1 October 2013

Plan B, @Ipoh x Announce GIVEAWAY Winner ❤

Hola❤  I guess if some of your check out my Instagram or Facebook page then you guys should know I'm unofficially GRADUATED❤  Why I said 'unofficially' because since I'm Oct intake, so my convocation would be held on next year August.  Hooray!!  My holiday mode turn to the MAX Some of my friends already started to work. But for me? Nia~ I need to enjoy my holiday before start my working life. Because I knew once I step in my working life, my life is totally different with current life. T_______T

Okie dokie. So today post is about delayed foodie post and I need to announce the *lucky winner* of Skin Care Kit from Etude House x RM50 Cash Voucher from Unity Store (Read here). 

I guess most of us heard of and tried the Plan b. which is south-western restaurant and cafe as well. I ever tasted the foods of them at KL, until few months ago, the first Plan b. branches was opened at @Ipoh. You know ipoh is just a small town and here doesn't have a lot of western restaurant compare to KL. So when it was opened, many customers try to visited the restaurant. And of course, I'm one of them. I wanna try to differentiate what's the different between KL and Ipoh branches.

#1  So here we go.

Special thanks to my boyfie because actually that day he was really sick, but because I said I wanna taste it, he purposely skip his day for resting and bring me to visit here. ILOVEYOU boyfie You're the BEST!!  Everytime I try to want something, he always do his best to satisfied me. That's why I proud to have you by my side babyboy




#5  Can you guess which dishes I order? :3

#6  This is boyfie's meal. I forgot what name is it, 'Big Breakfast or something'~

Frankly, their services are really SLOW!! We wait for my meal about 40+ mins but still haven't read yet, we asked the waiter for 2 times and he said please be patient, the foods will be here soon. Until the 3rd times we asked another waiter, he told us my meal is not in the list WTF. Then we need to wait another 10 mins again. That moment boyfie is so mad because he knew I got gastric, and I'm so hungry, so he don't want my gastric comes to me again.

#7 Finally my #Smoked Salmon & Salsa has reached after wait for 50 mins, my heart broken when I saw the egg white cracked. ='(  I'm a perfectionist for the egg.

DETAILS about Plan b.  
PLAN B (pork-free)
No. 75, Jalan Panglima,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.  (next to Kong Heng Kopitiam)
Tel No : +605-249 8286
Business Hours : 9am – 10pm daily.

Comment : Overall the foods are ok, but the services really bad. Need wait for long time to reach the foods(other friends of mine also saying the same thing), still prefer the KL branches.

Okay, I'm gonna announced the *lucky winner* of Skin Care Kit from Etude House x RM50 Cash Voucher from Unity Store❤  Thank you for all the contestant to joined this giveaway. The winner would be....... *drum-rolls*  - Koey Low Clap clap and congratulations sweetie  For other contestants, don't get disappointed because I will held another giveaway VERY SOON. So remember to keep track with my blog ya ;)



    1. You're welcome sweetie ♥ Sure, of course. =)

  2. oic, my guess is right, my answer is portobello or salmon and salsa. And thanks for ur review, save my time to go PLan B in Ipoh too =) BTW, take good care of urself so that ur bf won't get mad again =) stay sweet with ur bf =)

    1. really? You're so smart sweetie. =D You're welcome. I guess still KL branches is better though. Thanks for caring and the wishes♥


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