Okie dokie, today topic is not about SpongeBob Squarepants! Have you guys sometime feel hungry when you're in office or home but feel don't want to go out for taking meals? Or sometime the weather is really bad and you wish you can take your meals at the comfy place such as home? Well, I experience that moment sometime and my face expression would be exactly the same as SpongeBob(above). But now, with Foodpanda.my, your worries been solved.  =)

Foodpanda.my is an online food delivery portal that makes it easy for customers to order food from the best restaurants in Malaysia and get it delivered at their home. With more than 500 restaurants to choose from, foodpanda has become one of the online food delivery leaders. Customers can order food from popular international chains like Tony Roma'sKenny Rogers RoastersSushi King and lots more or from the local favorites like Canadian PizzaItaliannes etc. The cuisine list on FoodPanda is quite tempting too. Customers can order wide range of cuisines like SushiIndian foodMalayMiddle Eastern Food or western food. Thirst-quenching beverages can also be ordered from famous places like ChatimeStarbucks and Denise Wines. Ordering fast food at home has never been this easy. Order from Burger Kaw Kaw or Papa John's Malaysia, it'll be delivered in no time.
Any kind of appetites will be satisfied with Foodpanda such as pizza, sushi, Korean food. Do you crave for a hot and steaming pizza in Kuala Lumpur? You may order a pepperoni pizza from list of pizza restaurants. A short while later, it will be delivered to your doorstep. Cash on delivery or online payment, choose your favorite option.  Pizza delivery in Kuala Lumpur or in other cities is now really quick and easy thanks to foodpanda. Dreaming of a chicken meal from Kenny Rogers menu? Simply enjoy delivery in Cyberjaya area for example.

The website is user-friendly and with just a few minute, your order done. It's really convenient for those person who having a busy life(like me).  If you have a birthday party in future at your home, you may order the foods at Foodpanda.my too. There's not necessary to drive out and take overload foods from hypermarket / shopping complex to your home.

So what you are waiting for!? Come try out now at http://www.foodpanda.my/  

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Bonjour  Most of the time some sweeties would asked me where do I got my contact lens. Well, actually I always trying different brands from and different shops. This time, my contact lens are from Mr.Lens  All thanks to The Butterfly Project, I got the chance to tried and tested on their contact lens. 

This is their official website. Mr.Lens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Today, they be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and they are now available in Asia too.

Now, in order to share my first experience of using their site for ordering, let's check out those pictures as follows to show you the talking. =)

When you're visiting their site, simply check out the top right and click it. Then it will lead you to this page. You can just "Login" if you're already have an account or click "Continue" to register as a new account / member.

Then, you can just choose any brands of contact lens you desire. They have plenty of them and they even categorized it into Daily Wear, Weekly Wear, Monthly Wear, Toric Lenses and Coloured Lenses. Fyi, the page that I show you guys(above) is under Coloured Lenses category.

After you already choose which brand that you want, remember to select the power of your eyes and click "Add to Cart".

You will then lead to this page before check out. Remember to take a look of your order to prevent mistakes of order. You can simply "increase" or "decrease" the quantity by clicking the arrow up or down. You can even click "delete product" if you don't want the lens. After check all the things you can just select "Checkout" or "Continue Shopping" if you haven't shop enough.

Remember to check your "Shipping Address" to ensure it's accurate and guess what? Mr.Lens provide FREE shipping method for all the customers!!  How great is it!! You can key in your gift voucher code as well if you're having them.

They have many types of payment methods here, so you no need worry about the infrastructure of payment methods.

Ta-da!!  My order had arrived! It reached my place on the next day of ordering. Their delivery was FAST right?

They even sent me 2 different flavours of Lollipop! How sweet is that. LOL

So these are the contact lens that I had chosen.

The first one would be #ColourVue Big Eyes - Dolly Back❤   The reason I choose it is because I want something natural and make my eyes looks bigger.  =)

You can see from the before & after picture, my pupil does turns bigger.

And it looks so natural because of the colour is Black, don't you think?  :3

The next one would be #ColourVue Starbust - Starbust Gray❤   I always love to try something new and unique. Therefore, this coloured lens realyl make my eyes stand out !! Although it's Gray in colour but I thought it's gray mix with violet.

