[REVIEW] Agnesia Baby Lotion

19 December 2014

Bonjour  Today review is about lotion. First thing, did you apply lotion daily? Or you doesn't like it at all because of the fragrance or feeling on your skin? I remember I asked my Daddy before why he doesn't like to apply lotion. He replied to me because guys doesn't like sticky feeling on their skin. However, my Daddy still applied lotion during winter trip or oversea because our skin easily get hydrated there. He will prefer those lotion with light texture. 

Here's the things, when you read the title and spot the word - "Baby". You might think the baby lotion is just for babies? Of course not, we adults can apply the baby lotion as well. Frankly, I think baby lotion might be better because of the ingredients been used can't be too strong or too much chemical or else baby's skin might be affected. We all know Agnesia is a famous medicated brand. Thus, it was more trustable. 

On the other hand, if you're a mother, you may apply this on your baby too. Lavish your baby in this nourishing formula that softens and protects skin from dryness. Quick absorbing and non-greasy, it conditions the skin with hydrating emollients. Suitable for your abby. It leaves skin feeling smooth and comforted all day long.

Direction : Gently massage over your baby body or desired areas. For best results use after bath to warm baby skin.

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Shini's Thoughts : If you're my loyal reader, then you should know I don't prefer sticky texture because Malaysia's weather is too hot and I'm that kind of person who easily sweating. This lotion quick absorb to my skin and make my skin stay moisture all day long. It's not greasy nor sticky at all. Normally I only apply lotion during night time because I'm afraid it would be too sticky or greasy, but now, I can apply it during day time because of its texture. =) I guess I no need to mentioned about the prices are affordable right guys? LOL 

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