[REVIEW + CONTEST] Pierre Cardin Sport Range - Energized II

18 June 2015

Hola  Do you guys do any exercise? How frequent you are? Well, I can say I'm don't do any exercise since I'm in secondary school. Until I got into University, co-curriculum was compulsory, therefore I had choose swimming as the subject. Ever since, I love to swim a lot. I go for swimming for at least 4 days per week. Swimming not just for healthy lifestyle but it also calm my mind when I'm under pressure. =)

Since last year, I started to work out at home. That's great because different exercises can bring different results. I choose to work out at home instead of going to gym is because home is more convenient for me. My working place was kinda jam no matter during working hour or night time. Thus, home is the better choice. I just follow the instructions on YouTube and work out at least twice in a week.

Exercise not just to maintain physical body but it also will improve your mentality which means to helps you to release the stress. So, what's your daily exercise? Do share with me~

Last 2 weeks, I got the opportunity to own a sport attire set from Pierre Cardin. I was super duper excited because although I work out quite frequently but guess what? I only own 2 set of sport attire. Now I grab another 1 here. Yeah~

Pierre Cardin have launch their latest sport range called Energized II. They do launched the Energized I previously and now they upgrade the design into the whole new series.

These are the all energized sports collection. They have so many choices for you to choose. I was deciding for quite a period while I'm choosing them. LOL

Sport Bra Functions :

I found it was comfortable to wear for work out or exercise. You know you need to get FIT in style to get yourself motivated.Since it was lightest and flexible support, so it always my workout favourite because I can different sets of work out. In addition, it comes with young, energetic, trendy and fashion design so you can wearing it confidently while you are in the gym. Some of the girls still wearing the normal bra for exercise like I used to do last time which is not an appropriate method because it will only makes your breast out of shape or aging earlier. They are important for maintaining the integrity of the breast wall and the shape of the breast. 
·   Since it minimize breast movement so whenever you do any pose, you won't any barrier to move. Sports bras can also be very comfortable.  =)

I was having hard time to choose whether which pant is more suitable for me. I love the pastel colour on the left while the black shorts on the right make my butt shape more outstanding.

Sport Pant Functions:
· Those sport pants are made by Mirco Fabric, a high performance fabric with greatest stretch creates a second-skin fit for the sexiest butt ever. It  will make you feel comfy, flexible during any kind of work out. It also comes with short design, long design and quarter design, so you can choose whatever design you desire. Most of the colour available in Black color and Grey color.
Eventually I had choose this set.

Fashion Sport Pant Functions (the one I picked) :
It was made by Nylon materials which is greatest for movement. Not to mentioned it was fashionable looking and trendy design. It also comes with a few neon colours such as bright pink, peach, yellow and blue etc. The material able to keep you cool and dry as well. Thus, it was comfortable to wear for all day long no matter how much you sweat. LOL
Love it~

The close up look for the sport attire that I had choose. The reason I choose this sport bra is because of its mint green colour. It was unique compare to those ordinary red, blue, black or white colour sport bra. For the sport pants, I had choose this instead of the black one due to I already have the similar one at home and this short's materials and design really make me feel comfortable. 

The front and back view. It actually looks like a lingerie which all you need to do just undo it from behind.

You could stand a chance to win yourself a set of Pierre Cardin Lingerie Energized II sport range. Kindly refer the link HERE for more information.

Good Luck  :)

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