Hugeeeeeeeeee  different right !?  LOL

My friends said I looks like a Vampire!! LOL, he said doesn't looks like Asian. =.='''

Comment :
If you wish to order online but worry about the hygiene then you may trust Mr.Lens. I have some friends they bought contact lens online before but some of them eventually get infected by the lens. So remember to think twice when you purchase contact lens through unknown online shop. Sometime cheaper price doesn't means the quality is supreme. I guess most of you already have thought of that right? Overall I already wear it like 2 weeks and I didn't feel dry or uncomfortable. Of course, you need to take good care of your eyes and the lens. Please don't be lazy, wash it everytime you prepare to wear and take off.

Details :
Mr. Lens Website : www.mrlens.com.my

Last but not least, Thank you Mr.Lens

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Hola❤  I'm back!! Thanks for all the motivation comments on previous post. No worries, I will be strong. =)  Like I mentioned earlier, single is always a bad thing. *wink*  Okay, back to the topic. I guess most of you had an experience of facial treatment right? But have you experience of the detail skin analysis? Well, but some of you might experienced before but this is my first time and I'm so excited!!

Special thanks to HiShop again, I got the opportunity to try the Murad Facial Treatment & Analysis worth RM280❤  Who doesn't like facial treatment right? (Except you're a guy) I love facial treatment but because I have a busy lifestyle so I don't really have the time to make a reservation and do facial treatment. It's a comfy and good experience to review their skin centre.  =D

LOL~ Whole outfits are white in colour! Even the flats are monotone!


Reached. People spend their Wesak Day with family and friends, but I spent it with Murad. LOL

You can see their product range is so wide.

Try me try me !!

Skin Health Specialist - Carmen asked me to fill up the form about what beauty products that I'm currently using and some info. Their purpose is to understand more about your skin type.

After that, she lead me to a room to do the skin analysis. I always saw this kind of machine in TV but I never try it before. Therefore, I'm happy to give it a try. LOL

Ta-da!! They even will print the statement for you. It basically about the main concern of your skin.

It also will suggest some products that suitable for your current skin condition. It's available for day and night.

They allow you to bring the statements as copies. While on the spot, Carmen explain details to me about my skin condition. 

Procedure :
Since I'm enjoying the facial treatment so of course it's inconvenient for me to take pictures. LOL~ Never mind, I can use words to describe, you guys just use your imagination kay? At first, Carmen help me to do legs, foot and shoulder massage. She said normally customers might rush to their centre, so they do some massage to help customer relax their bodies. She then remove my make-up twice. I feel surprise because normally the beautification will just help you remove make-up once. But Carmen explain to me she need to make sure the make-up was fully been removed so my skin can fully absorb the skin care products.

Then, she help me to squeeze some white heads. When I told her my face was full of pimples while I'm 15 she shocked, because she said my skin is nearing to flawless now. ^^V  Well, I pay a lot of effort on the skin care products and maintaining it. She then help me apply the mask and also apply a lot of products until I can't remember the terms. LOL

This is the "After" photo. My skin suddenly become so shine and fair! Thank you so much Murad!! My biggest flaw would be my dark eye circles I guess. =(  In case you wonder why the lighting is so bright, they purpose open the brighter light because you can exchange your clothes with clearer sight.

Sorry for the messy blanket.  ^_^'''

All the products she used.

They even have a space for you to doll up yourself after the treatment. You can see their prepare tissue, comb and some accessories there.

Although their washroom doesn't really pretty as I expected, but it's very clean, hygiene always comes first right guys?

They're having promotion now until 31st May 2014. If you didn't give any pressie to your lovely mummy, maybe you can pamper her by this. ^^

Oh ya! They also gave me a lot of  Deluxe sample kit that suitable for my face.

Carmen explained detail to me about the usage and function on each of them.

For daily use. If you can clear enough, there's a number on the top left.
She explained to me some products cannot use at the same time / repeat.

For Night use.

For weekly or extra use, such as treatment, mask, serum etc.

Thank you so much Murad 

Remember to CODE to enjoy extra discount ya.

Details :
Address :  Murad Skin Centre, 54, Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-77292088
Opening Hours : Mondays - Sundays (10am - 6pm)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hishopmy 
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hishop.my 
Subscribe to HiShop for exclusive updates: http://www.hishop.my/subscribe

Okay. I need to emphasize that this is an emotional post. Please don't read this if you're in happy mood because I don't want to ruin your mood. (T____T)  In short, yup, I broke up with my boyfie(ex). I know right~ You guys might think why even an emo post I still need to edit the blog post banner nicely and upload it here. Well, please forgive me. I just try to do something more so I can forget about him easier.....

