[FOOD] The Spread @ St Giles, The Gardens Hotel

Hola  Readers have been requested me to blog about #food so here you go guys~ Mid Valley is like my second home because I just live nearby. I also went to The Gardens quite frequently. However, it was my first time to step in St Giles @ The Gardens Hotel

Yuppie~ I was invited by St Giles to review their delicious a la carte and I'm bringing my boyfie along because I knew I can't finish it alone.  =)


The Spread is a vibrant all-day dining restaurant which is established since 2008. It showcases a wide variety of local and continental specialties. The highlight of the day is the Lunch Buffet, with live action cooking stations sampling flavors and aromas from around the world in the evenings. The Spread is always available for quality a la carte dining while you enjoy the beautiful vistas overlooking the Klang River.

Indoor & outdoor dining area. Interior is a yingyang, the combination of western & asia culture match and fit perfectly with the restaurant; you could see the modern wine bar next to a Japanense's shoji (door, window or room divider consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood) inspired wall decoration.

As you can see, the ambient was comfort and covered by huge spaces.

There’s something for everyone on their extensive menu of local and international delights, featuring sumptuous buffets along with a la carte dining.

If you're coming with your lover, you may choose the window seat.

Or, if you comes with your family or colleague, you may choose this big round table as well.

Smoking area? Don’t worry, just take a few steps from inside, they have a open outdoor dining area for you. Night time, let's enjoy the beautiful landscape of KL city with nice foods, maybe you could use some good friends and wines too! (Too bad some construction is ongoing opposite of the building, might as well block some nice view but still we could see the KLCC & KL tower from here.)

Or, you can chill indoor here.

- Lime juice -

I think it's little bit sweet for me because of the syrup. Boyfie think it was sour because he don't really consume sour foods or beverages. I think it would taste better if they reduce the sweetness. 

- Latte -

I rarely consume coffee so the feedback was made by boyfie. He thought the latte was fine. He also suggest if they comes with the coffee art would be even better. LOL~ Working habit as graphic design was his expert. 

The breads was FREE to served.

- Volute of Fresh Mushroom | RM21 -
Cream of button mushrooms with focaccia bread

I'm a fans of focaccia bread so I personally love this. The creamy mushroom was fine for me. Try to consume them as soon as possible because if the focaccia turns soft later you will notice it won't taste the same when it served hot.

- Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sandwich | RM42 - 
Serve with capers, onion rings, chopped boiled egg and french fries

The salmon is a lot! I also like the onion ring(fans of onion) and the thick french fries. I'm actually impress they provide such amount of salmon because normally the other restaurant only provide a few.

- The Spread's Mixed Grill | RM84 -
Australian rib eye, chicken breast, lamb chop and chicken sausage. Served with sunny side up fried egg and side salad

The dish was fine, just a little bit dry for us. We love the egg and sausage by the way. The mushroom sauce could be more creamy then it will be perfect.

- Fish and Chips | RM42 -
Fresh fillets of fish coated in a crispy batter with french fries and side salad

- Chocolate Pudding | RM19 -
Home-made warm chocolate pudding with vanilla ice-cream

Strongly recommend for this! Me and my boyfie was fans of dessert & peanut, and the same time, we don't like too-sweet dessert. This dessert's sweetness was just fine for us and not so sweet. On the other hand, the peanut is love. We like the way they add in peanut to works like a sparkle!

Please noted that buffet only available on weekdays while the a la carte is available on daily. I think this is suitable for couple, family or even a suitable place for meeting with clients. Thus, if you're interested you might give it a try. Let me know how you guys think after you tried.  =)  I would suggest you park your car at the 6th floor for convenient. 

Level 6, The Gardens Hotel & Residences,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Upper level of Red box & GSC signature)

03 - 2268 1188

Opening Hours
Breakfast Buffet Daily | 6:00am - 10:00am
Lunch Buffet Mon - Fri | 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Cuisine on Call | 24 hours


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