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Heehaa❤  Hi guys! It's time to blog again~ Promised you guys I will blog frequently once I'm free right? =) No doubt, this post is another beauty care product review again  

Once again, thanks to @HiShop for selected me as the beauty ambassador and sponsored me the lovely items. Same like previous sponsored items, I received it when I was oversea. Mad love their services!! They can delivery to your doorstep with short period and if you purchase with above RM50, they provide FREE DELIVERY. Soooooo nice right? ^-^

First sponsored item I received was #Skinmiso Javanese Lulur Rice Foam Cleansing It remove excess sebum, dirt, sunscreen, makeup and dead skin cells with the Javanese Lulur Rice Foam CleanserFormulated with a patented Plus-10 which is a combination of Elastin and antioxidants, the Javanese Lulur Rice Foam Cleanser helps the skin fight against free radicals while ensuring that your pores are clean.

  1. Dispense a small amount onto wet palms and lather before cleaning your face.
  2. Massage gently and rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  3. Pat dry the skin with a towel.

#1  Another sponsored cleanser. YAY

#2  You can see the rice foam really smooth and light, I don't like those cleanser with heavy foam because hard to wash.

#3  After use the cleanser, I feel my face so fresh and smooth.

#4  Besides, my face become more elastic *doint doint*

Comments :
  • More elastic.
  • Feel fresh because it helps us to clean the pores.
  • Skin become fairer and smooth

Another sponsored items that I recieved was #Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack [Step 1 (10 sheets), Step 2 (10 sheets) & Step 3 (15ml)]❤  It is a mask which can effectively remove your white and black heads as well.



#7  WOW~ So many masks!! Can you spotted my happy face? XD



Instructions to Use :


#11  Apply the first mask and wait for 10 minutes.

#12  Remove the mask after 10 minute and use a cotton swab / removal stick to remove the leftover blackheads and whiteheads.

#13  Wash your nose and apply the 2nd mask.

#14  And wait for another 10 minutes.


#16  Finally, rub the essence into your nose.

#17  DONE.

If you still doesn't understand about the procedure, you may refer to the image below :

Comment :
Frankly, this is my first time using this kind of mask to remove my whiteheads and blackheads because normally I use tear up that kind. Overall I think it's works for me although the picture doesn't clearly show those whiteheads and blackheads. =)

DETAILS about HiShop :

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hishop.my
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Hola sweeties❤  It's time to blog about cosmetic stuff. First of all, thanks for @HiShop to selected me as their beauty ambassador. What products that I received from them? Yay~ It's a #Skin79 CC Cream  I was just about to buy a CC cream to have a try which I haven't try before but when I reached home from Taiwan, my mammy told me I had received a few parcel from the sponsors. When I opened 1 of the HiShop pinky boxes, Woolala~ It's just the thing I want !! Please remember to read the post until the end because as usual I will bring some benefits for my lovely readers

Wait, what is CC cream?? What's the different between it and BB cream. Well well, what I heard of some of the friends said BB cream is more into coverage while the CC cream would make your face shine and fairerCC Cream known as Color Control or Color Correcting cream, and it is the refined version of the BB Cream. CC Cream was developed to retain all the benefits of BB Cream with added nourishing ingredients whilst reducing the appearance of skin redness or shallowness. Let's give it a try shall we??

#1  Falling in love with their boxes. Everyone knew I'm a pink lover


#3  I tried it on my hand, surprisingly it works.

#4  As you can see the before photo I was like a zombie with dull skin. The in process photo I looks so cute *thick face* and the final photo my skin is getting better after applying the CC cream. ^-^V

#5  Some selca after I applying the cream.


#7  My skin condition turn very good after came back from oversea. LOL~ (Y)

#8  Special thanks to HiShop to making me pretty


#10  This is the look when I applied full make-up.

Instructions :
  • Wash your face and apply toner.
  • Apply small amount of CC cream and rub it gently and evenly.
  • DONE.

