[REVIEW] ColourVue Contact Lens from Mr.Lens

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Bonjour  Most of the time some sweeties would asked me where do I got my contact lens. Well, actually I always trying different brands from and different shops. This time, my contact lens are from Mr.Lens  All thanks to The Butterfly Project, I got the chance to tried and tested on their contact lens. 

This is their official website. Mr.Lens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Today, they be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and they are now available in Asia too.

Now, in order to share my first experience of using their site for ordering, let's check out those pictures as follows to show you the talking. =)

When you're visiting their site, simply check out the top right and click it. Then it will lead you to this page. You can just "Login" if you're already have an account or click "Continue" to register as a new account / member.

Then, you can just choose any brands of contact lens you desire. They have plenty of them and they even categorized it into Daily Wear, Weekly Wear, Monthly Wear, Toric Lenses and Coloured Lenses. Fyi, the page that I show you guys(above) is under Coloured Lenses category.

After you already choose which brand that you want, remember to select the power of your eyes and click "Add to Cart".

You will then lead to this page before check out. Remember to take a look of your order to prevent mistakes of order. You can simply "increase" or "decrease" the quantity by clicking the arrow up or down. You can even click "delete product" if you don't want the lens. After check all the things you can just select "Checkout" or "Continue Shopping" if you haven't shop enough.

Remember to check your "Shipping Address" to ensure it's accurate and guess what? Mr.Lens provide FREE shipping method for all the customers!!  How great is it!! You can key in your gift voucher code as well if you're having them.

They have many types of payment methods here, so you no need worry about the infrastructure of payment methods.

Ta-da!!  My order had arrived! It reached my place on the next day of ordering. Their delivery was FAST right?

They even sent me 2 different flavours of Lollipop! How sweet is that. LOL

So these are the contact lens that I had chosen.

The first one would be #ColourVue Big Eyes - Dolly Back❤   The reason I choose it is because I want something natural and make my eyes looks bigger.  =)

You can see from the before & after picture, my pupil does turns bigger.

And it looks so natural because of the colour is Black, don't you think?  :3

The next one would be #ColourVue Starbust - Starbust Gray❤   I always love to try something new and unique. Therefore, this coloured lens realyl make my eyes stand out !! Although it's Gray in colour but I thought it's gray mix with violet.

Hugeeeeeeeeee  different right !?  LOL

My friends said I looks like a Vampire!! LOL, he said doesn't looks like Asian. =.='''

Comment :
If you wish to order online but worry about the hygiene then you may trust Mr.Lens. I have some friends they bought contact lens online before but some of them eventually get infected by the lens. So remember to think twice when you purchase contact lens through unknown online shop. Sometime cheaper price doesn't means the quality is supreme. I guess most of you already have thought of that right? Overall I already wear it like 2 weeks and I didn't feel dry or uncomfortable. Of course, you need to take good care of your eyes and the lens. Please don't be lazy, wash it everytime you prepare to wear and take off.

Details :
Mr. Lens Website : www.mrlens.com.my

Last but not least, Thank you Mr.Lens