We started together on Dec 2012. I'm not sure whether it's consider short or long period for me. But I feel luckily we didn't together for few years or else it's really hard for me to forget about this relationship. I'm a super good memory person. Sometime some friends think it's a good thing because I can memorize a lot of things. For example, my coursemate used to said "Hey, borrow your brain to me lah~ Later exam I don't know how to answer." But what they didn't realize is....sometime it's really difficult for me to erase those unhappy memories....

Most of my friends knew I don't like to frequently post my relationship stuff online. I think it's because it's quite awkward if I broke up with my ex and I need to erase all the photos like some girls always do(if I post a lot) Therefore, doesn't have many friends knew exactly how is my relationship with my ex except my brothers and close friends.

When I told some of them I broke up with him, people are like "Huh? WHY!? I thought he treat you so well."  Well,  this is one of the reason why I have to blog about this post.  Sometime when people asking me how he treat me, I always said he's so nice to me. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't means he didn't nice to me. Just...another factor is more essential to me.

" Blogging or Me ?? "
Yup, he asked me this stupid question again and again. He told me if I choose to be blogger then just broke up with him. =.=''' DUH!?  I knew it's a super lame excuse for broke up but I have no idea why he doing that way. He said he doesn't like me to attend many events and meet many blogger friends because normally blogger went famous and they will only choose rich guy but not true love. ><  Well, am I famous then? I'm just small potato I don't know why he think too much! He also mentioned I don't have time for him because I always blogging. =.=  I'm actually use 2 days in a week to blog, most of my other time is all for him. Remember my previous blog post, I mentioned blogging is my passion? Yup, that blog post is actually been written after he keep on asking me to quite blogging. Blogging is that bad? Or you just trying find any excuse to broke up with me!? But of course, after few times finally he gave up.

" Betray . Bitch "
I guess some of you might shock when saw the word "betray". Yup, that's the main reason why I decided to broke up with him. I CAN'T ACCEPT UNFAITHFUL BOYFRIEND IN MY LIFE. I hate being betrayed! C'mon, who like it? No matter you're a guy or girl, if you ever been betrayed by someone you love the most, then you know how exactly I feel now. He actually betrayed me once, but I'm stupid enough to accept his apologies. I knew, I'm an idiot. People used to say when a guy cheat once, for sure he will come back for twice. I'm so naive and thought he will changed for me, but he hasn't. After he betrayed me with his bitch ex, another bitch frequently find him again. This girl frequently call my ex even while we're still together and the worst, this girl have a bf at that moment. I heard my ex said after that her ex choose to betrayed her then they broke up. I just want to ask that slut now, hey, are you a girl? I don't think so. Because you are doing the exactly same thing that your third party done. In case you curious about how's she look, if you can recognize my ex and you meet him in future, try to spot whether there's a quite fat, small eye, shoulder length hair bitch right beside him. If you do, that's the bitch. I'm actually kind enough didn't explode her real name here. I do believe in  karma, "What goes around, comes around"

I don't understand. Is it every guy like bitch / slut instead of normal girl? Do you think this kind of girl is "clean" enough if you know what I means. She can just easily go with you even she has a bf. I never force my bf to fall in love with me. If you really like that bitch, you can just go with her. I'm outta here. I choose to leave. I choose to leave doesn't means I don't love you. I just choose to protect myself and I love myself. For me, I think no one gonna love you if you doesn't love yourself. It's painful to lose you but it's a good thing for me, at least I won't cheated and hurt by you again.  Although you keep on begging me giving you the last chance, I'm sorry, I won't give you the chance to hurt me again.

I feel so proud because I'm an independent lady. Once I started to work, I didn't take any pocket money from my parents. I pay the rental, utilities, Internet, eat, toll fees all by myself. Even when I'm attending event, I always drive my own. I doesn't need a bf as my driver to fetch me here and there like I don't know how to drive. I feel so comfort because when I'm down or heart broken, there's always some brother to cheer me up. Some of my brothers used to liked me but when I told him I broke up with him, all they trying to do is make me laugh so hard and calm me down. Unlike some other guys who trying to chase, all they trying to said is like "yeah! finally I have the chance to chase you."  Other than brother, of course I also feel thankful whenever I'm emo, my ji mui will comfort me too. They always talking crap and purposely talk something unrelated so they thought they distract me successfully. =.= LOL

For me, single is always not a bad thing. It's actually giving you chance to explode this word. This world is full of love, but doesn't it's only for lover, but for my family, friends and my future one. Just some advise, never find a bf because you're lonely. Find a bf that you really love him. Never quickly say YES when a guy chase you. Think hard whether it's worth for you to accept and your love to him is very essential. 

