22 April 2016 Genting Sempah, 28750 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia


Konnichiwa Today post is about one of my favourite Japanese skincare brand which is SENKA. SENKA, a dedicated skincare brand unveiled its all-new range of fun and foamy facial cleansers and makeup removers at Summer Residences, Genting Sempah. I was so excited to be there because I saw some beautiful photos about the venue before.

SENKA More Foam More Fun Launch
The launch of the day named as "More Foam More Fun". With the all-blue hue packaging, the whole new SENKA range metaphors ultimate freshness, moisture and hydration. Not forgetting its soothing, gentle and fresh fragrance, your skin is sure to love its wonders and will indulge with delight!

The day’s opening started with the arrival of the guests at Summer Residences, who were all awed by the fun and foamy pool, as well as the infinity views of the hills. Trisha Kuck, the emcee of the day kickstarted the launch by inviting Jack Wong, the General Manager of Cosmetics & Personal Care Division and Ian Cheng, the Marketing Manager of Cosmetics & Personal Care Division for the launch gambit of SENKA More Foam More Fun.

New SENKA Range | SENKA More Foam More Fun Launch
By looking at these products makes me feel so excited to review it because I have been using their products since few years ago and I love it! Can't wait to try on the new range.

More foam more fun definitely need foam in the swimming pool! We are super excited once we arrived and spot this beautiful view.

Developed by Shiseido, Senka is a skincare brand that aims to fulfill customers’ skincare needs that are gathered through surveys on customer insight. With its new philosophy, “The perfect cleansing range, for your perfect cleansing routine”, Senka meet customer’s needs by producing only the best quality products to reach customer’s satisfaction.

I'm still remember SENKA lotion is my very first products from them and I'm still using it until now. The reason is because their lotion texture is thicker than other brands but not sticky nor oily at all.

All the products from new range!

All who were present at the launch were equally excited and inspired by the new SENKA range. The SENKA event wrapped up with a serving of lunch buffet, while the guests mingled and enjoyed themselves with SENKA’s fun and interactive activity booths like “Shoot the Penguin” – watergun shooting game, “Foam it Up” – foaming SENKA Perfect Whip, “SENKA Beauty Workshop” – beauty tips on SENKA’s new makeup removers, and “Foam Wonderland” – the big, fun and foamy pool. We truly had a blast on that day. Impressed with the SENKA team for the arrangement!

Lunch are provided and I love the blueberry tart as the penguin pros are so cute! They have the penguin mascot here but I didn't manage to take photo with him. LOL

Play around and tried & tested on their products on the spot. I think I can go shoot commercial already. HAHAHA **Thick Face**

We had lots of fun and all thanks to SENKA Team for the planning and arrangement! They surprised us in every single event. Thanks for the effort. It is a successful event.

Look what I got in the goodies from them!
SENKA Perfect Gel
SENKA Perfect Gel (Gel Makeup Remover) | RM18.90 

If you're not into liquids or oil-based removers, try Senka Perfect Gel - a dewy, gel-based remover that spreads smoothly and cleanses effectively! Formulated with Sebum Clear Ingredient, this gel-based remover melts out makeup and sebum deep within the pores, while, the dewy texture helps envelope oil-based impurities, keeping the skin feeling non-greasy and silky smooth after wiping off!

Comment : Tried and tested on it and feel not bad. This would be my second time using gel type of makeup remover and I found this is better than my first tested brand because it's non-greasy. If I was just apply facial makeup without any eyes makeup, I will definitely use this one as makeup remover.

SENKA Perfect Whip
SENKA Perfect Whip (No.1 Foam Cleanser In Japan!) | RM13.90 

The Japan's number one best-seller is back! Newly formulated with silk essence from white cocoons and double hyaluronic acid, the Senka Perfect Whip is the perfect wash that leaves your skin looking plump and translucence. Its high quality white cocoon foam protects your precious skin, while the hyaluronic acid delivers superb moisturizing effects to your skin. Lather your skin in its rich, intense foam and we promise you'll enjoy every second of it!

Comment : I still remember the first time I used it was about 3 years ago. I bought it at Watsons @ Taipei when I was travelling to Taiwan. After using it, I found my skin won't be dehydrated anymore. I have been using it for the whole Taiwan trip and continue using after I touched down Malaysia.

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip (Moist Touch)
Senka Speedy Perfect Whip (Airy Touch / Moist Touch) | RM24.90 

Fulfill your hectic days with Senka Speedy Perfect Whip. A cleansing foam designed to suit all skin type. This quick yet perfect wash comes in two variants. Moist Touch and Airy Touch. The Speedy Perfect Whip Moist Touch features fine-textured yet intense foam that is so rich and doesn't go limp even when washing, leaving skin moist and smooth; while the Airy Touch features an easy-rinse off formulation that gives your skin a clean and refreshed feeling.

Comment : There are two types for Speedy Perfect Whip and what I received was moist touch type. It created more foam compare to the normal perfect whip. It is best for the consumer who lazy to create foam when they are washing their face. If you're one of them then this is suitable for you.

SENKA Perfect Liquid
Senka Perfect Liquid (Liquid Makeup Remover) | RM32.90 

Relieve your skin with Senka Perfect Liquid! With its thick and viscous liquid, this newly formulated makeup remover lifts and absorbs makeup and impurities effectively, thus, there's no need to rub your makeup off harshly with this perfect remover. So free your skin from all rubbing-stresses with Senka Perfect Liquid and viola - find your makeup instantly lifted and removed from your face!

Comment : Among the three types of makeup remover, this would be my most favourite. Doesn't means another two types are bad. Just my personal opinions. I always prefer liquid type instead of gel, cream or oily kinds. This works for my skin and it's not necessary to rub my makeup off harshly. Just gently rub will do.

SENKA Perfect Watery Oil
Senka Perfect Watery Oil  (Oil Makeup Remover) | RM32.90

The smooth sensation of the Senka Perfect Watery Oil envelops skin pleasantly and quickly dissolves makeup and other impurities hidden deep within your pores. Formulated with "Moist Cleansing Ingredeints", this makeup remover is gentle to skin and protects moisture when removing makeup from your face. It also features high cleansing power that slider off any waterproof mascara from lashes! The best part? You use it with wet hands and the removal is still outstanding!

Comment : If you always wearing waterproof mascara or matte lipstick like me, then this would be suitable for you. Oil makeup remover always suitable for those waterproof makeup. It will totally remove all of those makeup and you won't see your panda eyes after that. Sometime if you can't remove those makeup cleanly you will see some dark shades on your under eyes. Moreover, I like the fact that even after you removed your makeup, it doesn't dry your skin as well.

All prices are inclusive of GST, don't you think it's totally affordable? The new range of skincare will be available on June 2016 onward in selected pharmacies and hypermarkets. So what are you waiting for? Grab one now at your nearest pharmacies / hypermarkets now! Loves



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