13 October 2014


Bonjour  It's another movie review again and yes, another horror movie. =D  Thanks to #Manoah, I got the chance been invited to the Premier Screening of 守夜 Seventh. Those premier screening that normally attended was casual but this one was huge because there were some Taiwanese, Singapore, Local artist attending too. =)

Taking some snack before going for the movie screening @ Dome.

Do you guys love my outfits of that night?

Selfie with the 'hantu susu' LOL!!

Interview with the lead characters and some artist act in the film.

Our main focus on the Taiwanese artist - Gino蔡尚甫. I always saw him in a Taiwanese show called 'Kang Xi Lai Ler' and he's quite funny! Finally can meet in real person and he's so man! =D

With other artists and producer.

Seventh is a local film which directed by 李勇昌, the writer of 一路有你 The Journey as well. Movies acted by Gino宇腾王欣陈立谦, 邓绣金. It's not a normally horror movie. It also consists of love, excitement, touching moments. For the ending part was quite tricky. Sine the movie will be officially released on 16th Oct, I can't give too much storyline about movie because it might be spoil alert. =D

Official Trailer :

With my girls.
Feel kinda weird but I'm the only one who doesn't dress with monotone colour. LOL

My partner-in-crime Angeline. She's so pretty!

Movie gonna start very soon!

Brought my buddy Samuel along too!

Premier Screening of that day :

What I thought about this movie would be it doesn't scary at all, at least for a crazy fans of horror movie like me. However, the movies consist of so much family love. We need to cherish our family and appreciate our life. Sometime we might be too stubborn thus we stuck in the same place and eventually we regret. Try to watch this with your family or loves one, the feeling might different I guess. =) My favourite part would be the ending, twisted and tricky. You will know what I means when you're watching it.

Till then, Love ya

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