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Okay. So I guess if you're following me on Instagram or Facebook, you guys should know I always received some sponsored products for reviews, attending fun events, and meeting interesting people etc. Moreover, you guys always email or message me how do I actually received sponsored products and some special privilege for the invitation? Well, most of the time those PR or the company representative will contact me through email or other social media platform. So basically here is how it go. However, today I'm gonna introduce a program which allow you to connect with the brands directly. Interested? Then continue reading to find out more.  =)

What is TAP? Fyi, TAP connects "Active FBI" to sponsorships and exclusive party invitations (paid campaign, brand ambassador, concerts, events, exclusive press conference with celebrities, product review, workshop, trips etc). Yes, I guess this is all you guys want right? =)  

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Okie dokie, sine we are done with TAP, why don't you guys knows more about Seeties.

Seeties shows you the best things happening in your city! From a 30 year old local food stall, waterfall picnic, thrill seeking skydiving, to 120 people blind dating, latest fashion trends, sunset drinks and the coolest night spots to dance your night away in your city.      
Seeties is a fast growing Internet platform in Southeast Asia and Seeties’ mission is to make city life super duper fun! Currently available in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. Most active digital users use Seeties to share and discover the best things happening in their cities and abroad.
Seeties also works beautifully for traveling as everything in Seeties is locally recommended. Hence, you get to explore where locals go and eat at places where locals eat.

Seeties is available for both web Seeties.me and app version, user can free download via Google Play  http://goo.gl/0REzrF and App Store http://goo.gl/sLckBG 

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Konnichiwa Today I'm gonna talk about my recent favourite hair care collection. Yes, the brand would be - TSUBAKI. TSUBAKI is a "premium hair care" brand centers on making hair beautiful and shiny. My hair was so dry and damage after bleaching and it's been 2 years since I started to use this brand. How I feel towards their hair shampoo, conditioner and hair mask? Continue reading to know more. =)

Ta-da! This is what I received from them. =

Why named as TSUBAKI? It means Camellia Flower in Japanese. TSUBAKI is the only brand that has Camelia Oil as its ingredient and there is ONLY 2 countries that has this oil - China and Japan, where Japan has been providing the finest Camelia for 140 years. Japanese Camellia oil has been responsible for the classic, legendary beauty of Japanese hair for centuries in Japan.

You must be wondering, how TSUBAKI manage to keep our hair looks  "Shine From Every Angle"? Well, it is because TSUBAKI hair care range able to makes your hair shine for all day long! It consists of Melanin Reparative Ingredients - Ariginine for the internal shininess. Arginine is to repair melanin hole to allow light to be reflected evenly. Meanwhile, another main ingredients - Camellia Oil with Shine sensor mechanism protects and coats hair to dramatically improve hair shininess and smoothness, which will eventually caused external shininess. 

Do you know that our hair will loss of shininess from day-by-day? SHISEIDO was the first to discover the hair melanin is lost daily due to UV and other factors. The loss of melanin created a holes that causes irregular reflection and loss of shine on hair. Which is why TSUBAKI included Arginine as one of their ingredient because it repairs melanin hole to allow light o penetrate hair soft and to be reflected evenly, resulting in a lustrous, glorious hair. 

Why? Let me ask you a question, do you wish your hair was shining and volumes or you want a dull and dry hair? I'm pretty sure you will choose the first one right? Shining hair will makes you looking gorgeous and attractive while dull hair will makes your hair looks no energy. Besides of the beauty part, we also need our hair to be healthy. TSUBAKI ingredients doesn't only makes your hair shiny, it also level up your healthy hair condition. 

TSUBAKI's mission is to bring out the beauty in every women inside out. Therefore, they have several product range for different hair condition customers :

✿ SHINING - Normal & Dull Hair
✿ DAMAGE CARE - Dry & Damage Hair
 HEAD SPA - Scalp Care (for all hair type)

So let's tried & tested on them shall we?

- Shampoo -
When I pour the shampoo on my palm, the fragrance directly flow into my nose! LOL
The texture was slightly thicker than the ordinary shampoo but I'm not surprise as I mentioned earlier I've been using their shampoo since 2 years ago. =)

- Conditioner -
Of course, after apply the shampoo and rinse off, you need to apply conditioner. Conditioner is a MUST! You need to massage your hair while applying the conditioner. It will smooth your hair a lot.

