10 January 2015

[REVIEW] Shizens Lip Tattoo

Annyeong~  Yuppiee! I just came back from Korea and I can't wait to share my travel experience with you guys here! But before that, maybe I should clear some of the pending post before I move on to travel post. LOL~ I knew some sweeties are so nervous already and you guys been spamming my inbox to the max for asking where do I bought those skin care products and what was the total amount of expenses etc. Well well~ I will try my best to blog about it as soon as possible alright? =D

Everyone love juicy lips doesn't it? C'mon, not just guys love it~ I love it as well! But how do achieve a pair of juicy and sexy bold lips? By injecting filler or botox? Nia~ That's no necessary at all. All you need is a magical item - the Shizens Lip Tattoo.

Shizens Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture and relieves the formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones.

As usual, a small tip as an application for you to apply easier. I also noticed the tip was slightly softer than the usual small tip. Therefore, when it touch your lips you will feel more comfortable.

As you can seen the photo above, the colour turns darker and more obvious after a period of time. It will turns from a pearl white colour into rosey pink colour within few minutes.

Same goes to our lips. It become juicy lips just within few minutes! Now who said we can't own a pair of sexy lips without botox or plastic surgery~  =)

[ Shini's Thoughts ]

What I Like :
I like the softer tip and the outcomes. My lips turns into juicy and bold lips just within few minutes! I also like the fact that it was quite long lasting because my lips was so moisture even after whole day long! My lips always in dry condition because I always working in the office with air condition environment. Now, my lips can be stay moisture all the time.

What I Don't Like :
Although I like the cool mint effect after applied it on my lips. However, it turns a little bit sting feeling after few minutes. It was not consider painful but I hope the feeling will be gone when I apply it for the second time.

[ Details ]

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  1. Hi.may I know where did u buy shizens in Korea? Is it in myeongdong? May I know the boutique's name? Tq so much :-)


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