5 October 2013

Happy 54th Birthday to my lovely DADDY ❤

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to DaddyHappy Birthday to you!!  Oopsie~ Who's birthday? Not mine but my hero's birthday. Times fly fast, my daddy already 54 years old this year. He's always my hero since I was a baby. Feel glad to have him to be my dad because whenever we need support, he's always there for us

Since Daddy is the main character, so we let him chose the restaurant that he want as our dinner location. Every year we also visited Italian / Japanese / South-western Cuisine as our dinner location for celebration, but this year, daddy chosen a Chinese Seafood Restaurant which is called 和平饭店.  和平饭店 is a seafood restaurant(air-con) which is located at @Pasir Puteh, Ipoh

#1  炒冬粉 *Recommened*  I ate 3 bowl of this. ^_^'''

#2  Each per person. ^^  

#3  象拔蚌 (Geoduck)  It seem many but when we put it into steamboat to boiled, it become smaller size.

#4  1 big prawn for each person.

#5  盐焗蟹 (Salt Baked Crab)  Original taste of the crab is always the BEST. We always choose salt baked for the crab instead of other way of cooking such as curry crab, salt egg crab etc because you might can't taste the original flavour. But some business owner like to do this way because their crab is not fresh sometimes. No offence. =)

#6  The ice which use to keep the freshness of 象拔蚌 (Geoduck) after melt down looks like bird nest. XD  My imagination.

Total cost for all the dishes are RM400+.  Sorry for unable to provide the address for you guys. I try to google the address but can't find it. ^_^'''

After finished our dinner, we went back home bring out the cake to let daddy make his wishes

#7  Daddy choose #Blueberry Cheese Cakes from @Secret Recipe.

#8  Can spot my cute daddy? He's actually a camera shy person, that's why I always called him 'Gamble King赌神' since I was a kid because 'gamble king赌神' in the Hong Kong movie doesn't like to take any photo at all. LOL.

#9  Blow blow blow!!

#10  Woohoo~ Cut the cake!

#11  Mammy & Daddy

#12  Yummy yummy ;)

Once again, happy belated birthday to my Daddy. Thanks for caring me all the time. ILOVEYOUDADDY

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