“One Platform for All” @ CloudHax

Hello guys~  Are you planning to sell/buy a house? Or you want to buy a new car? If you're saying yes, then you shouldn't miss this post because it might helps you a lot! =) Wait, what was "it" that I mentioned? Let me introducing a website to you guys - www.cloudhax.com

CloudHax is the latest advanced online platform in Malaysia to help improve your online market exposure. They provide tools for you to collaborate with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Their website is mobile responsive and runs perfectly across PC, tablet or mobile devices.

They are your source of latest news and updates, keeping you informed at all times. They have an array of portals such as property, automobile, travel, jobs and events and numerous other aspects to be explored in the future.

“One Platform for All” implies the mass suitability for everyone, crossing time and place boundaries. Access, surf and use CloudHax at your convenience to enhance and manage your businesses.  =)

Unique Features :
So, what's so special about #CloudHax?

✿ All in one platform
CloudHax merges several specialised clouds – property, car, travel and more upcoming aspects to be rolled out in the future. Users are not only confined to a single cloud and you can easily swift from one portal to another to look for what you want, all within Cloudhax itself.

✿ Property details and Cloud images autofill
CloudHax has a very huge property database that any property name you enter will automatically generate its corresponding information such as address and map location etc. 

✿ Professional microsite for agents and agencies
Agents and agencies who work with CloudHax can enjoy the exclusivity of their own personal page with embedded information such as contact details and address etc. 

✿ Certified Working Partner
Users or buyers can place their utmost trust on agents who work with CloudHax because ensure agents have been verified before engaging them to the website. 

 Highest website security protection
CloudHax’s website is certified by Extended validation (EV) certificates which use the highest level of authentication and were specifically created to boost and maintain customers’ online confidence through a rigorous verification process. 

✿ Price history
Sometimes the most daunting task is to know the current market trend and CloudHax offers a unique trait to track backdated or latest market value of a particular property. 

✿ Loan Calculator
Property/Car buyers are especially concerned of prices and affordability so when browsing listings in CloudHax, we provide an advanced loan amortization calculator with customisable loan repayment period and interest rate so users may have a better picture of the monthly instalment amount.

✿ Sophisticated Map
CloudHax’s map is incredibly sophisticated. Apart from the customisation of a location directly on the map, users can fully utilise the street view to observe a property and its surrounding environment. 

✿ Hax Credits
Hax Credit is CloudHax’s loyalty program where you can claim FREE Hax Credits daily and use them to post listings, upgrade listings or even redeem items on our redemption page.

My Experiences :

I tried to find a house for rent in Bangsar area. All I need to do was just key in Bangsar under "sale/rent" category and all the info will be listing out. For instance, I like this condo for rent named "Ken Bangsar". It will not just listed out price info, basically all the info was just there. I tried to search on other site previously and majority are lack of full information. They will have the prices stated, however, other info such as square feet, details descriptions and amenities etc will be left out. 

In addition, I guess you guys knew most of the site will the address as text right? What I like about CloudHax was they even provided you the sophisticated version map! So you can just have a look where's the exact location. Not only that, the map also promises convenience by allowing users to search for nearby properties within a close proximity.

Another feature that I like would be the price history. Sometime for those people like me, doesn't really know what's the value of the property. With this feature, I can conduct my own market analysis either for a specific area or for a property. =)

Basically I like it was really "one platform for all" so I no need to purposely open few tabs and google those info one-by-one(eg, calculate the loan, map etc) It was convenient and user-friendly for users. For more info, kindly visit their site now. =D