Bonjour  Time to blog about one of my favourite dessert -- Ice-cream! Nestlé Ice Cream debuted its latest product, the new LA CREMERIA® premium ice cream stick range, @ Golden Screen Cinemas in Pavilion Shopping Mall. Previously available in the tub format, ice cream lovers can now enjoy the creamy goodness of LA CREMERIA® at their convenience, anytime, anywhere. 

“We see a growing demand for single serve desserts and treats including stick ice cream and this is the perfect opportunity for us to extend the brand into the stick format. Up until now,  LA CREMERIA® has been known for its tub ice cream. Moving forward, we want to create more consumption occasions for consumers.. With the new range, they can now enjoy this handheld luxury anytime of the day,” said Alois Hofbauer. Managing Director, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.

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Ice cream that stuff in the ice cube! 

        With the introduction of its new stick range, the brand also revealed its latest campaign centred on the tagline “The             World Can Wait”, which highlights the importance of making time to enjoy the little moments that life has to offer. 

In the cinema 

Available in three irresistible flavours : LA CREMERIA® Absolutely Almond, LA CREMERIA® Heavenly Chocolate and LA CREMERIA® Delightfully Pecan, the stick range features 100% imported milk chocolate and golden roasted California almonds with a smooth and creamy ice cream centre. Every bite is a journey of ultimate indulgence that will make your taste buds dance.

Creamy vanilla ice cream with crunchy chopped almonds coated with rich milk chocolate and freshly sliced almonds – perfect for those who are absolutely head over heels with almonds.

Rich chocolate ice cream with crunchy chopped almonds coated with creamy milk chocolate and crunchy cone crumbs – tastes so heavenly, it’s bound to leave you wanting more.

Delicious pecan-flavoured ice cream coated with rich milk chocolate and freshly sliced almonds – a truly delectable delight!

 “Staying true to LA CREMERIA®’s practice in using high quality ingredients in our ice cream, the new stick range features generous amount of inclusions such as almonds in its chocolate coating and the ice cream core. Each flavour is crafted with precision and passion to bring out the best in every ingredient used. The attention to detail in its craftsmanship is evident in every stick, making LA CREMERIA® a truly luxurious indulgence,” added Hofbauer.

First time consume ice cream in the cinema! I tried the Heavenly Chocolate and it taste so good. I like it was coated with almond and chocolate, most importantly its taste won't too sweet like others chocolate flavour ice cream.

In light of the campaign’s tagline, the media members were also treated to a free movie premiere screening of “Jurassic World” for them to have their “me” moments. Yes, popcorn and beverages to be served.

“The World Can Wait” campaign will feature a musical clip hosted on YouTube showcasing local singer songwriter Elizabeth Tan’s LA CREMERIA® moment. From the clip, users can also experience special LA CREMERIA® moments digitally and share them with friends via LA CREMERIA®’s Facebook page.

The campaign will be supported with on-ground roadshows at selected Golden Screen Cinemas as well as BHP and Petronas stations nationwide from June onwards.

LA CREMERIA® sticks are priced at RM3.50 
Available in major convenience stores and petromarts nationwide.

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Hola  Do you guys do any exercise? How frequent you are? Well, I can say I'm don't do any exercise since I'm in secondary school. Until I got into University, co-curriculum was compulsory, therefore I had choose swimming as the subject. Ever since, I love to swim a lot. I go for swimming for at least 4 days per week. Swimming not just for healthy lifestyle but it also calm my mind when I'm under pressure. =)

Bonjour Finally I'm back with ‪#‎food‬ post. I know some of you guys might be feel bored already about my beauty reviews / events, so tonight post will be all about food and it was Chinese cuisine. 
smile emoticon
First of all, are you a fan of Pavilion? I'm going to Pavilion almost week so that's crucial for me to hunt those delicious foods because I can try different foods whenever I'm there.

So last 2 weeks, I was invited by Steam Cuisine to taste some of their signature dishes. It was located inside @ Taste Enclave Classic which is opposite Victoria's Secret(in case you have no idea where was it). smile emoticon

Their menu. Please noted that inside Taste Enclave Classic consists of several stalls and Steam Cuisine just one of them.

They serve Chinese steam cuisine; steam potted rice, steam soup and dim sum, a healthier and scrumptious food choice that caters to all walks of life. In addition, they dish out various flavors of delicious steamed potted rice and nutritious steamed soup for you to choose for lunch and dinner, why not breakfast? Appetizing and wholesome meals must be enjoyed at all times. Not only that, they also offer variety of fresh dim sum dishes to suit your palate and so you can share with your loved ones too!

First up would be the steam soup - Double Steamed Old Coconut Soup(老椰药材炖鸡汤)which is one of their signature dishes.

Comment : The old coconut smells so good. Normally those old coconut soup will use the whole coconut size while boiling the soup while this one just use the half size of coconut. The owner saying the reason is because if they use the whole coconut then the soup will be lesser since the size of coconut already cover it. Meanwhile, they also cut the coconut into pieces so the customers taste the flavour of coconut even more.

Next would be my favorite soup of them - Double Steamed Pear and Pork Ribs Soup(雪梨炖排骨汤)

Comment : Love love love this soup! It taste so sweet! I never taste any soup are sweet like it. No worries, the sweetness that I mentioned was different with those candy sweet, those sweetness are came from the pear! Frankly, I'm not really a fans of pear soup because my mum always doesn't boiled it with good taste so maybe I have no good impression about it. But yeah, steam cuisine make me changed my mind now. I definitely will order this next round.

After introduce about the soup, it time for the steam rice to outshine. Introducing the Steamed Preserved Cabbage & Minced Pork Rice(冬菜肉饼蒸饭)which is also their signature dish.

