My Korea Beauty Haul (韩国护肤品化妆品收获)

안녕하세요 Why I'm typing Korean here? Yuppiee~ Today post is all about my beauty haul from Korea!  If you're following me on Instagram(@shinilola) or Facebook, then you should know I'm just back from Korea. Well, not exactly~ It's about a week ago actually. LOL~ My inbox and email was fulled with the similar questions such as how much did you bought the Laneige sleeping pack? How cheap was their facial mask? How much you spent in total etc. Well well, I will answer all the beauty related question today so remember to concentrate on this post. =)

Instead of explain one-by-one, I just stated the prices in Ringgit Malaysia on the photo below. I knew most of the sweeties was asking about RM instead of Korean Won, so I guess I had save the work for you guys to changed the currency. Actually I didn't bought a lot because the price is slightly cheaper but not really huge different compare to the price in Malaysia. Moreover, I also got a lot of skin care and cosmetics left in Malaysia so I guess I better don't waste too much money on these because I still got many sponsored items. LOL~ It's always depends on own preferences. Last time my friends bought a lot os skin care in Korea and eventually when she tried to use the products after a long time the essence already turning dry. 

This post won't be a long long post because it's a haul post, not a review. Therefore, I will just briefly list out what I had bought there. =) In addition, I also made a #vlog about it you may want to check it out.

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Since I'm using Cantonese in my vlog, if you're not familiar with this language you may need to check out as below. =)

[ Nature Republic ]
✿ Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel 1 jar = ₩ 4,400 | RM14.30]
 ✿ Aloe Real Nature Cleansing Cream [ ₩ 6,600 | RM21.46 ]
 ✿ Super aqua max moisture watery cream [ ₩ 10,950 | RM35.607 ]

[ Skin Food ]
✿ Everyday Yogurt Facial Mask Sheet [ ₩ 10,000 | RM33.01 ]
 ✿ Lettuce and Cucumber Watery Emulsion ₩ 11,000 | RM36.32 ]
 ✿ Egg White Pore Mask [ ₩ 8,000 | RM26.41 ]
✿ Vita Color Lip Stick (OR03 Energy Coral) [₩ 8,000 | RM26.41 ]
✿ Nail Vita Crystal Pearl Top Coat ₩ 1,500 | RM4.95 ]

[ Laneige ]
✿ Water Sleeping Pack_EX [ ₩ 25,000 | RM82.54 ]
 ✿ Water Bank Eye Gel [ ₩ 36,000 | RM118.85 ]
 ✿ White Plus Renew Eye Cream [ ₩ 40,000 | RM132.06 ]

[ Holika Holika ]
✿ Juicy Mask Sheet (Mango, Blueberry) [ ₩ 10,000 | RM33.01 ]
 ✿ Magic Pole Mascara 2x 04 Long&Curl (Waterproof) ₩ 10,900 | RM36.22 ]
 ✿ Pig-nose clear black head Perfect Sticker [ ₩ 4,500 | RM14.95 ]

[ The Face Shop ]
✿ Bio-Bee eye & spot patch 98% Hydro Gel [ About RM99 ]

[ Etude House ]
✿ Blending Sleeping Cream [ ₩ 1,500 | RM4.98 ]
 ✿ Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper (#01 Sheer Volume) ₩ 6,000 | RM19.94 ] 

[ Aritaum ]
✿ Foot Peeling Mask [ About RM30++ ]

Friendly reminder : 
If your total spent is more than ₩ 30,000 can tax refund. For my case, I need to go to Incheon Airport (3rd floor) to stamp on your receipt, then take transit to Gate 27. After you reach there you will see a machine and no worries, there will be a person to serve you. Just pass them the receipt with stamp and your passport then they will refund to you after the tax deduction. I get back ₩ 7,500 in total. Do bear in mind that you can only take the refund when you spent more than ₩ 30,000. Or else, you can't take your refund. =)


  1. hahah this is how many months of mask supply?? everyone will go gaga with maskss in korea :P

  2. wow...u had stockup so much of korea skin care. really a k-lovers.

  3. Why got so many samples? Hahahha lucky you. 3 months supply of skin care :D

  4. KOREAAAAA!!!! I wanna go too. Been begging my husband for a korea holiday next year, but he keep asking me to promise I will not shop first... as if that is going to happen.

  5. WAH! All facial and beauty care! U really love yourself and your skin! Good! Salute to u

    I got review about it before and now i use it once a week to clear my nose pores. Wish they have this for full face also lol

  7. Oh wow..... I definitely be buying some in June but not sure if so much... cos have to pay for other people's meals and transport some kids... huhuhu =(

  8. Aarrgghhh stressnya tengok your beauty haul tu. Dah lama tak shopping!! Hahaha!

  9. i have faith in korean products. let me know how did it go after you finish all the products ;)

  10. many mask u have there! pretty good haul..haha

  11. OMG dear! Your haul is amazing! Haha you have enough for the next few months already.

  12. Even though you said that you didn't buy much, you still bought a lot! It's awesome shopping for beauty products in Korea!

  13. wahhh.. bestnya shopping.. all for our beautiful skincare.. i love it..

  14. Wow... Ur hse must be full of Korea beauty products. Wonder how you can finish it all.

  15. Is really cheap to shop at Korea. Next time I want do my beauty product shopping at Korea.

  16. that's a lot you hauled all the way back! i think now it's easier with online shopping

  17. good haul, thanks for sharing.
    hehe.. important to take care of skincare , every woman needs this.

  18. wow, that's a whole lot of stuff you bought back from Korea! :) must be a fun shopping treat.

  19. I love the etude's mask! Bought quite a bunch when I was in Korea and they were so cheap there too. Hehe