10 October 2015

[REVIEW] Anaria Future V9D Collagen Silk Mask

Bonjour I'm glad that you guys love the previous Ipoh Day Trip post because it surprisingly goes viral! I will try my best to blog more about day trip alright guys? Meanwhile, I need some skin care to pamper my skin.  =)

Have you tried different types of liquid, essences, lotion or cream, but there is no improvement on your dull skin. melanin, fine lines and spots? That's because you might using the wrong products or should I say the product which is not suitable for your skin type. No worries, today I'm gonna introduce you girls a mask which is suitable for all skin types. 

Few days ago, I received a lovely box from Anaria Future. Let me introduce you - Anaria Future V9D Collagen Silk MaskI was so excited because it was my first time to a mask which is soaks in a bottle with ampoule. I can't wait to see how the result is after I applied.

For your info, Silkworm's (antheraea yamamai Guerin-Meneville) silk origin from French gives you a total comfort skin experience. Silkworm's silk main composition is protein, its nutrients higher than the others. Silkworm's silk is known as "diamond" in the silk category and is famous in European Aristocracy. 

If you're curious why there's an arrow, well, it's directing you to slide the box in order to open it.

Ta-da! Here's another box without the cover.

Anaria Future V9D Collagen Silk Mask is using 1st Pure Plant Formula and it's an editable gentle mask which is concentrate on :
❀ Whitening
❀ Hydrating
❀ Moisturizing
❀ Anti-wrinkle

If you're wondering is it safe to use? Well, it was certified by 126 CPRS tests and it proves that it is applicable to any types of skin such as :
❀ Dry skin
❀ Oily skin
❀ Sensitive skin
❀ Acne-prone skin

In the box, there are total 6 ampoule tubes with mask and the last box is a clip.

Why they use Ampoule tube to soak the mask? Ampoule nitrogen active packaging technology and was 100% preserve active ingredient. Ampoule vacuum tube is commonly use as Europe's medical-grade packaging materials, with extreme nitrogen preservative technology it effectively preserve the active ingredient and completely integrate the Complete Solution Dazzling Test Tube mask with the active ingredient within ampule tube, adheres perfectly your skin with the active ingredient and leaves your skin youthful appearance.

In conclusion, its benefits : 
 Aviation aluminium foil preservative method
 Ampoules nitrogen preservation
 Mask completely saturated with active essences

In addition, they also using active live peptides 639 complete solution test tube mask? Peptides content determine your skin structure. Active live peptide is needed for white radiant skin. International Skin Research Centre study show that women gradually lose their peptides content when their age turn to 18, skin problems derived from the loss of peptide.

Peptides is naturally biological molecules exist between protein and amino acid, peptides contain a big families and most of the peptides families can be synthetic artificially, 639 peptides are famous in its natural synthesis and also known as peptides nobility. European researchers proved in numerous skin test that 639 peptides not only has the high ability of self-repair, it also significantly boost skin metabolism, anti-oxidation, scarification, and restrain melanin composite.

So, what exactly 639 Peptides stand for?
❀ 6 - Hexapeptide replenish moisture and improve elasticity.
It promotes synthesis of collagen, enhance skin elasticity, deeply hydrate and smooth your skin.
❀ 3 - Tripeptide reduces wrinkles and stop aging.
Enhance skin metabolism, anti-oxidation and scarification, defer-aging, also known as growing factor.
❀ 9 - Nanopeptide fade pigmentation and whitening.
Block the melanin synthesis at the first stage and cause inverse synthesis to leave skin white and translucent. 

The baby blue colour appearance makes me so excited when I tried & tested on it.

This was the clip that I was talking about.

The purpose of this clip is using it to take out the mask out of tube, Remember to be gentle.

The colour of the mask was slightly blueish and it giving me cool sensation when I'm applying. Please note that the mask was covering even your mouth! LOL~ This would be my first time to tried on a mask which is covering even my lips! Just apply it for 20-30 minutes will do.

After you take out the mask, there are still many remaining essence in the tube. I pour it out to apply on my legs and hands. 

So this is the final outcome! My face was shine bright like a diamond! When I mean shine, it's not like the oily shine. My face was actually glowing and radiant. And guess what!? The best thing was my skin still remains radiant and glowing even on the next day. It cost RM168 (6pcs/box) which I can affordable because nowadays some good mask might cost at least RM200 and above. You can imagine if divide by 6 tubes; it only cost less than RM30 for each tube. Trust me, the price worth it. 

The first time to give it a try on Anaria Future product and the result impressed me! As you guys know I always prefer those mask comes with jar which can directly apply on my skin rather than facial sheet mask. Why? Simply because I know most of the facial sheet only works within few hours after you applied, but the result gone on the next day. However, this V9D Collagen Silk Mask does change my mind because the result remains even on the next 2 days. I'm surprised that it can last such longer than I expected. I guess if you continue to use it every week then the outcome can even better. Thus, strongly recommend for all of you girls. Love ya

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  1. Wow great masks, I like the idea of ampoules to make your sheet mask. Do you know if it's international availble ? Packaging is also great :) very chick looking


    1. You may contact the retailer through online or dial up the phone number. Thank you. =)


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