- Hair Mask -
Last but not least, the treatment mask is essential as well. Just like the facial mask, we need it maximize the function of the products. This hair mask was cream type and it will makes your hair even more shine and moisture.

As you guys can see from the photo shown, my hair become more moisture and shinning after using it for 1 week. Feel so happy because I love shinning hair, who doesn't right?  =)

✿ TSUBAKI Shining Shampoo 
550ml - RM38.90 
 220ml - RM18.90

✿ TSUBAKI Shining Conditioner 
550ml - RM38.90
220ml - RM18.90

✿ TSUBAKI Shining Hair Mask

TSUBAKI provides healthy cuticles, great volume, deep moisture and lustrous shine. Overall I feel satisfied because it deliver good result to me. My hair now become healthier and silky smooth. My hair was dull previously and now shine bright like a diamond! LOL~ Of course not to mentioned their fragrances just nice to me because I prefer light sweet fragrance.

I will pick 5 winners and 
each winner able to receive 2 sets of TSUBAKI Shining Hair Product sets

How to WIN : 
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Please reply my email for the mailing address and contact info. Thanks.

Bonjour  I'm now a little bit shy here because this would be the first time to talk about lingerie here. Of course, we all ladies and women need lingerie anyway but did you know which lingerie suits you most? Which types of lingerie should you choose?

Annyeong  Sorry for kept you guys waiting for so long. I guess it's time to continue to blog about the remaining days of my Korea Trip since many of you were requested. =) In case you guys missed the blog post for Day 1 or you are wondering where did I stay when I travel to Seoul, you may refer to the link at the bottom part area. I will included all the blog post link and vlog at the end.

Pledged my support to the talented local artist!!

Guinness Amplify Curates is an extension of the successful Guinness Amplify Music Made of More campaign in 2014. The concept of Amplify Curates is “paying it forward’, i.e. Local artists that Amplify has supported, supporting other local acts in turn. Guinness Amplify : Curates gigs will feature a popular local artist, who will choose two to three more local acts to share a stage with, giving them a chance to shine.

Before the main event's happening, there having a 'pop-up' show @ Publika. They featured three talented local musicians namely Jumero, Rozella and +2dB. For my session, I got the chance to watch Jumero and Rozella's live performance.  =)

This is Jumero. Their music more into fun and relax categories. 

This would be Rozella

On 11th April 2015, GUINNESS® Amplify, the music platform celebrating bold Malaysian musicians, made its triumphant return tonight @ The Bee, Publika. Following on from last year’s successful campaign, a new sidestream of Amplify – dubbed Amplify: Curates – sees some of our already-established musicians invite lesser-known acts to take the stage with them and share the limelight.

Taking up the mantle as Curator was Sabahan songstress Froya, who also launched her eagerly-anticipated new album ‘Panic Bird’ at the show. Each of the three supporting acts on the night was hand-picked by Froya herself, allowing her to ‘pay forward’ the opportunity to get on stage and into the public eye.

Opening the evening was Froya’s fellow East-Malaysian singer/songwriter, Rozella. No stranger to the scene in her hometown of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Rozella’s dreamlike vocals and haunting melodies proved equally popular with the Kuala Lumpur crowd. Introducing her to the audience, Froya stated that she had invited the award-winning songwriter to join her at Amplify: Curates to help showcase the incredible musical talent East Malaysia has to offer.

Next to take the stage was hippie-beach-pop trio Jumero, veterans of the last year’s Amplify campaign. Playing a number of fan-favourites alongside a wealth of new material from their own upcoming album and some refreshing takes on classic songs, Jumero’s infectious energy soon had the crowd on their feet with their drinks held high.

Rounding off the evening’s support was electronica duo +2dB. The pair’s dark, ethereal soundscapes have long been a hit with those in the know in KL’s music scene, and fans old and new were treated to a set brimming with atmospheric, otherworldly harmonies and evocative vocals. In her introduction to the set, Froya noted her respect for +2dB’s Jo Ann and Jeannie, paying tribute to the duo’s creative bravery and unique sound.

