10 December 2015 Malacca, Malaysia

Hello! I'm back with the popular day trip post. Yippee, this time I'm gonna talk about one of the famous attraction state in Malaysia  - MALACCA / MELAKA. Since I got the good feedback from the previous IPOH DAY TRIP and JOHOR DAY TRIP so I decided to share more with my lovely readers about my random day trip with boyfie and friends.

We all knew Malacca is a historical state and food paradise! It's been about more than 5 years I didn't visit Malacca so I was thought to revisit with boyfie. We went on public holiday so that day was slightly jam. We drove to there and meet boyfie's friends because they are staying there.

The first stop was Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant (煌昌海南鸡饭) which was obviously famous with their signature chicken rice. Boyfie brought me here because he heard a lot of good reviews saying the chicken rice here was delicious and with reasonable price. Sometime they have many customers in the shop, so remember to follow the steps to order according to the photo above.

So we ordered a plate of chicken and rice ball which is the popular dish in Malacca. We also 2 glass of lime juice as well. Overall I think the chicken rice is so so but I have no idea why boyfie like it. Haha~ I guess different people have different taste. So I decided to share with you all, maybe you guys will like it as well. One thing I quite disappointed would be their chili sauce. I expected they will provide the traditional chicken rice chili sauce but instead, they provide the chili oil sauce which I personally thought not favourable. However, I guess every different chicken rice restaurant have their unique taste so maybe this is their specialty.
Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant | 煌昌海南鸡饭 ]
Address : BB-376, Taman Melaka Baru, Batu Berendam, 75350 Melaka, Malaysia.
Opening Hours : Daily | 6.45am - 3.00pm, CLOSED on Thursday
Tel : 06-317 0299

After finished our brunch and meet our friends, we decide to pay a visit for the popular street in Malacca - Jonker Street (鸡场街). It's the centre street of Chinatown – was once renowned for its antique shops. However over the years it has turned to clothing and crafts outlets as well as restaurants. The best part of Jonker Street is the night market on Fridays and Saturdays that sells everything from tasty treats to cheap keepsakes.

Me, boyfie, Shin Hua and his girlfriend Xin Yi.

Me and babyboy~

We found out this boutique hotel is just located in the Jonker Street and it's recommended by TripAdvisor! Therefore, if you're looking for hotel which in the strategic location and affordable price, maybe you can give it a try.  =) 

There have a small shop which varieties of things such as luggage tag, small bag, fashion pieces and cafe. I bought a cute kitty bag there which cost about RM12. 

Saw a lot of people commenting about this "Ice Egg (鸡蛋冰)" and I'm excited to try! They have many different kind of flavour and the one that I choose was strawberry. I can ensure this was the popular dessert here because I saw every single tourist is holding this in the whole Jonker Street!

Tried it but it actually taste exactly like ice! HAHAHA~ The strawberry flavour was very light and it doesn't taste like strawberry at all. But I guess worth for try because maybe the other tourist like it and the appearance was cute.

They even have other super cute design like photo above as well.

Beside of the foods, they also have some shop which sell fashion pieces and I bought 3 pieces of singlet there as casual wear purpose. The price was about RM60 for 3 pieces if I'm not mistaken.

We passed by this shop and suddenly we smell something good. Then we realize was the traditional Chinese biscuit from this shop. They are emphasize all their biscuits are freshly baked so 100% hot and delicious.

This Wan Tan Mee was popular though but we didn't give it a try before we are hunting for other foods. However, I heard a lot of good reviews via online so you guys may give it s try when you visit here.

This Geographer Cafe was another famous cafe in Jonker Street as well. I'm not sure whether this and the Geographer in KL is the same franchise or what because the design was totally different. Anyway, many net friends are saying this is a nice place to chill with friend especially at night.

Shin Hua said this Ah Ma Fish Cake was popular and quite delicious so we thought we can give it a try. Unfortunately, this shop crowded by a lot of customers there. We end up leaving the shop because the queue was too long. =(
Jonker Street / Jonker Walk | 鸡场街 ]
Address : Jalan Hang Hebat, Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel : 012-655 3409

They saying if you never try the famous one bite durian puff in Jonker Street means you never been there before. Although I tried the Taste Better one bite durian puff before in KL but I still want to try it at Jonker Street to spot the difference.