Thanks for spending time to read my emotional post. I also feel so glad to have you guys to be my readers because you guys are like part of me. I knew some loyal readers read my every single post and leave a comment / message to me sometime. No worries, I'm a strong girl. I will try to forget about that jerk, just time matter. =)  Instead of giving chance to someone who doesn't appreciate you, you should keep it and pass it to the someone that love you so much. Love ya

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Hola❤  Are you guys exciting about this post? Because it's #GIVEAWAY time again!!  I knew the last giveaway is like a month ago and I will try to host more giveaway alright sweetie?  Some update about my current working life. If you're my close friend then you should know I already change to new company. Well, I must say this job is AWESOME because this is what I want!!  I blogged for 6 years and beside of blogging, I also like to keep update my social media platforms.  One of my favourite social media site would be Facebook, maybe many of you will have the answer as mine. My current job scope is to maintain several facebook pages. Now, will you guys think it's just so awesome!?  LOL~  Okie dokie. Cut the crap and jump to the main point!

Have you guys facing cracked heel situation now? Wanna get rid of it but have no idea? Then you shouldn't missed out this post as I got some freebies to you all

I'm actually facing cracked heel problem now. =(  I guess maybe I always in the air-condition environment so my heels are easily dry? Or maybe because I'm high heels lovers so it will cracking my heels too? Special thanks to @AgnesiaI got the opportunity to review this product. Frankly, this is my very first time to tried and tested on the cracked heel cream because normally I just apply the lotion on my heels. Did the lotion works? Nope for me. It does works for like a few hours but the next day my heels are back to the origin. 

First of all, what is Hydra 24 Cracked Heel Cream? Hydra 24 is a foot cream that works to prevent cracked heels as well as repairs damaged dry skin.This hydrating cream not only heals skin on and below
the surface, it is an extended leave-on conditioner for the skin, lasting up to 24 hours. Hydra 24 has proven anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant ingredients, soothing the skin and clams the even most aggravated cracked heels. It is fast absorbing and non-oily. Thus no more sticky feeling on feet while walking.

What is unique about Hydra 24?
 Formulated with triple-action natural key ingredients.
 HerbEx Portulaca Extract that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins which helps to protects the skin from further damage.
 Purasal Moist XS which is clinically proven to provide hydration up to 24 hours.
 Pentavitin that binds moisture like water magnet up to 72 hours.

Sorry for disgusting you a moment. LOL~ This is my ugly heel !!
I know right. It's so dry until cracked a lot!  =( 

Apply generously and evenly onto dry or cracked areas at least once a day before bedtime. 
For best results, apply twice daily, in the morning and at night. 

Ta-da!!  It so smooth right? I apply it for few days and all the cracked disappeared!!

Closer look of my heel. The result is so AMAZING right!?

Comment : I felt amaze of the outcome! Especially as a first time user. Now, I apply it twice a day to make my heels are smooth and shining. LOL~  My personal suggestion : during your bedtime, wear a pair of stocking after you apply it. It will give you extra moisture effect. Now I won't feel frustrating when I'm wearing high heels. *wink*
Details : The product is available at pharmacies nationwide and the retail price is RM23.90Readers can read more about the product at www.agnesia.com.my  If you want to ask further about the product, you can visit their Facebook page : www.facebook.com/agnesia.apex

As I mentioned earlier, I will giveaway 20 units of Hydra 24 Cracked Heel Cream !!

I don't want my readers just received 1 units in their parcel so I will distributed to 5 winners which is means 1 winner can get 4 units of the cream. 

How to win :
Fill in the Rafflecopter form as follows and completed all the tasks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest will be end till 12th June 2014. Winner will be announced on 13th June 2014. 

I will choose 4 winners on my blog and 1 winners on my Instagram. To increase the chance of winning, you may join both giveaway. =)  In case you haven't follow my Instagram, my ID is @shinilola. For the guidelines of the Instagram giveaway, please refer to my Instagram account. 

[ Giveaway Winner ] 

Congratulations to all the sweeties❤  Please send your details to shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com
 For other sweeties, thanks for participating. Please don't get disappointed because another giveaway will be coming VERY SOON!!  So remember to stay tuned at my blog ya. Love ya

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