor cinema and nearby the swimming pool.

What I love about this cruise would be there are hand sanitizer everywhere. You need sanitize your hands whenever you buy an ice-cream, take dinner or even buffet.

Me and my family are ice-cream lover! We enjoy eating the ice-cream everyday on the cruises and even twice daily! Their ice-cream is so soft texture and delicious! They open until evening.

Took our lunch at the buffet room which nearby the swimming pool. Sorry for the mess. I was too hungry so I don't have time to arrange nicely and take photo for you guys. LOL

For readers who love to gambling, you may visit their Grand Casino which nearby the lounge. Since we are not a fans so we didn't pay a visit.

Remember I mentioned earlier they don't accept cash on the cruises, they only use the room card to swipe? If you are worry about you spend too much, no worries, you can always use this machine to check your account statement. It will written how much you spend and you can print it out for reference as well. It's free of charge.

Everyday they have different things to sell for promotion. Today would be Casio G-shock watch and other brands of watch. We manage to grab some chocolate for souvenirs.

Ta-da! Our chocolate haul and Daddy bought a small cruises as souvenir. The mint truffles was delicious, I didn't get a chance to try others flavour because I can't eat pecan and peanut brittle. If you're wearing braces then you would know how I feel.

We saw a lot of people are gather at the center so we decided to stopped by and have a look. Ohh~ They are having Fruits Crafting performance. Frankly, I'm really impressed with their crafting skills. They do it very fast and all the fruits crafting outcome are so kawaii.

You can see the outcome according to the photo above. Impressive right guys? I got a little bit shock especially for the face crafting. You can see it really like a real human face there.

For the dinner, Daddy decided to order a limit edition 50 anniversary red wine and enjoy with us. We have a wonderful moment. It's been awhile we didn't travel together because Dad always travel with mom around the world. I truly miss travel with them and have fun.

After the main course, they served us some soft of sorbet cocktail but it taste quite weird. LOL~ Well, I don't really like the taste though.

We also ordered a mango pudding with cheese cake and it was yummy! love the strawberry and blueberry because the texture so soft.

After dinner, we decided to check out night activity and we found out tonight have a Kimono and Yukata lesson! Me and my younger sister are so excited and attend the lesson. Basically they introduced us the history and culture of Kimono and what are difference between Kimono and Yukata, what should we wear in any kind of specially occasions etc.

We had a blast on that day! I'm so happy that I looks like a little girl on that day. I purposely choose a pink Yukata so I can looks younger when I stand beside my younger sister. LOL

We also met with some Japanese tourist and we have a group photo with them. Me and my sister was so shy because our parents keep on take many photos as they can. They are just like our fans, so cute.

We are on newspaper! | Princess Cruises Day 3
Surprisingly, we are on newspaper after 1 month we back to Malaysia! Early in the morning, my friend PM me on Facebook and send me a screenshot asking is that you on the Sin Chew newpaper during my Japan trip. What makes me happy is because I own a "V Face"! I'm not sure whether they have photoshop my face but my face looks damn V! HAHAHA~ I don't think they have time to photoshoot my face too because I'm not celebrity but thanks for the V Face Sin Chew team!

Till then. Please stay tuned for my Princess Cruises Trip Day 4 and I will blog about my Osaka, Japan and Busan, Korea trip soon. Don't forget to check out my vlog as follows. Loves




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