One bite durian puff is designed to finish in one bite. They specially formulated their golden durian custard into the creamiest and smoothest filling. Their best recommended way to consume is to put the whole puff into your mouth. You will experience an extraordinary tasting experience that will last in your tastebuds and memories. They will launch flavor according to different seasons such as durian, jackfruit, mango, pineapple and banana.

Same as the Ah Ma Fish Cake, many customers queue up for the famous durian puff. The popular shop is recommended by TripAdvisor and local radio station as well. Last time they only have one flavour which is durian. Now they have several flavours but we just bought the signature flavour. Tried it and it taste so good! You must squeeze the durian puff into your mouth and bite it. The smell of durian will just pop out into your mouth like "boom"! Strongly recommend though.
Taste Better @ Jonker Walk ]
Address : 96, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200, Melaka.
Tel : 012-928 6267 / 012-862 6575 (Ms.Goh)

We then dropped by at The Daily Fix Cafe (得益啡) because Xin Yi told us their signature Pandan Pancake was delicious and recommended so we decide to give it a try.

Basically The Daily Fix cafe was a cafe which comes with retro interior and they combine the Chinese and Western retro style. You may notice some decoration are more into western style like gardening equipment while on the other hand, they have the traditional old plates that our grandmother used on the old days and hang on the wall.

After they passed you the menu, you required to order and pay at their cashier. Then, they will give you like so called table number for waiting. What we get was No.13 and it's actually a tool in order to create the "ang ku kueh"(红龟粿) shape. Interesting huh?

- Iced Honey Lemon Tea | RM7.50 -

Not bad. Not so sweet like some other cafe but not so sour at the same time. The size of the jar was just fine.

Blended beverage that ordered by Xin Yi but I forgot what's the name(I'm sorry). But if I'm not mistaken, it was strawberry / blueberry iced blended. The price was more than RM10+.

- Local Pandan Pancake | RM13.90 -

Ta-da! Finally we tried and tested on their signature dish the pandan pancake! I tried a lots of different pancake but this would be my very first time to tried on the pancake in pandan flavour. It was made from juicy pandan leaves extract, served with Gula Melaka and coconut flakes.

The pandan pancake smell good and eating it with gula melaka are just nice! Strongly recommend this to you guys. If you wish to try other flavours of pancake, there have several flavours such as classic, durian, banana, and chocolate chip pancake as well.

- Eggy Cheese Omelette | RM12.90 -

Besides of the popular pandan pancake, me and boyfie ordered our favourite eggy cheese omelette to give it a try. Since both of us fans of egg, so this dish would be recommended for readers who like eggs as well. Overall I think it's not bad because the toast have just enough of cheese and omelette. Sometime large amount of cheese and egg will just make you feel so full you got what I means? In conclusion, I will definitely revisit this cafe again when I visit Malacca. Nice environment, friendly staff and delicious foods.
The Daily Fix Cafe | 得益啡 ]
Address : 55, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.
Opening Hours : Daily | 10.00am - 5.30pm
Tel : 06-283 4858

We all knew Inside Scoop in KL. But we don't know it even available in Malacca as well! When I spot the logo I quickly inform boyfie because he love inside scoop. He was so happy and we decided to pay a visit to see what's the different between KL and Malacca branches.

According to the interior, I can said the interior in Malacca branch was more into retro and Chinese style while KL branch is more into modern and design. 

Sometime different branch having different flavour and I guess this cendol flavour is only available in Malacca branch I guess? I'm not so sure because I won't order this flavour anyway. Normally I order durian, milo, snicker and other flavours instead. So do let me know if you know whether this flavour is available in KL as well. (Updates : They just informed me the cendol flavour is available in KL as well) Boyfie ordered their premium Musang King Durian flavour and leave happily. HAHA
[ Inside Scoop @ Jonker Street ]
Address : 28 Jalan Hang Kasturi off Jonker Street, 75200 Malacca.
Opening Hours : Mon - Thu | 11:45 am - 11:00 pm ; Fri - Sat | 11:45 am - 12:00 am ; Sun | 11:45 am - 11:00 pm
Tel : 06-286 0128

We all knew the popular Nadeje Mille Crepe cake. Although KL already have several branches but we still wanna try the Malacca version. It was established since 2006. Nadeje prides itself on its quality fresh ingredients and finest handmade Mille Crepe & other special cakes/desserts that taste flavourful and satisfying all on its own. 

