Steve Aoki TWP White Party

Hola  Any fans of #Steve Aoki here? Yup, today I'm blogged about his TWP White Party few weeks back and I feel so glad been invited as VIP to attend the party! All thanks to #Manoah. Since I can bring more friend, so I decided to bring my friend Hoshi along.  =)

Today post would be focus more on the photos and less wording because photos and video explain the happening! LOL~ Yuppie, I knew some of you might be missed out this party so I decided to record some of the moments for you guys. However, the video might be kinda shaky because I keep moving around while I'm recording it. You know right~ Enjoying the moment. =D

Steve Aoki was my favourite DJ and finally I got the chance to meet him @ KL Live! I always listen to his edm while doing assignments, blogging or even showering!  Since they organized a white party, of course all of us followed the dress code. =)

Okie dokie, guess I just leave it to my photos and video to helps me describe the happening then. =)

Enjoy the video!!

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[ Steve Aoki TWP White Party ]

Special thanks to the photographer Jaz Khai for the beautiful photos. Hope you guys enjoy this post. Love ya~


  1. wow, happening party there :)

  2. Lovely pictures xxx
    Happy Holidays, dear!
    I am following your blog. Hope you will follow back. xxx Keep in touch
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