Comment : The first thing that pop in my mind, "will it taste salty?" The reason is because I always found the minced pork very salty wherever I eat at some other places. Surprisingly it's not salty at all! Quite healthy for me but for some person who prefer heavy, they might feel it's not salty enough. So it's depends on own pre-fences,

Another steam rice we tried was Steamed Salted Fish and Chicken Rice(鱼香蒸鸡饭)
Comment : I must say, the texture of the chicken was really smooth and soft which is a good thing especially for person like me who wearing braces. LOL~ The texture of chicken was so smooth until I thought it was a fish but it's not. Although I'm not really a fans of chicken but I think it was fine. 
smile emoticon

Last but not least would be the Otak Otak Steamed Rice乌达乌达蒸饭

Comment : I know right~ Otak Otak with steamed rice? Are you for real? Yes, this was Steam Cuisine's upcoming menu. Since I don't consume Otak Otak but my friend tried it and she love it. So remember to stay tuned and visit steam cuisine anytime to taste it.

This is the size of the steam rice. I can't finished it alone.

[ Promotion ]
As long as you order 1 steam soup and 1 steam rice, you will entitled to get a steamed egg for FREE.
We tried it and it taste delicious as well. 

Besides of the steam soup and rice, they also having some Dim Sum. Here's the Salad Shrimp Puff(虾饺)

Comment : This is was just fine for me. I can said it does not taste bad but nothing special about it.

This would be Siew Mai(烧卖)which is non-halal dim sum. So yes, steam cuisine was selling non-halal foods just for your information. smile emoticon

Thanks for the treats!

**New Menu - Hakka Char Yuk Rice / Noodle**
(Don't forget to give it a try)


- Steam Cuisine -
Inside Taste Enclave Classic restaurant @ level 2, Pavilion Mall.

03 2110 6968

Opening Hours
Mon - Thu (10:00 am - 10:00 pm)
Fri - Sat (10:00 am - 10:30 pm)
Sun (8:00 am - 10:30 pm)


Hola  *Muacks Muacks* I'm talking about lips today! Lip crayon was always one of my favorite lip collection because I thought the colour was vibrant and long lasting compare to other types. Nowadays I can always found at least 1 or 2 lipstick / lip balm in every single bag. LOL~ It a must cosmetics for me now. I can barely go out with applying lip stick.

Last 2 weeks, I was invited to attend Burt's Bees - Make Yours Lips Smile Bloggers Party. I feel excited because last time I unable to attend due to too busy and this time finally I can make it! 

Our event held @ M Marini Caffe

 The star of the day.

Why Natural? Lip Skin is different!

Lip Skin is composed of only 3 to 5 layers in comparison to the rest of your skin which has about 16 layers. It does not have sebaceous glands or sweat glands to balance moisture levels nor does it have a protective lipid layer. 

This means the skin on your lips has a very weak barrier function and as a result, has a difficult time protecting itself. So, lips dry our faster and become chapped more easily.

Lipstick is something we eat, so it makes sense to really think about what we put on our lips. That's why all of their lip product are 100% natural, so you get the nourishing benefits of botanical oils, butters, and waxes and now more great shades and effects.

 These are those popular lip balm! I personally fall in love with this Beeswax Lip Balm!

It’s the original Beeswax Lip Balm you love—just squeezable. This version of their classic balm is softer and smoother, with a slanted tip for precise application. Their 100% natural formula contains moisturizing Beeswax and Vitamin E to keep lips soft and replenished—and, of course, a splash of Peppermint for that signature tingle.

Introducing six creamy, full-coverage shades of matte lip color in a modern crayon for truly beautiful lip color. Lightweight moisture for a comfortable, everyday wear formula infused with Shea Butter, Kendi Oil, and Jojoba Oil. It's color that truly cares for your lips!
 Creamy matte color and moisture-rich wear

 For everyday wear either alone or layered under a Lip Gloss or Lip Shine

 Precise application in a playful form without the hassle and mess of sharpening
 No added flavor or fragrance
 Hydrates and moisturizes lips, leaving them feeling soft and smooth

Shade available : 
Sedona Sands | Redwood Forest | Niagara Overlook | Carolina Coast | Hawaiian Smolder | Napa Vineyard

Featured Ingredient :
 Shea Butter — Shea Butter helps to hydrate and moisturize dry lips leaving them feeling soft and smooch-worthy smooth.
✿ Enriched with conditioning Jojoba Oil and Kendi Oil, which are chock full of Omega 3 to hydrate and moisturize lips. And don't forget the Shea Butter for an extra dose of moisture.

 MUA - Ms.Pauline explains to us how to choose the lip crayon's shades which match our outfits.

Oh yeah~ I'm the model of the day and my theme was floral.

Yummy Panna Cotta~

My girl Janice and me.

Me, MUA and other models.

Love all the colours : Sedona Sands |Carolina Coast | Hawaiian Smolder | Napa Vineyard

My personal favourite shade would be Napa Vineyard. I always prefer darker colour because it will makes my skin looks fair after I applied. It does dry a bit when I'm applying so I would like to suggest you guys apply some lip balm before apply it. This shade was so vibrant and long lasting even I took my lunch it was still there.  =)

See~ I do looks so fair right? LOL

I also fall in love with this colour Hawaii Smolder because it's natural pink colour. I don't really like those heavy or extremely pink because the colour was too sharp for me. This pink was just perfect because it looks vibrant as well and I can play around it with matching any outfits.

Just use the promo code  #bbmakeyourlipsmile and they able to entitle 20% discount on Burt's Bees Lips colors purchased. How to do that? You just need to remember the promo code  #bbmakeyourlipsmile, when they drop by Burt's Bees store, and tell the promo code to their Beauty Adviser then they entitle the discount. That's simple!

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