Until now, there was still a lot of customers queuing for this.

As you can see, they have many different flavours of mille crepe so you can choose the flavour that you desire.

At the end we had chosen original, mango and double chocolate flavours.

- Mango Yogurt | RM12.60 -

A sweet indulgence of mango puree, yogurt and creamy cheese. Since boyfie don't like mango flavours so me and Xin Yi finished the cake. I like mango and yogurt at the same time so I think this flavours was delicious.

- Original | RM12.60 - 

The original flavour of Nadeje Mille Crepe. Its homemade custard cream with Tahitian Vanilla bean and fresh cream enhance its smooth and rich taste. This is strongly recommended by many bloggers as it's naturally delicious.

- Double Chocolate | RM12.60 -

Black Chocolate crepe with dark chocolate cream, melted chocolate and chocolate chips. As a chocolate lover, I like this! The taste of the cake won't be too sweet so I thought it was not bad. Boyfie like it as well.

Basically Makota Parade have nothing to shop because I can shop almost everything at KL. Our purpose of went there was just to try the mille crepe cake. However, you guys may go take a walk to see anything interested.  =)
[ Nadeji @ Makota Parade ]
Address : G-23B, EG 4 & EG 5, Ground Floor, Mahkota Parade, 75000 Melaka.
Opening Hours : Daily | 11.00am - 10.00pm
Tel : 06-2843469 

After take a walk at Makota Parade, we decided to take our early dinner at Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant. It serves Nonya cuisine. It is also known as Peranakan in which it combines Chinese and Malaysian dish. One of their known dish is called Otak Otak.

You might wondering why all the tables are empty is it got no customers except us? Not at all. Basically the owner only serve the booking customers for one time in order to keep up the good quality of their foods. We book the table about 4-5 hours before the dinner time because Shin Hua told us they don't serve walk-in customers. Luckily we booked the table because we saw few customers left with disappointing face as they didn't do any booking, some of them even saying they purposely came here from Singapore just to try their foods. Thus, remember to make reservation before you step in.

You can spot the certificates of their cooking skills here. Now you know why there are so many customers visited this cuisine.

- Little Wanton - 

I didn't try this because Xin Yi and boyfie ordered them. Boyfie said nothing special just the design looks nice and cute(comes with tiny portion).

Our foods had arrived!

- Taufu Goreng | RM11 (Medium), RM17 (Large) -

Fried Japanese toufu with mince chicken, prawns and chinese mushroom topping. Love this because I like toufu and mushroom. 

- Kangkung KobisKeledek Masak Titik Lemak | RM14 (Medium), RM20 (Large) -

Water convolulus, cabbage and sweet potatoes in coconut milk. Hmm....Not my favourite because I found it too milky as I don't like to consume too many coconut milk. However, boyfies and friends they like it. So, you may have a try.

- Ayam Pongteh | RM18 (Medium), RM25(Large) -

Classic nyonya chicken stew with soya bean paste, chinese mushroom and potatoes. This is delicious though. Love the mushroom and potatoes. You can even take the paste and mixing with your rice as well.

- Amy's Ayam Goreng | RM13 (4pcs), RM24 (8pcs) -

Amy's special fried chicken. This is strongly recommended! Why? I guess the menu name speaks it all. Amy recipe of fried chicken. Delicious and yet not oily at all. You guys should give it a try.

