12 October 2013 Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan


Konnichiwa❤  I know, I promised my lovely readers to blog about my Osaka Trip but I delay for 2 years. O( >,< )O  Gomenasai~  I'm totally forget about this post. Even I skip my Singapore vacation I'm still need to blog about the Day 3 - Day 8 of my another Hokkaido Trip.  I will be going to Taiwan on Monday I promised I will be blog all of the vacation kay? Readers please don't leave me, you guys are one of my motivation to blog

So basically that day whole day we are in Universal Studio Japan which located at @Osaka Japan. This would be my second time to visit another universal studio because my first time visiting already gave to universal studio Singapore. Universal Studio Japan is more fun than the Singapore version of course. The food is nicer, the staffs are more friendly and there are some games which are different compare games in Singapore one. =)  If you guys noticed there are some changes of my face in the photos is normal because those photo are taken at 2 years+ ago. I'm still very chubby on last 2 years. ^_^'''

#1  Shini's Outfits of That Day - Lattice print shirt from Tokyo, Japan | Lace jeans legging from Sunway Pyramid | Black leather boots from Forever 21

Since there are tons of the photos, I guess I should let the picture tell you the stories. =D  *This post gonna be FULL with the pictures, make sure you take a look at every single of them. LOL*

#2  Oh yeah! Universal Studio Japan here I come

#3  Teehee. Fatty me.  ^_^'''

#4  Because that time I went there was about x'mas time, therefore all of their decoration was x'mas themes. ^^

#5  My Hello Kitty❤   Awww~


#7  With my sisters.

#8  Cookies monster's hat.

#9  Sesame Stress and Snoopy.

#10  Any Snoopy fans here? =)


#12  Elder sister's favourite - Elmo.

#13  Me & elder sister.


#15  Their caramel popcorn is nice❤  Same taste with the one that I tried at @Tokyo Disneyland



#18  All of the staff are so friendly and hardworking. They keep smiling and talk to us even we are just passing by. =)


#20  Take our lunch before continue.


#22  The foods is nice and so cute. This lunch cost us RM500++. WTF

#23  But the foods are really nice and we are in the theme park so what you expect for the pricing right? =)



#26  I always love those trees at Japan. So colourful

#27  Seriously you guys should enter this Spiderman games. I tried it and it's so awesome. It's 4D by the way.

#28  With the spiderman.



#31  This is another game that I recommend - Back to the Future (The Ride). If you guys watched the movies like I do when we were kids, then you should know the storylines. 4D as well. =) 



#34  The 3rd recommend game - Jurassic Park. This game eat my heart up because when we played the game, the environment is so dark then suddenly got 1 big T-Rex(if you watched the movie you know what is it) infront of us. When we so concentrate on the dinosaur, the boat suddenly fell down, the height almost like 10 floor!! >,<  If you scare of height, you better don't play this.

#35  My favourite shark movie - JAWS.




#39  Universal Studio for sure having parade like Disneyland do.

#40  Me with the female santa and snowman.



#43  Hello Kitty in Elmo's body.

#44  Elmo in Hello Kitty's body. LOL

#45  Gonna spam all the photos of my Hello Kitty here.










#55  Hello Kitty having concert here!!


#57  Even their recycle bad packaging also very cute ^^

#58  The balls pirnt on the floors looks like 3D right? XD



#61  The Terminator 2 games not very nice.

#62  Shrek's 4D Adventure. This one is exactly the same that I watched at USS.



#65  Snoopy's fans sure crazy about this.


#67  Pink panther zone.



#70  Boxers for you guys maybe? LOL










#80  Bought myself a Hello Kitty ribbon.









#89  Watched Water World show. One of my favourite movie since I was a kid.

#90  I will miss you and visit you again USJ

Overall it's fun and worth to visit. Of course we bought about like 20 items excluded the foods that we bought on the spot. I guess some of you guys knew the expenses on Japan is quite high. A stupid girl keep comment on my photo last time asking why I didn't buy a lot of Hello Kitty stuff at there. I explained to her that the cost to buy all of them are quite high, that's why I just bought like 5-7 items of the Hello Kitty. She still criticise me saying that if she were me, she will buy everything. @@ If you guys think photos uploaded here are a lot!? Nope nope, I didn't fully uploaded here.

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Still Pending post 4-8  ;)

P/S : Since I will be travelling to Taiwan, therfore I won't update my blog till I came back from there. Meanwhile, if you guys don't wanna missed out any daily update of Taiwan, please remember to Follow me on Instagram - @shinilola. See y'all for next post


  1. RM500 for lunch only????
    *_* faint.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. I've visited Universal Studio Singapore before and I also wish to visit universal studio in Japan also but the price though.... =_______= Expenses in London is a lot more cheaper ._.

    p/s: ohmagadd there are boxers with elmo and hello kitty on it hahahaha I wonder who would buy that XD

    1. Yup, even the Tokyo Disneyland also is the most expensive one among others countries. I wish to buy the Hello Kitty too but so expensive. T_____T


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