6 September 2015


Hola  I know some of the sweeties keep requesting me to blog about my #Korean Trip Day 5 & 6. Please remember to stay tuned at my blog as I will blog about it very soon. Meanwhile, please have a look at this post as today I'm gonna talk about my SHOPPING HAUL from JAPAN & KOREA as well.  =)

If you're following my Instagram or Facebook, then you should know I went to Japan and Korea with my family at end of June. This time was another memorable trip because it was my first time to take cruise. Although this would be my 3th time to visit Japan and 2nd time for Korea but I will definitely gonna visit Japan again. Probably with my boyfie. LOL

This post gonna be short post because I will list out all the details and pricing through #vlog. Sorry for using Cantonese again. If you're not familiar with this language please remember to stay tuned at my blog as I will blog about the trip soon. ENJOY~

- My shopping haul from Japan and Korea -


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