12 October 2015

Sweets from Harvers

Bonjour  Anyone love candy here? Well, I don't really a candy person but this is so lovely! I never try to purchase candy via online because I thought most of the industry doesn't have the online delivery services. Now, I can just simply click a few button, fill up my information and wait for the  adorable candy reach my doorstep. Continue reading to find out more.  =)

You know right~ We have many special season / event within the 365 days. This means we need giving out gifts for the loved one especially our lovers. Just a small gift will do because they know you are sincere. So, why not thinking about Harvers when you plan to give some lovely present for your friends and family.

Let me introduce you the star of the day - Harvers. At Harvers, they only wish to make you and your loved ones happy and feel appreciated, because they believe that happiness is the key to success. In addition, their value is simple and is well illustrated in their slogan; ‘Appreciation to You’. They offer yummy solutions for your sweet tooth with our wide range of candies, gummies, plums and snacks. Made with delicious fruit juice and all natural flavours with no added preservatives and colouring, you will be totally hooked on these fruity chews. 

They also create customization gift packages regardless of any season and reason, so as to cater to all kinds of gifting needs of each customer. Be it for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, corporate events, baby showers, weddings, thank-yous, housewarmings, official openings of new businesses, or expression of heartfelt congratulations on work promotions etc, so long you celebrate it, Harvers will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces with our specialised gifts. 

Every single gift box is custom-packaged and beautifully crafted to maximize your loved ones’ delight and amazement. You can either choose the set in which there are six types of sweets, or the set whereby you can custom-select all of the six types of sweets. Either way, there are a lot of possibilities!

Awww....They are so lovely. You can always ask them to put customized message for you loved one.

In addition to their one-of-a-kind gift packages, they also do provide customisable sweets table specially created for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, or just really, really awesome parties. All sweets table will be custom-decorated by us at the venue itself in accordance to your chosen themes. Lovely plates of confectionery that have been pre-selected by you will be arranged exquisitely on the sweets table, offering a lasting aesthetic impression. With Harvers, everything is personalized and created beautifully just for you.  =)

Ta-da! Here's my candies and the complimentary 2 toothpicks for us to poke the candy.

These colourful candies just makes me happy.

After you took the little boxes out of the big box, you can just put it any place you want or even carry it anywhere because the size is small & it placed in a cute box(not by jar).

- Jelly Bean -

These fruity jellybeans are made with enticing flavours and colours.
Freshly-picked flavours include strawberry, pineapple, lychee, blueberry and kiwi fruit.

Price : RM12.00
Size : 200g | 7.054oz

Comments : The jellybeans was my favourite among all. I like the sweet & sour taste of them. My favourite colour would be the blue and pink because I like strawberry and blueberry as well. Overall I like it.  =)

- Bricks : Blueberry & Milk - 

Dressed up in elastic bright blue and glossy appearance.
These bright blue with a exhilarate raspberry flavour, smooth and satisfying chew.
Infused with a scrumptious milk flavour core, these sexy little gummies start out sweet,
then melt in the mouth with a excitement and pleasure associated with amusing.

These rare gummies are imported from Germany.

Price : RM15.00
Size : 150g | 5.291oz

Comment : When I think about blueberry flavour, I thought it will be in sour taste. Surprisingly it's not. It does taste sour but not too heavy. It was a little bit chewy. I guess is because I'm wearing braces so I can't really chew it apart with ease.

- Cylinder : Milk & Strawberry -

Dressed up in soft delightful flavours of milk and strawberry appearance.
Infused with a elastic happy strawberry jelly core, smooth and satisfying chew.

Price : RM15.00
Size : 150g | 5.291oz

Comment :  I like the strawberry flavour but I'm not a fans of milk flavour though. Fortunately the milk taste doesn't really heavy so at least the taste of strawberry able to cover it. 

- Glossy Flower - 

This freshly-picked bouquet of gummy flowers is blooming with strawberry, cola, blueberry,
green apple and lemon flavour, With elastic bright and glossy appearance, smooth & satisfying chew.

Each flowers infused with a scrumptious milk flavour core, these aromatic gummy goodness start out sweet, then soften in the mouth with a beautiful and delicate associated with exquisite.

Price : RM15.00
Size : 150g | 5.291oz

Comment : These candies have the mixed flavours because some of them are sour while others are sweet. My favourite would be the lemon and cola flavours. It was kinda chewy as well.(Too bad I'm wearing braces)

- Cylinder Frutas -

Dressed up in soft delightful flavours of orange, lemon, strawberry, watermelon and milk appearance.
Infused with a elastic happy strawberry jelly core, smooth and satisfying chew.

Price : RM15.00
Size : 150g | 5.291oz

Comment : This one would be more sweet than the previous one. No worries, they are not so sweet though, They actually taste like "sugus" which is the candy that I used to eat when I was a kids.

- Snail Shelly Jelly -

You can't help but fall in love with these soft and sweet snail shell jelly, in flavour of kiwi fruit.
Juicy and not too sweet, each box includes green, yellow and pink colour.

These sweet gummies contain such intense Kiwi flavour we sometime confuse them with the real thing.

Price : RM10.00
Size : 150g | 5.291oz

Comment : Last but not least, this would be my boyfie's favourite among all. He saying the candy chewiness just fine. There are some of them are sweet while others taste sour. But overall he like it. =)

Overall I think this was a great idea order sweets via online. It could be order for your own or end it to your best friend to make them smile. The ordering process was quite convenient and user-friendly. All you need to do just fill up your information, choose the candy or snacks you want and don't forget to put the customized message to surprise your friends.  =)



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