16 April 2015

[REVIEW] VS Sassoon iPink 25mm Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener

Hola  After tons of beauty reviews finally I came back with a review which related to #hair. Most of my friends knew I own a very long hair because short hairstyle doesn't really suitable for me. However, long hair is not easy to manage and you need to spend more time to set it before you hang out with friends. If you're long hair person then you can feel me. LOL

Just imagine whenever you woke up, your hair was super messy like the photo shown above. I'm serious. my hair was exactly like that everytime I woke up. Don't be silly, no one's hair was silky smooth like in the advertisement unless the hair was super oily. 

And all of sudden, you heard someone whisper in your ears "You have a date today..." OMFG! Wait, what!? I can't go dating with hair like this, HELL NO~~~

No worries, because I have VS Sassoon iPink 25mm Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener. 230C high heat with variable temperature control to suit all hair types & for salon professional result. Tourmaline ceramic coated heating plates Nano technology to create perfect straight hairstyle with reduced frizz & enhance shine. Wordwide voltage for travelling. Locking switch to hold the plate together when not in use for easy storage. Swivel cord not easy to get tangle.

Fyi, Tourmaline ceramic nano silver coated plates glide across hair easily, distributing heat evenly for silky smooth hair. Eliminates damaging hot spots. Add shine while reducing frizz. 

25mm tourmaline ceramic nano silver coated plates
✿ Variable temperature control
✿ Locking switch
✿ Worldwide voltage for worldwide usage

Ta-da! This is how it looks like.

Tourmaline ceramic nano silver technology unites micro particles of nano silver, tourmaline and ceramic when combined with heat seals the hair cuticle to leave hair with reduced frizz and enhanced shine.

I love the fact that it actually have an attached swing to makes the cable organized. I don't know what is it called but I guess the photo speak it all. =)

Variable Temperature Control
To suit all hair types & for salon professional results. So you can adjust the temperature manually.

Locking Switch
To hold the plates together when not in use for easy storage.

The switch for ON and OFF. (Left - ON, Right - OFF)

You know when it's ON when you spot the red light.

Directions :

Section dry hair evenly & comb each section. Holding the end of the section between two fingers, slide open styler over hair and place a hair section between the two hot plates, close to the scalp.

Close plates over hair by firmly squeezing the handles together. Gently slide styler downward, as close as to ends as possible without losing grip on hair.

At the end of hair section, release the pressure on the handle and allow the hair to slide out. Repeat process on additional sections of hair until you achieve the hair style you desire.

So here's the result, how you guys think?

The "before" was a mess.....HAHAHAHA

I'm feeling pretty now!! Weee~~~~

All thanks to HiShop and VS Sassoon, now I can looks pretty within 5 minutes with VS Sassoon iPink 25mm Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener. Normally if I use straightener, my hair will be so flat. For a person who own a chubby face like me, sometime flat hair will makes me looks even fattier.  =( Fortunately, this straightener doesn't has that kind of effect. It does straighten my hair but it doesn't makes my hair looks flat. It cost RM250 and you can purchase it on HiShop.

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