Triumph - An Incredible "No Wire" Sensation

Bonjour  I'm now a little bit shy here because this would be the first time to talk about lingerie here. Of course, we all ladies and women need lingerie anyway but did you know which lingerie suits you most? Which types of lingerie should you choose?

After you spot my post title and photo above, you must be wondering "wait. what you means no wire exactly?" Well well, please continue reading to find out more. =) 

Last weekend, I was invited by Triumph to try their latest product range - Magic Wire series. I was excited when I spot those colourful lingerie in the store.

And their signature colour for this range would be Peach / Orange colour

As ‘The Maker of Fine Lingerie Since 1886’, Triumph this year proudly celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic in Asia. Triumph’s best fit innovation yet, the exciting new Magic Wire brings women their greatest intimate gift with the full support of an under wire bra, yet the feel of none, making it possible to create the ultimate sensual cleavage in maximum comfort.

The staff helps me to measure my cup size in order to get the accurate measurement 

So basically this is the fitting room 

Triumph provides some tips of how to wear a bra with the correct way 

Some catalog 

They also provides you a shirt in case you wish to know whether the bra's design too outshine

First try on their Magic Wire range and surprisingly it was that good! Frankly, I didn't feel any uncomfortable and wire between my breast. All I can feel is just sponge and my firm breast! LOL~ I'm serious!! I don't like those wiring feeling because sometime it makes me hard to take a breathe. This is just fine and it has the push-up effect at the same time.

 The special features for Magic Wire range

The close up

Wearing is believing with the incredible Magic Wire made from flexible soft shields contained within the bra cups themselves, offering full support of a traditional underwire with the feel of none.

The ultra-light, super-soft integrated shields are totally flexible, offering easy freedom of movement and uninhibited comfort, with all the firm support, lift and shape of more rigid under-wired bras which so often dig and irritate.

Maximizer Magic Collection ]

Beside of the latest range, this latest innovation is part of Triumph’s superb Maximizer Magic Collection, an exclusively selected assortment of its best-ever cleavage stars including the new Magic Wire, the ever-popular Soft Cushion, Aqua the natural enhancer and Cleavage on Demand.

Already one of Triumph women’s all-time favourites, the Soft Cushion series features the beloved memory cushions, made from malleable memory foam that gently moulds to individual body contours as it lifts and shapes the bust.

The intelligent patented memory cushions have facilitated the creation of a super modern stylish looking push-up bra with a perfect, gap-free fit and fantastic cleavage every time.

Part of the best push-up collection in Asia, Triumph’s famous Aqua bra is also included in the delightful Maximizer Magic Collection. The natural feel Aqua cushions provide incredible push-up noticeably increasing the bust volume by up to two cup sizes!

This season, Triumph Cleavage On Demand range features a fun and flirty front tie-up ribbon style that puts you in control of your cleavage, letting you adjust it in a few seconds. Loosen the little ribbon for a more natural effect, or draw it tighter for a more volumous effect.

It puts your cleavage at your fingertips, taking things from ooooh to wow in a flash…Chic and modern, the vibrant new collection comes in a spectrum of magical colours, with everything from lush pastels of soft lemon, powder blue and pretty coral, to more sophisticated shades of midnight navy and rich cerulean.

Love all the colours of the Magic Wire range! It's eye catching and makes me wish to own them all

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So eventually I got myself a Magic Wire set and a set of Triumph Cleavage On Demand
Thank you very much Triumph!

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