My Beauty Experience with Murad Skin Centre

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Hola❤  I'm back!! Thanks for all the motivation comments on previous post. No worries, I will be strong. =)  Like I mentioned earlier, single is always a bad thing. *wink*  Okay, back to the topic. I guess most of you had an experience of facial treatment right? But have you experience of the detail skin analysis? Well, but some of you might experienced before but this is my first time and I'm so excited!!

Special thanks to HiShop again, I got the opportunity to try the Murad Facial Treatment & Analysis worth RM280❤  Who doesn't like facial treatment right? (Except you're a guy) I love facial treatment but because I have a busy lifestyle so I don't really have the time to make a reservation and do facial treatment. It's a comfy and good experience to review their skin centre.  =D

LOL~ Whole outfits are white in colour! Even the flats are monotone!


Reached. People spend their Wesak Day with family and friends, but I spent it with Murad. LOL

You can see their product range is so wide.

Try me try me !!

Skin Health Specialist - Carmen asked me to fill up the form about what beauty products that I'm currently using and some info. Their purpose is to understand more about your skin type.

After that, she lead me to a room to do the skin analysis. I always saw this kind of machine in TV but I never try it before. Therefore, I'm happy to give it a try. LOL

Ta-da!! They even will print the statement for you. It basically about the main concern of your skin.

It also will suggest some products that suitable for your current skin condition. It's available for day and night.

They allow you to bring the statements as copies. While on the spot, Carmen explain details to me about my skin condition. 

Procedure :
Since I'm enjoying the facial treatment so of course it's inconvenient for me to take pictures. LOL~ Never mind, I can use words to describe, you guys just use your imagination kay? At first, Carmen help me to do legs, foot and shoulder massage. She said normally customers might rush to their centre, so they do some massage to help customer relax their bodies. She then remove my make-up twice. I feel surprise because normally the beautification will just help you remove make-up once. But Carmen explain to me she need to make sure the make-up was fully been removed so my skin can fully absorb the skin care products.

Then, she help me to squeeze some white heads. When I told her my face was full of pimples while I'm 15 she shocked, because she said my skin is nearing to flawless now. ^^V  Well, I pay a lot of effort on the skin care products and maintaining it. She then help me apply the mask and also apply a lot of products until I can't remember the terms. LOL

This is the "After" photo. My skin suddenly become so shine and fair! Thank you so much Murad!! My biggest flaw would be my dark eye circles I guess. =(  In case you wonder why the lighting is so bright, they purpose open the brighter light because you can exchange your clothes with clearer sight.

Sorry for the messy blanket.  ^_^'''

All the products she used.

They even have a space for you to doll up yourself after the treatment. You can see their prepare tissue, comb and some accessories there.

Although their washroom doesn't really pretty as I expected, but it's very clean, hygiene always comes first right guys?

They're having promotion now until 31st May 2014. If you didn't give any pressie to your lovely mummy, maybe you can pamper her by this. ^^

Oh ya! They also gave me a lot of  Deluxe sample kit that suitable for my face.

Carmen explained detail to me about the usage and function on each of them.

For daily use. If you can clear enough, there's a number on the top left.
She explained to me some products cannot use at the same time / repeat.

For Night use.

For weekly or extra use, such as treatment, mask, serum etc.

Thank you so much Murad 

Remember to CODE to enjoy extra discount ya.

Details :
Address :  Murad Skin Centre, 54, Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03-77292088
Opening Hours : Mondays - Sundays (10am - 6pm)

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  1. So good!!! So many murad products!! Envy!!

  2. my visit to Murad was last November or December, and it was very good right ^_^ Shini can you share on how did you take care of your skin? You mentioned that it was full with pimples when you were 15, so it would be nice to know what products you used to clear them off, what routine (if using home made products, diets, etc) you practiced until your skin is clear now :) thanks in advance!

    1. Sure sweetie, I also thinking blog about my daily skin care routine or I'll make a vlog as well!! So you guys can know what product's brands that I'm using. ^^ Please stay tuned at my blog ya ^^