[FOOD] The Social @ The Square, Publika

22 December 2014

Hola  After cosmetic and skin care, it's time to back with #food review. If you always visit Publika, I guess you have been visited this pub, bar and restaurant - The Social.  I rarely go to Publika because it quite far from my place and basically nothing to shop there except hunting for foods! One of my friend tried it before and said very nice so I decided to give it a try then. =)  I knew The Social has another branch at Bangsar but I didn't manage to try it as well because I still have a list of many pending restaurants in Bangsar to try one-by-one.

The Social @ Bangsar was established in 2001 and has since set a firm reputation for being a cool casual place for friends to meet up for great foods and drinks. The Social @ Publika is now open in a wonderful location at The Square in Publika.

Here's the night view of The Social @ The Square, Publika.

Once I looked on their cake section, my eyes straightly jump to this - Snicker Peanut Butter Cake

It was so yummy! Strongly recommended for those peanut butter lover like me. LOL

Check out the size of it. It was huge and even 2 of us can't finished it. ><

My buddy ordered a hot Cappuccino

Although the 3D coffee art not so well, but at least we can see it was a paw sign. =)

I ordered an iced chocolate.

My buddy Edwin ordered Linguine Aglio Olio(Squid, prawn & clams in roasted chilli & garlic oil)

For me, I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara with maple wood smoked salmon. (You may choose turkey bacon as another option as well)

Shini's Thoughts : Overall I'm quite satisfied with our meals because the services are friendly there and good foods. One thing that may be bad is they always full of customers. LOL~ So you may need to wait for awhile to get seat. Or maybe if you're lucky enough like us, you may get the table within 1 minutes because there's a coincidence a last table for us. =)  I will definitely come back for the Snicker peanut butter cake again. Even I'm craving it now while I'm blogging about this. If you're looking for a place to chill with friends, you may consider it too as they're serving several kinds of dessert, snacks and alcohol as well. 


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