Hola~ Since it already turns year 2015 so I decided to blogged about my #SHINI2015MAKEUP. It will basically a brief one for my natural looking make-up. As you guys knew, guys today like girls with light make-up instead of heavy. Moreover, I guess I mentioned before my face not suitable for heavy make-up at all. Therefore, light make-up was my best choice. LOL

Here are those cosmetics that I'm gonna use today.

First up would one of my favourite brand of liquid eyeliner!

  [ Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner ]  

✿ Dramatically highlight beautiful lines and flicks.

✿ Deep and rich black - just a single slick looks like a double application.
✿ Outstanding resistance to water - clings to the skin from the moment of application. 
✿ Quick-drying and resistant to rubbing or running from sweat, water and tears. 
✿ The color won't fade over time, meaning your liner will stay bold and beautiful all day long.

Unique Features : 
✿ Slim brush head 
a slim brush head with good resistance allows you to create delicate or bold lines as you please.
✿ Remove easily -
a washable film-type formulation that's resistant to sweat and water, but dissolves away in warm water.
✿ Contains honey extract 
enriched with honey extract to moisturize and gently care for the skin.

Colour Available : 
 ✿ Deep Black 
✿ Dark Brown

As you can see my eyes turns bigger and energetic immediately after applied. 

Shini's Thoughts : I always choose liquid type instead of crayon or pencil type because my eyelid consider quite easily to get oily so I can't apply crayon type or else it will be smudge within 1 hour! Liquid eyeliner was the only cosmetic that I will keep restock because I apply it all the time. Dolly Wink was my top choice when I shop for liquid eyeliner. I like that the tip was sharp and easy to apply. In addition, it won't smudge and easily to remove with make-up remover. =)

  [ Maybelline Baby Lips Electro ]  

Formulated with an unique blend of Centella Essence, Vitamin E and a high concentration of Shea Butter, this lip moisturizer protects and hydrates your lips, leaving them soft and supple. Experiment with three electric shades of sheer colour - no more basic lip balm!

Unique Features : 
✿ An unique lip balm with a pop of neon
✿ Dare to go bold and vibrant with Maybelline's Baby Lips Electro lip balm. Give your lips a pop of neon with the added benefits of 8-hour hydration. 

Colour Available : 
✿ Pink Shock
✿ Berry Bomb
✿ Oh!Orange

Details : 

Wow! My lips suddenly become so kissable! Muacks~

Expert tips : Apply from the center of your upper lip to the outer edges, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip. Can also be worn as a lip base under your lipstick.

Shini's Thoughts : Love it! If you're my loyal reader then you'll know I love to collect lipstick, lipgloss and lip balm as my collection! I'm loving this because it can turns my lips into loveable with ease! As you can see according to the photo above, the colour(Pink Shock) was so sweet and natural looking. It can makes your lips stay moisture for 8 hours! I strongly suggest you may apply during your sleeping time so your lips will turn very smooth and elastic on the next day! =)

  [ Collection Hotlights Lipgloss ]  

  ✿ Glossy non sticky formula with shimmering particles for lips that dazzle.  
✿ Built-in light and mirror for the ultimate in lip-service and shine!
✿ Available in 6 dazzling shades.

Colour Available : 
✿ Sparkle
✿ Star
✿ Glow
✿ Dazzle
✿ Glimmer
✿ Shine

Details : 

I feel excited when I tried and tested on this lipgloss because it contains LED inside the cover!!

Create juicy lips and fashionable lipgloss! A must have in your bag!

Shini's Thoughts : My favourite item of that day! I still remember the researching on LED lipgloss was one of my assignment during Foundation year during my College life and I never thought I could have one now on my hand! The colour that I'm using was Sparkle and it looks very natural! I know my lips was quite thick layer so I love to make it looks juicy. LOL~ Although it was sponsored but I definitely will grab others shades for myself soon because I'm totally loving it! =D 

  [ Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer ]  

No chip color nail laquer straight from the shows. Easy-flow brush. Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene free.

Unique Features : 
Long lasting nail polish
✿ 48 trendsetting shades

Colour Available : 
✿ Diamond in the Rough
✿ Porcelain Party
✿ Go Nude
✿ Born with it
✿ Neutral Statement
✿ Better in buff
✿ Gilded Rose and 40 more (please refer to their site)

Details : 

Shini's Thoughts : I never get the chance to try it yet because I still have my gel manicure on my nails. I will try it later and let you see the result alright?  =)

Last but not least, my selfie of my 2015 make-up!
Light make-up suit me more I guess. =D

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