9 October 2013

Lil Gathering with Sylvia at @Uncle Jang ❤

Bonjour❤  Tremendous sorry for my sister - @Slyvia because I should blog about this at few months ago but I delay till now. ( >,< )  I still have a lot of pending blog post but I always forgot to blog this and that. Gonna blog some of them before I started my @Taiwan Trip❤  Oh yeah~ I will be going to Taiwan on this week. Since I won't bring my lappy along so I will only blog once I came back from Taiwan. Remember to stay tuned at my blog so you can track where I will be going in Taiwan.  =)

#1  ootd. Quite casual because go meet old friend. =)

#2  Lookoftheday.

#3  Mad love my blackie watch which as a gift from my boyfie

Uncle Jang is a Korean Restaurant. When he first opened at @Puchong, the reputation gained very fast. A lot of customers purposely visited there for give it a try. Of course, I'm one of them. Since my previous house is nearby Puchong, so I visited Puchong branches instead of other branches.

#4  All the photos of customers are stick on the wall.

#5  You can choose the ingredients by your own. We had chosen ramen, udon, rice cake and so on.

#6  The sour onion and kimchi as side dishes.

#7  Steering for awhile.

#8  Hohoho~ It's time to move our chopstick and spoon!! 开餐啦!!

#9  Of course we have our photo session. Here is my sister- Sylvia. I guess I mentioned her before at previous blog post. Although we are not from the same school. But she is always my best friends

#10  My sister is wearing braces now. I envy her courage for this because I wanna wear braces too but I still don't have the courage to wear it on. Maybe after Taiwan trip I will give it a try. =)

#11  Slim baby make my head become so HUGE!!  LOL~ I know right, my head is big as a watermelon. =D

#12  I will miss you my another 'S'. Can't wait to meet you again on Dec.

DETAILS of Uncle Jang :

Address : Uncle Jang Korean RestaurantNo. 1-1, Jalan Puteri 1/7, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor. 
Contact: 603-8051 2208

Operating Hours: Lunch: 12noon - 3pmDinner: 6pm - 11pm  *Closed on Thursdays*

Comment : Frankly, I'm not really a Korean food lover, but I will craving for Uncle Jang's food sometime. Overall I guess it's worth for pay a visit. Or else I won't visit there for 5-6 times right? =D

Oh ya! If you can't see any update even for a week that's means I already in Taiwan. Follow my Instagram - @shinilola for daily update. I will post a lot of photo at there. ;)


  1. Lol as big as a watermelon? But it's okay though you still look cute ^^

    1. LOL~ Yup, don't you think my head is that big? XD Awwww~ Thank you very much <3


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