As the night built to a crescendo, Froya herself took the stage to officially launch her debut album, ‘Panic Bird’. Taking the crowd on a journey through the inspirations and meanings behind the new record, Froya’s passion for her craft shone through as she gave one of the most stunning performances of her career. 

Featuring tracks written and perfected over the past 6 years, fans enjoyed specially-arranged versions of their favourites including new single ‘Dawn’, alongside brand new material performed live for the very first time at Amplify: Curates.

Thanking her fans for their continued support, Froya urged the crowd to raise their glasses of GUINNESS® in a toast to the phenomenal talent of Malaysian musicians whose creative bravery inspires others to make their own bold choices in life, capping off another evening of incredible live music courtesy of GUINNESS® Amplify.

GUINNESS® Amplify is the new music platform from GUINNESS®, Malaysia’s favourite black brew. With a special focus on championing Malaysian musicians, GUINNESS® Amplify celebrates those bold enough to forge their own path. Amplify: Curates sees more established local acts selecting deserving lesser-known artists to share their stage and ‘pay forward’ the chance to get their music heard. For more information, log on to www.amplify.com.my

Froya’s debut album ‘Panic Bird’ is available now on CD and digital download, priced at RM25. For more information on how and where to purchase a copy, log on to www.froyamusic.com

Hola  After tons of beauty reviews finally I came back with a review which related to #hair. Most of my friends knew I own a very long hair because short hairstyle doesn't really suitable for me. However, long hair is not easy to manage and you need to spend more time to set it before you hang out with friends. If you're long hair person then you can feel me. LOL

Just imagine whenever you woke up, your hair was super messy like the photo shown above. I'm serious. my hair was exactly like that everytime I woke up. Don't be silly, no one's hair was silky smooth like in the advertisement unless the hair was super oily. 

And all of sudden, you heard someone whisper in your ears "You have a date today..." OMFG! Wait, what!? I can't go dating with hair like this, HELL NO~~~

No worries, because I have VS Sassoon iPink 25mm Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener. 230C high heat with variable temperature control to suit all hair types & for salon professional result. Tourmaline ceramic coated heating plates Nano technology to create perfect straight hairstyle with reduced frizz & enhance shine. Wordwide voltage for travelling. Locking switch to hold the plate together when not in use for easy storage. Swivel cord not easy to get tangle.

Fyi, Tourmaline ceramic nano silver coated plates glide across hair easily, distributing heat evenly for silky smooth hair. Eliminates damaging hot spots. Add shine while reducing frizz. 

25mm tourmaline ceramic nano silver coated plates
✿ Variable temperature control
✿ Locking switch
✿ Worldwide voltage for worldwide usage

Ta-da! This is how it looks like.

Tourmaline ceramic nano silver technology unites micro particles of nano silver, tourmaline and ceramic when combined with heat seals the hair cuticle to leave hair with reduced frizz and enhanced shine.

I love the fact that it actually have an attached swing to makes the cable organized. I don't know what is it called but I guess the photo speak it all. =)

Variable Temperature Control
To suit all hair types & for salon professional results. So you can adjust the temperature manually.

Locking Switch
To hold the plates together when not in use for easy storage.

The switch for ON and OFF. (Left - ON, Right - OFF)

You know when it's ON when you spot the red light.

Directions :

Section dry hair evenly & comb each section. Holding the end of the section between two fingers, slide open styler over hair and place a hair section between the two hot plates, close to the scalp.

Close plates over hair by firmly squeezing the handles together. Gently slide styler downward, as close as to ends as possible without losing grip on hair.

At the end of hair section, release the pressure on the handle and allow the hair to slide out. Repeat process on additional sections of hair until you achieve the hair style you desire.

So here's the result, how you guys think?

The "before" was a mess.....HAHAHAHA

I'm feeling pretty now!! Weee~~~~

All thanks to HiShop and VS Sassoon, now I can looks pretty within 5 minutes with VS Sassoon iPink 25mm Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener. Normally if I use straightener, my hair will be so flat. For a person who own a chubby face like me, sometime flat hair will makes me looks even fattier.  =( Fortunately, this straightener doesn't has that kind of effect. It does straighten my hair but it doesn't makes my hair looks flat. It cost RM250 and you can purchase it on HiShop.

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