7 October 2014

Back to Dark Colour @ Frank Salon


Hola  It's time to pamper my hair!! Do you guys still remember I blogged about Frank Salon earlier? In case you missed it, click HERE for more info.  In addition, lucky me became their ambassador now. Yippee~ Now I can make my hair fabulous all the time, all thanks to the friendly owner - Frankie.

Hairstyle is always essential for guys and girls. It can change your overall look and even first impression. Messy or dry hair condition might leaving bad impression for other person. Therefore, we need to take good care on our hair in order to owning a healthy hair. Of course, Frank Salon always welcome to help you to repair your dry hair. My hair was really dry before I step in to Frank Salon. However, after I done the treatment previously, my hair become silky smooth. It's not just 1 day, but getting smoother day by day. =)

Once you visit Frank Salon, you will definitely come back for the second time!!

Hello hello~

Nervous!! Can you guess which colour will I choose eventually?

Check out my ugly 'pudding' hair! All the black roots already coming out. =(

Love they have a space to put my bag so I no need just put it on my tights. =)

Do I looks like Mulan here? LOL~  Super black hair!!

Check out my final result. Do you guys think I'm owning a healthy black hair now? =D

Okay. It's not exactly a black colour hair. In fact, it more info dark brown. Frankie said it need to be super dark since I bleached my hair previously so the colour will fade away after couple weeks. So how is it guys? Do you guys love it like I do? If you guys noticed, I also cut it short a bit. All my colleague love it and most of the guy friends saying dark colour suit me more. =D However, a few friends might still not used to it so they saying blonde hair suit me more. Well well, different people different point of view. =)

You guys might wonder why I go for dark colour instead of trying other bright colours. Well, now current trendy hair colour back to black and I guess last time I'm owning a dark colour hair would be like 5 years ago. Therefore, I want to try the dark colour to see whether it would be great on me? Since I'm an asian, so previously I looked so pale on my golden brown hair colour if I didn't apply any make-up. But now, since my hair was dark colour, I can still looks fair and great even not wearing any make-up.

 Super friendly services.
 More than 12 years of professional experiences
 Respect customer's decision (Frankie will try his best to fulfill customer's requirement)
 Honest Opinion (Owner Frankie will provide suggestion and explain to you details about your current hair condition, his main concern was always giving you the healthy condition)
 Convenient location (I found it was convenient because it's located nearby my place and it was in Bangsar South, so you can take our breakfast or lunch downstairs as variety of cuisine was there)
 FREE and Easy for Parking (Yes, the parking was free and you can actually find a car park with ease because I parked just right infront of the lift! My favourite factor among all)

[ Frank Salon ]
Unit 1-7, Level 1,
Nexus, Bangsar south,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : 03-2242 3109

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