For girls like me who love to purchase online, we must becareful of the originality of the products especially beauty care goods. In order to prove the originality, we can verified our CC cream with these ways :

b)      Key in 16-digit code and click ‘Check’

#11  You can see mine pass the verification. YAY~

So far I feel very satisfied with my very first CC cream. Actually it's right above my expectation. Because previously I thought CC cream is not really good in coverage but I tried it the coverage is quite good, it even helps to cover my dark eye circles. It's not oily at all even it can make our face looks shine bright like a diamond. LOL~ My face and skin looks younger with the use of CC cream compare to BB cream. =)

There are 2 types of the CC cream and I know some of you might don't know which CC cream should you choose, so this table might helps you out =) Fyi, mine is Control.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I will bring some benefit or useful info for my readers❤  Skin79 is running a 15% discount for CC Creams! See more: http://www.hishop.my/skin79

*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 30 November 2013*

DETAILS about HiShop :

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hishop.my
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Hola lovely readers❤  Finally I came back from @Taiwan❤  And I knew you guys miss me so muchie so I decided to blog once I came back to Malaysia. =)  Once I reach home mammy told me there are several parcel that send by my sponsors and I have been rushed by sponsors when I was at Taiwan. (O.O''')  When I opened my lappy I saw 100++ unread emails!! Agghhh....I wish I can skip all these things and continue my holiday mode but I can't. I need to gambateh and blog all of them asap. =D

Konnichiwa❤  I know, I promised my lovely readers to blog about my Osaka Trip but I delay for 2 years. O( >,< )O  Gomenasai~  I'm totally forget about this post. Even I skip my Singapore vacation I'm still need to blog about the Day 3 - Day 8 of my another Hokkaido Trip.  I will be going to Taiwan on Monday I promised I will be blog all of the vacation kay? Readers please don't leave me, you guys are one of my motivation to blog

Bonjour❤  Tremendous sorry for my sister - @Slyvia because I should blog about this at few months ago but I delay till now. ( >,< )  I still have a lot of pending blog post but I always forgot to blog this and that. Gonna blog some of them before I started my @Taiwan Trip❤  Oh yeah~ I will be going to Taiwan on this week. Since I won't bring my lappy along so I will only blog once I came back from Taiwan. Remember to stay tuned at my blog so you can track where I will be going in Taiwan.  =)

#1  ootd. Quite casual because go meet old friend. =)

#2  Lookoftheday.

#3  Mad love my blackie watch which as a gift from my boyfie

Uncle Jang is a Korean Restaurant. When he first opened at @Puchong, the reputation gained very fast. A lot of customers purposely visited there for give it a try. Of course, I'm one of them. Since my previous house is nearby Puchong, so I visited Puchong branches instead of other branches.

#4  All the photos of customers are stick on the wall.

#5  You can choose the ingredients by your own. We had chosen ramen, udon, rice cake and so on.

#6  The sour onion and kimchi as side dishes.

#7  Steering for awhile.

#8  Hohoho~ It's time to move our chopstick and spoon!! 开餐啦!!

#9  Of course we have our photo session. Here is my sister- Sylvia. I guess I mentioned her before at previous blog post. Although we are not from the same school. But she is always my best friends

#10  My sister is wearing braces now. I envy her courage for this because I wanna wear braces too but I still don't have the courage to wear it on. Maybe after Taiwan trip I will give it a try. =)

#11  Slim baby make my head become so HUGE!!  LOL~ I know right, my head is big as a watermelon. =D

#12  I will miss you my another 'S'. Can't wait to meet you again on Dec.

DETAILS of Uncle Jang :

Address : Uncle Jang Korean RestaurantNo. 1-1, Jalan Puteri 1/7, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor. 
Contact: 603-8051 2208

Operating Hours: Lunch: 12noon - 3pmDinner: 6pm - 11pm  *Closed on Thursdays*

Comment : Frankly, I'm not really a Korean food lover, but I will craving for Uncle Jang's food sometime. Overall I guess it's worth for pay a visit. Or else I won't visit there for 5-6 times right? =D

Oh ya! If you can't see any update even for a week that's means I already in Taiwan. Follow my Instagram - @shinilola for daily update. I will post a lot of photo at there. ;)

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