8 October 2015

Bye Bye Fat Treatment | Dorra Slimming

Hola  I love to eat delicious foods! Come on~ Who doesn't right? However, at the same I'm gaining some weight here. =(  Most worst thing is I want to yummy foods and on the other hand I want to slim down. Yup, I do go to gym quite frequently these days but still there are so many stubborn fat I wish I can get rid of it. Thank god I found Dorra Slimming and they make my wish come true! Continue reading to find out more.  =)

For your info, dorra is synonymous with state-of-the-art lower body slimming solutions. dorra’s unique and high-performing slimming therapy is proven through the success of thousands of French women in achieving gorgeous figures. Dorra’s French formula was further refined and customized to suit the needs of Asian women.

Dorra Slimming has total 7 outlets in Klang Valley and the one that I visited was Mid Valley outlet.


I was in the consulting room while waiting for my consultant. I was nervous but at the same time excited because I wonder what she will say to me about my fat problems and hopefully she can solve the problem / reduce it. 

So what they asked me to do was get on this machine and measure everything about my body weight. For instance, my weight, my body fat, water level, muscle weight etc.

If you can't walk in and test this machine. No worries, just do the self evaluation HERE then you will know whether you're overweight now or not. Does your weight fall within the healthy or obese range? Not sure if you’re overweight or just big in certain areas? Think you need weight managementdorra can definitely help you find out.  =)

After the measurement, the consultant explained to me my current body fat situation and how to reduce it. My body fat is exceed the standard level because my metabolism was weak. Even I don't really eat big portion of foods but because of the metabolism problem it caused my tummy easy to be floating. Moreover, the fat in my thigh is too much and the fat cell is getting bigger, it also the main factor to caused cellulite. The consultant also saying that nowadays many young girls have cellulite because of the way we consume oily / fried foods and doesn't like to exercise.

This is my treatment room.  

After the discussion, my consultant suggest their signature treatment which is Bye Bye Fat Treatment to me because she think it was the appropriate treatment that able to reduce my stubborn fat and improve my cellulite problem. 

Treatment Procedures :

  1. Body measuring and detailed body composition analysis
  2. Application of slimming product to eradicate fat cells
  3. Mechanical rolling massage for tummy, hips, and thighs
  4. Infrared machine to aid the penetration of slimming products
  5. Body measuring
  6. Customization of meal plan

Firstly, they apply some slimming cream on my hamstring and thigh & massage it with the machine. Then, the warp my whole body and requested me to sit on the other machine(showed on the photo above) I'm surprise it doesn't feel very hot and uncomfortable while I'm laying on it for 20 minutes. The different LED light also provides different functionality.

 The Final Result :
As you can see, my thigh is slim down a bit and I'm happy that my tummy is getting smaller too. 

Side view - my butt shape is even curler!  

Hamstring - Omg, I think you guys won't love me anymore after you guys saw this. My cellulite problem was quite serious previously but thank god it turning better now after the treatment done.

After the treatment done, they also passed me total packet of Cellulite Cream and Slimming Gel. I was told to apply them twice a day on the day after I done the treatment.

Frankly, I was quite nervous when they help me to massage my hamstring because I always experience the painful when I done it at other slimming company. Surprisingly it doesn't pain at all! I'm so satisfied with the result because as you guys can see the outcome was quite pretty obvious right? Hopefully my cellulite can be reduce more after several treatment. =) What you waiting for!? Visit your nearest Dorra Slimming outlet now : HERE

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Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

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