13 October 2015


Oh yeah~ Have you guys already watch the popular horror movie - Annabelle yet? If you haven't and you wasn't plan to watch at all (maybe because you really not a fans of horror movie). Then, maybe you can refer this blog post to understand more info about the movie. =)

I'm quite excited about this movie because I'm consider a fans of The Conjuring and I blogged a review on it before (LINK HERE) I also like to watch horror doll movies such as the clown in Poltergeist I, Dead Silence, Chucky etc. Frankly, I don't think Annabelle doll was creepy at all. I only thought about its size.

The film began by providing a little backstory about Annabelle, as told by the nurses who claimed the doll was possessed by a spirit. This provides a solid base for “Annabelle” which bring us back to the days before the doll was possessed, or rather manipulated by a demon.
Set in the 1960s, the origin story of “Annabelle” revolves around a young married couple, Josh Gordon (played by Ward Horton) and Mia Gordon (played by Annabelle Wallis) who has recently moved in a new house after Mia got pregnant.
Who's the hell want to collect this kind of doll!?

And because Mia is pregnant with their unborn child, John the weirdly cheerful husband decided to surprise her with a present. No prizes for guessing but yes, it’s that vintage doll in the trailer. But who in the right mind would want to keep that creepy-looking doll as part of their collection? Exactly. We were surprised that John didn’t even feel a slight bit worry or scared about the doll because that doll just gives off a creepy vibe. The couple seemed unfazed about the doll and apparently Mia was even thrilled to receive the doll as part of her doll collection.
What seemed like a peaceful night spun into a horror spiral when the neighbour next door was killed by their demon-worshipping daughter, Annabelle Higgins and her crazy boyfriend. And you guessed it, the crazy couple managed to invade their house and almost killed Mia before the police arrives on scene. For some unknown reasons, Annabelle locked herself in the baby’s nursery room and slitted her throat while holding Mia’s new doll.
Annabelle Higgins 

First time saw Annabelle widely open her eyes!

The is the scene that Annabelle was started to moving and flying.

This is the scene when Mia keep on hitting Annabelle and the demon make she thought it was actually her baby.

This was my only one favourite scene in the entire movie because other scary scene was predictable. Unfortunately, Mia's expression was too stiff when Annabelle Huggins run towards her. In fact, this wasn’t the only jump-scare scene because at one point, there was an elevator scene that “elevated” the film to its climax. We won’t spoil it for you but the elevator scene almost felt like an Easter egg in the film. There were a few close-ups on the doll as well that may create a lasting memory for the audience as the doll stares right into your eyes.

I think I would rate the movie as 7/10 because I think it's not the worst nor the best horror movies. However, compare to The Conjuring, it still need to improve a lot. For my opinion, I think the lead character - Mia's expression was too stiff. If she can provide more terrified expression I guess the movie might be better. Moreover,  her decision was quite un-logically silly in the movie. Who the hell will still keep the creepy doll after someone being killed in house was holding her when she's dead. In addition, she still decided to keep the doll when she found out Annabelle was in the box and her husband mentioned he had throw away the doll. I knew she's a doll collector but doesn't means she's stupid right. Some producer of horror movies tend to give the lead character with stupid decision making but this one was so foolish. =D

Last but not least, let's check out the trailer :

How you guys think about the movie? Do share with me about your point of view through comment. =)

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