12 September 2015

Bonjour  It's been awhile that I received this beauty box from Muffin. This would be the first time that I received products from Muffin and I can't wait to give them a try. So far I never try any of these brands before so I'm excited. Continue reading to find out more.  =)

For your info, Muffin.my is Malaysia largest beauty review community for everyone to share info and make neutral reviews about beauty product. Muffin.my serves as your personal beauty advisor, allowing you to customize and match the right beauty products that perfect for you with ease and style.

Ta-da! So basically here are the products that I received from them.

    - ALOVIVI Purevivi Cleansing Lotion -

First up would be Alovivi PureVivi Cleansing Lotion. It helps remove makeup and impurity easily. It's great for sensitive skin which person like me. Frankly, I knew my skin consider sensitive, so I would like to choose those non-oily type or gel type instead of cream and oily kind of cleansing oil. Or else, my face will pop up some acne or I will feel uncomfortable.  

This product does NOT contain :
Cationic surface-active agent
Color addictive 
✿ Oil
    As you can see, the cleansing lotion was transparent and texture looks like water. 

    Directions : Just pour some cleansing lotion on the cotton pad and press and hold on your eyes to remove the eyes makeup. For the facial makeup, you can just gently rub it on your face.

      See~ You can remove your makeup with ease! I love how the texture was smooth and non-oily like water and it doesn't have any smell. I'm actually quite sensitive or allergic to those heavy smell but luckily it was fragrance-free. This was my favourite item among the other items.

      [ Price Details ]
      RM48.90  | 500ml

      - Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask -

      Next up would be Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask. Hydrating sheet mask comes with an easy to use slimming band that lifts and tightens loose, sagging skin for a more pronounced and angular facial contours. Essence enriched masks contain a cocktail of metabolism-boosting ingredients that prevent water retention. Moisturizing ingredients then provide immediate relief to skin dryness, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles with continued use. Suitable for all skin types.

      It helps to :

      Accelerates metabolism and boosts lymphatic system.
      Helps to lose chin fat.

      ✿ Lifting
      Performs skin tightening & restores loose & sagging skin.

      ✿ Moisturizing
      Gives immediate relief to dry & dehydrated skin
      Defenses against the visible sign of aging, such as fine lines & wrinkles.

      Directions : Take out & unfold the V-Fit Mask sheet. Apply it on the face, larger parts on cheeks & smaller parts around the upper neck.

      Wear the slimming band & fit it under the chin. Colored part for the outside. Then, tighten the slimming band & adjust each hole for ears. Pull the head strap up and over the top of the head and fasten firmly. Peel off the mask slowly from the edges after 30-40 minutes and massage the jaw and neck area gently until the essence is fully absorbed.

      As you can notice from the photo, my jaw turns a little bit "V" shape. The process should be repeated every other day for a week to achieve better result.
      [ Price Details ]
      Diamond v fit mask (5 sheet mask + 1 slimming bands) = RSP RM 129
      Refill RM89 | 5 pieces

      - Neesya Lumi Brightening Night Rejuvenator -

      Deeply hydrates, rejuvenates and illuminates skin through the night. Fortified with Silver Vine extract, Alpha‐Melight™ and natural fruits complex, helps skin regain radiance and clarity. Replenished with a vital dose of brightening and hydration active ingredients, skin regains smoothness and suppleness. Results in an energized, illuminated, refined and firmer skin texture.

      Tried and tested on it and it does surprise me.After I applied it on my face, I can feel my skin is a little brighter and moisture at the same time. Even on the next day, the result is still the same. I would like to suggest apply this at night(obviously) and all you need to do just cleanse it in the morning on the next day. Your ksin can stay even brighter if you're using it for a long terms. 

      [ Price Details ]
      RM115 | 50ml

      - F.Cup Cookies -

      An innovative product from Japan, the F.CUP brand offers natural breast enhancement solutions with essential amino acids. A hot selling product with over 4.5 million boes in Japan. The concept of F.CUP revolves around maximizing beauty with nature and changing to be more beautiful, while still providing tasty products. The brand ensures the safety development of the products thoroughly through close coorperation with manufacturers. Production in factory undergoes stringent measures against insects and foreign substances as well as analysis on pasteurizations.

      I'm not sure about the products is works or not because I don't really consume them with large amount. It taste a bit powdery and I found it kinda weird! It is not delicious but acceptable for me. If you're a strawberry lover maybe you will like it. However, whether it's works or not I won't really recommend this because I'm satisfied with my C cup boobs. LOL~ If you're not satisfied with your boobs size, maybe you can give it a try.  =)

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