Overall I think it's worth to visit this cuisine in order try all the delicious authentic Nyonya foods. Just a kind reminder : remember to make reservation ya guys! HAHAHA. I don't want you guys end up left the shop with sad face.
[ Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine ]
Address : Bandar Hilir 75, Jalan Melaka Raya 24, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.
Opening Hours : Tue - Sun | 11.30pm - 2.30pm, 6.00pm - 9.30pm ; Mon | CLOSED
Tel : 06-286 8819 / 012-341 6836(Amy Koh)

That'a all for today. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this post and don't forget to leave a comment to share with me any other interested places or delicious cafe that I should pay a visit. Loves.

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  1. I am Malacca, but some of the above places I never go before lol
    thanks for sharing dear, will try out one day ^^

    1. Really? Like the Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine?
      You're welcome sweetie. Have fun ;)

  2. my family and i haven't go jonker street for a long time. very hard to find parking there, hope to go again. I wanna eat and shop there. :D

    1. Haha, I heard that too. But lucky us can get a parking within 2 minutes. =D

  3. Hi, I'm from Indonesia and plan to visit Malacca next year, how far is it from KL? Can gimme recommendation hotel to stay at malacca?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi there, If by car will be about 2 hours while if by bus will be about 2.5 hours. I will blog about accommodation in Malacca soon. Remember to stay tuned at my blog ya. =)

  4. Loving the food in Malacca.. I am from Penang and somehow Malacca has a special place in my heart as well.

    1. Haha. Same here but Penang is another food paradise as well.

  5. I love Malacca.. Love the food you can get there etc...nadeje has an outlet in 1utama though

    1. Yup, I knew. They have 3 outlets in Klang Valley but I just want to try the Malacca version. =D

  6. I don't know why I just love Malacca so much!
    I make sure i visit Malacca every year!

  7. swallowing my saliva now. melaka is the second best city for Malaysia food (after Penang) haha!

  8. This gives me a slightly new perspective towards Malacca.

  9. I really miss Malacca durian puff. Fresh and delicious.

    1. Yup, KL also got but I think Malacca is better.

  10. your blog become makan blog liao haha! glad you enjoyed my hometown especially during the daytime which is more relaxing than at night!

    1. Hahaha. I never realize that too. Don't know you're from Malacca leh.

  11. thats alotttt of desserts babe! :D inside scoop and nadeje are my fave haha, but nowadays i still miss ah ma's fish cakes the mosttt in malacca

    1. HAHAHA. Gained weight a lot. Awwww...I didn't get a chance to try the ah ma's fish cakes leh. =(

  12. I just came back from Malacca where I indulged in Portuguese cuisine. After reading your post, I want to return to Malacca for other traditional delicacies!

    1. Try the Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine for authentic Nyonya foods! Very delicious. =)

  13. wow! I miss Malacca and their foods so much after reading your blog post! moreover now can shopping at the new A Famosa centre, I wanna go next week! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Yup, I heard they opened the A Famosa shopping outlet right? I will visit again too.

  14. Oh I miss Melaka! Looks like Melaka has a lot of new cafes now, eh? Haha. I am feeling so hungry now T_T

  15. Wah, this is a long post and is about food (I love it), bookmarked it for my melaka trip!

  16. Melaka.. why visit other than food right? Hahah..

  17. love melaka.. i will sometimes just drive down for the fun of it.. or when I'm very stressed out and need a release. Best if going there with a friend or two, to help eat the food!! :P

    1. Hahaha. True fact. It's best to have companion to finish the foods.

  18. 我也是才刚从马六甲回来呢~ 这次马六甲之旅的部落格文章还在进行中,希望我们可以互相交流交流一下~
    看了你的分享我才发现还有好多美食我都还没有品尝过呢~ 下一次去马六甲再品尝吧~

    1. 哈哈哈,马六甲很多美食我都还没尝试过,要多多指教噢。 =)

  19. The Daily Fix cafe is my favourite stop to recharge also.

    1. Oh yeah. Next time for sure I will revisit again.

  20. so many food!!but i like the daily fix cafe..the place very nice!!

  21. Wow, you success to grab all in Malacca for a day! I admired you! My friends and I confused when we visited there.. :D

    1. Hahaha, I didn't do any research at all before I visit. Luckily got friends bring us around.

  22. Thanks for sharing so many nice restaurants in Malacca, i only been to Nadeje thousand layers cake ....

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